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BeBe Care Mia Stroller

4 reviews
Mia Stroller

Suitable from birth - 3yrs, this unit has 5 seat positions and a handy umbrella fold making it versatile for long sleepy walks or quick shopping trips. Its safety features include cable linked rear brakes, 5 point safety harness and a viewing window in the hood for peace of mind

Parent Reviews and Comments

I have had the stroller for almost 2 weeks and so far it has been a great stroller. Initially it has been quite hard to push down the lever when you are opening the pram ( but i found this with my old stroller when it was new i think once it gets a bit of use it will soften up a bit ) the unfolding and folding of the pram is really easy with one foot fold and it has a clip which snaps in once closed so you can easily pick it up with one hand without having it pop open , it takes up minimal room in the boot of the car and can also be stood up in the back seat if needed.

The seat is quite padded and the head rest part has extra padding which i think comes in really handy for a child who likes to sleep alot in the pram like my little guy does.

The hood on the pram is one of my favourite parts as it is a extendable hood all you need to do is unzip the hood and it covers alot more of baby keeping more sun off and the front of the hood also has a plastic weather shield which when hood is extended and this is pulled down you can hardly see in the pram from the front so would also work great for tiny babies in the early days.

The seat is very roomy and my 2.5 year old can still sit in it comfortably

The wheels of the stroller seem to get stuck a bit mainly when turning but it does not happen very often and as the weeks are going on it is happening less so once again i think once its used a little bit they soften up a bit and become easier to use.

The basket of the pram left a bit to be desired it is not overly easy to access especially when a child is lying down in the pram - and trying to remove things from the basket is a task in itself.  I personally prefer the baskets that have the zippers on the side for easy side access. The pram does have a pocket on the back of the hood though which is a perfect size to carry a wallet and mobile phone in for quick shopping trips.

The fabric is easily cleaned - we had some  biscuit smeared into the seat and it came off very easy with a wet wipe and the material also dries very quickly after being in the rain.

I also like the fact it has inbuilt attachments for a buggy board to be added which i have not tried yet as i am in the process of ordering one.

Overall i would give the pram a rating of 8 out of 10 its only downfalls being the stiff steering at times and also the storage basket.


Firstly, I was delighted to be able to use and review this pram. Overall it's light, easy to use and very nice looking pram, I loved the cherry red colour.


Easy to put together - had it assembled from the box without using the instructions in 5 minutes.

Reclining mechanism very easy to use.

Loved the adjustable footrest.

Great hood, when unzipped it provides a great window to see baby/toddler and the hood gives great coverage. 

Good sized velcro back pocket & good sized under carriage for the size of the pram.

The handles aren't adjustible, but found it was a good height for me at 165 and my partner is 185cm and also found it a good height.

The pram takes up very little room in the car and is easy to lift in and out (even 6 months pregnant) and easy to open and collapse.


The 5 point harness is difficult to use and would be challenging to try to strap a protesting toddler in as it is quite fiddly. Though very easy to undo as all 5 straps come apart, I imagine this would be good removing a sleeping baby not having to unthread their arms from the straps.

The under carriage is really difficult to access when the pram is fully reclined. 

Not really suitable for a tall toddler, as I found my toddler could touch the floor with his feet and stop the pram.

Little heavy  to steer in comparison with a Maclaren Stroller - but would be fine with a baby, just not great with a toddler.

Overall though the quality seems in line with the value of the stroller and I cant wait to use it with Little Miss :D

I am used to a big heavy pram and so I was surprised how LIGHT the Mira Stroller is!!

It is easy to fold and unfold, except the clip that holds the stroller together when folded up gets squashed if I don't hold it out while folding.  Takes up barely any boot space and even fits in the front seat for quick access!

Fabulous for quick trips to the supermarket and bubs can easily have a quick sleep thanks to the recline positions and padded seat, the extendable hood is so handy and my favourite thing about the stroller. 

Easy to manoeuvre (we just zip through the isles!!), comfy padded handles and a decent sized basket which can be a bit difficult to access when you have the seat reclined but easily fixed by putting the seat up quickly.  I didn't find the Mira great on grass or gravel, definitely better in the shops and on footpaths.

As a whole this is an awesome stroller,  I am a huge fan and have already reccomended it to a few friends, thanks to BubHub and Bebe Care for giving me the oppurtunity to review it. 

I needed a stroller for the school pick up and for quick dashes to the shops, so I was after something that is quick and easy to set up and collapse without fiddly bits and too many attachments. This stroller does all that. My only issue with this stroller are the harness clips, I have never seen anything like it before and it’s fiddly to put together. If you have a toddler that doesn’t want to get into the stroller then these clips will cause issues. The wheels don’t rotate (but not many strollers do) so to change the direction I went in, I had to push down on the back wheels and swivel it in the right direction which becomes a bit difficult when you are trying to maneuver it in a busy shopping centre.

I was surprised by how sturdy and good looking the stroller is. I have stayed away from strollers in the past because they look cheap and unstable so this was a nice surprise. The day we got it, bub climbed right on and he was standing in it and it didn’t even rock.

The colour we got was a nice deep red that will wear well; it also has a wrist harness which comes in handy if you think there is a chance of your stroller rolling off.

The handles are covered by a soft sponge which is a nice comfortable extra. The gorgeous little sunshade comes in handy when we were out and about (it’s a great feature that most strollers don’t have) and my favourite little feature is the little pocket on the back of it where I can put my phone and wallet, it’s the perfect size.

The stroller folds up nicely and doesn’t take up much room in the boot at all, I’m happy to replace the pram with this.

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