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Emmaljunga Duo Combi Classic 3 in 1

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Duo Combi Classic 3 in 1

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Parent Reviews and Comments

when i was sold this pram, i was told it would last me for 5 kids, we have 3 now and they have all used it and it would easily last a couple more kids. these are stunning, durable and beautiful quality but thats where the pros end. I found that the colour faded very quickly making it look old and worn. when I wanted to replace the covers, it was going to cost me $350 which is obsurd considering how expensive these are. they should never have faded as much as they did to begin with considering we took very good care of it and never stored it outside.

Its very heavy and you need a descent amount of boot space to fit this into your car and muscles to lift it. it takes a while to assemble too which has made me opt for a carrier instead of the pram. we only take it out for longer walk.

the storage beneath is quite good and the basket is strong, it has carried a lot of shopping for us. it also came with a rain cover but it was not much help as when the rain is heavy, it goes through the cover.


My parents had one of these prams for my two younger brothers, they purchased it 20+ years ago now and their's is still going, mum uses her's for my DD.  When I fell pregnant the first time, within days of finding out I was pregnant mum was driving me around trying to find somewhere on the Gold Coast that stocked these prams. So needless to say the Pram was purchased withing a few weeks of being pregnant. lol

1. As above, these prams are extremely durable, you will be hard pressed to find another brand of Pram that will last as long as these do.

2. The Suspension, in my opinion this pram is the equivelant to a Top model Range Rover, its the luxurious 4wd of prams. No bump is too big for this pram to handle. Being a 4 wheeler, you have 0 to no chance of the pram tipping when tackling curbes and stair cases.

3. Its Looks, I am constantly stopped by people in the shopping centre who comment on how nice my pram is. So many people stop to tell me how nice it is too see a "real" pram.

4. Unlike other models, this one comes with bothe bassinett and the toddler seat. You dont pay extra for the bassinett. We used the bassinett until DD was about 6 months old. The basinet is huge, we actually used it as her bed a few times when staying somewhere other then home. And because of the great suspension it was fantastic to put her in the basssinett and bounce the pram around a bit to get her of too sleep. The toddler seat is also great, really spacious and has the option to lay down flat for your toddler to go to sleep.

5. The Cost. This pram cost me $1100, which yes I do see as a positive. The quality of the emmaljunga prams is right up there with your best prams. $1100 for a pram that will last through more then 2 or 3 children and still look great doing it.

6. Storage Space, these come with a huge metal basket underneath which is big enough to fit nappy bags, shopping, we have loaded it up with all sorts of stuff. The handle is also very strong so it can easily hold a handbag or nappy bag without tipping the pram over.

1. Collapsability/Weight.
They are no where near as easy as other models of pram to fold up and put in the boot. In fact in my opinion you should be sure you have a large boot to fit this pram into. There is absolutely no way you could put this pram in the boot of a small/medium car. However if you have the space (a 4wd of large car) go for it, the size of the pram when collapsed may irritate you at times but all the Pro's will still outweigh.



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