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Childcare Hola

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I bought one 6 years ago for our first child and used it for 6 years every day for child one then number 2 it lasted 6 whole years and unfortunately broke after 6 years but I love the pram that my that I just bought a new one 2 weeks ago. I can't recommend it enough.  It is great how it converts from bassinet to toddler mode. It is narrower than alot of prams and ezy to push :) and their customer service are very helpful too if you have any problems.  Best pram ever :)


I did an awful lot of research before buying my pram.  I ended up with the Childcare Hola.


  • rear facing ability - the entire bassinet/seat swings around, instead of just the handle.   This is a significant advantage because it means that the directional steering wheels remain at the front, so it is as easy to use rear or forward facing, and the handle remains at its longest.  If just the handle swings around sometimes that means that the handle length is actually reduced, meaning that it's harder to push without stepping on the back of the pram if you're tall.  I was particularly keen for rear facing ability as I've read research indicating that babies do better if they can see their mothers for the first few months.
  • four wheels - there is no risk of this tipping sideways (although it will tip backwards if you hang too heavy a bag off the handle).
  • Wheels are robust - the rear wheels are pneumatic, ie you pump them up (it comes with a pump), so it's good for rougher ground at parks etc.  The front swivvle wheels are solid, and you can lock them off so that they don't wobble on rough ground - if you do this you have to slightly tip the pram to steer.  
  • single brake pedal in the centre, instead of having to lock off individual wheels.
  • Choice Magazine recommended it as a top buy in 2008.
  • The handle is adjustable, so if you're shorter you can lower it, and you can also lower it so you can push/jiggle it on the spot if you're sitting down and trying to get baby to sleep.
  • The bassinet can be used flat or in a raised position, and comes with its own mattress. 
  • Comes with its own sun shade and rain cover which zip on.
  • The bassinet converts to the seat, so you don't have extra parts.
  • My biggest complaint is that it is a very hot pram - there is no built in ventilation, and mine is black (the only colour available where I purchased it, although it seems to also come in red).  I drape a white muslin cloth over the top to  try and keep the temperature down, and I can create a hole at the back for ventilation by slipping the hood up a little (although this can just let more sun in).  It really needs ventilation panels around the hood.  I would not buy this pram again because of this - it's just too hot for my daughter.  
  • The build feels quite flimsy.  That said, nothing has broken except the basket under the seat, which broke on one corner on mine very early on without much weight in it.
  • You can't have both the rain cover and sun cover attached at the same time, which is difficult in patchy weather in summer.  I have ended up buying a generic sun shade and leave the rain cover permanently attached, although this is a little unwieldy.
  • It is bulky - I have yet to find a pram as robust that is less bulky, however.  When it is in rear-facing mode you have to break it into two parts to fold down, so it takes up an awful lot of space in my car - I have a stationwagon so that is no problem but I would not like to have to use it in a hatchback.  Once you are forward facing it will collapse down in one piece which doesn't take as much room.  It is quite heavy to lift in and out of the car.    As I'm tall I don't have too much difficulty but a short person might struggle.
  • The seatbelt is way too big - my daughter is 2 and it is only just now properly fitting her on the smallest setting.  I haven't found that a problem as we don't use it a lot and she doesn't try to get out on her own, but if you had a more wriggly or naughty child it might cause problems.
  • The bassinet can't be used independently of the pram because it has 2 prongs at the base where it connects to the pram, so it won't sit flat on a surface.  It would have been nice if you could remove the bassinet and keep the baby in it while she was asleep, but this just isn't an option.  That said, it's a cheap pram so I guess you get what you pay for.  But just be aware that just because it has a removeable bassinet doesn't mean you can actually use the bassinet anywhere other than the pram.
  • Converting the bassinet to a seat is not entirely straight forward, and not something you can really do whilst out and about, so don't think that you're going to be able to just convert the seat quickly to a bassinet for your child to have a nap and then convert it back to a seat.  It is possible, but fiddly and I think you'd have to take the child out first.
I am going to use it again for my second child because I can't really justify the expense of a new pram, but I would not recommend it for use in summer.  I will be getting a liner for it to see if reducing the black internal surfaces helps reduce the temperatures.  
It's such a shame it's so hot because otherwise I think it's a good functional pram, particularly for the price. 
Lucy in the Sky


I'm up to baby no 2. and, 3 years on, the pram is still going strong. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it last another 3 easily.

The only minor fault is that one of the press studs that holds the sunshade on snapped off, but even that hasn't affected the function of the sunshade.


Easy to push one handed, tight turning circle. Only problem is that the front wheels sometimes buckle under when going down a step or off a gutter.

It goes off road really well too, on grass, gravel, dirt, even sand!


It is a little heavy when trying to collapse, but it helps that you can take the seat part off first. Having two parts makes it easier to fit in a boot, but it does take up a lot of space. I don't try to collapse the pram on public transport or on a daily basis at home. I imagine it wouldn't be very suitable, if that is what you are looking for.


It is on the heavy side, but no more than any other large style pram.

Suitable from Birth:

It converts very easily between a full bassinet (with added mattress) to an upright pram with infinate number of angles (but not fully reclined). The seat also comes off and can be turned to face you or away from you in both bassinet and upright modes. The only downside is you have to take the child out to turn it around.

Storage Space:

Basket is big and easily accessed. Fits quite a bit of shopping under it (more than the weight recommendation!). No extra storage spaces or drink holders, though. The seat itself is quite wide, so there is always room to put drink bottle, book, toy or snack box tucked in next to your toddler for easy access.


I love that the raincover and suncover zip onto the sunshade directly and can be folded back and left there in between use (they also tuck away very easily in the basket.) The bootcover is more bulky but does also fit in the basket if taking it off while out and about.

The sunshade is big and sturdy but doesn't have a peep window.

I use a Lascal maxi toddler board with my Hola and it fits well and tucks up easily in bassinet mode. Haven't tried it in upright mode yet.

 Value for money:

We paid $200 for it on sale 3 years ago, and has been worth every penny!!

This pram is quite similar to the bugaboo pram in looks however alot heavier to use. But I guess you get what you pay for! Good pram for the price tag and convinent that it converts from bassinet to toddler seat (an all in one pram you could say).

This pram was very useful at first because of the bassinet feature. It was also easy to put in and out of the car after my c section as it comes apart but before I could even use it in its stroller position the wheels all fell off! I have a very handy tradesmen hubby who couldnt fix them either. No one else who reveiwed the product seems to have had similar problems so maybe it was just mine but I didnt get that much use out of it before I needed a new one. It was a good price for the features only problem was the wheels!



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