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Bugaboo Donkey

5 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

This pram has been one of my best investments. Is was expensive but well worth it. And the best part is that they hold their resale value extremely well.

It is lovely to push and steers like a dream- so smooth! I love taking it shopping as it can hold a lot in the under basket and I use pram clips for extra bags or my baby bag. I have not used the shopping basket yet as I use it with 2 riders a lot of the time.

It is a heavy pram although that is to be expected with a double and I feel that this is a minor con. It is also quite wide but again, it's a double pram and it still fits through doorways and on escalators etc.

My daughters are happy to sit in their pram and you can buy great accessories like the snavk tray which provides a lot of amusement while shopping.

I love that the hoods are interchangeable. Mine is currently sporting some ltd editions- a sunny gold and jewel blue. Looks divine!

This pram is always my first recommendation when asked :)


Cons.  With car seat adaptors, like the other reviewer said it doesn't fit through doors, not even when we go to the hospital/dr office.  Navigating it through retail stores is tough.  You often have to go way around aisles and things to get to where you want to get to and you will find yourself going back and forth getting stuck from time to time.  In crowds of people, it is enormous feeling and not everyone will respect the space you need.  We experience this at Nordstrom in particular.  Hard to get around and to even get in/out my wife has to hold double doors open to get through.  We had to buy minivan to fit it and all the other stuff that comes with twins.  Breaking it down in compact mode is too laborsome.  Laslty, We never used the bassinets.  Living in nice climate it is too much hassle to take sleeping babies in/out of car seats, thus making the fact that not fitting through doorways with the car seat adapters even more frustrating at times. 

Pros, it is buttery smooth.  Great quality. If you like attention, this will help with that. 

I do not regret the purchase, but it hasn't been worth it until you get out of the car seat phase in my opnion.  It does take up less room than 2 single strollers.  The storage available is good for the size, but barely.  Buy the cup holder or 2. 


I have twin boys and I have to say I am really pleased with the investment we made into the Bugaboo Donkey Twin. When the boys came home from the hospital they were so small for the cots that we used the pram parts of the stroller as their beds until they were 4 months old.

I did a lot of research prior to buying it and I am confident we made the best choice possible. 

There is only one flaw with the stroller, and unfortunately for me it has turned out to be quite a major source of annoyance. As it is, the stroller fits perfectly into doorways, but with the maxi cosi attachment, when two maxi cosi's are on it is too wide to get into doors, or through the supermarket entrances. If only they had designed it to be slightly staggerd, the problem wouldn't exist. But as it is, popping the maxi cosi's on for a quick trip to the shop isn't an option. I have to take the whole thing which is not something you can do in a hurry, and therefore I tend to just not go.


I'm a donkey convert.

I am only using it in mono mode at the moment with my 22 month old son. It is fabulous. The wheels front and back are bigger than the chameleon and cruise over any surface. The storage basket is fantastic. Both my son and I love popping our bits and pieces in it! The under basket storage is huge. There are a few pockets but mainly it is open. I agree with the other review that you can't really leave things in it when you fold it, but I think thats a good thing. The pockets hold the raincover and some sunscreen etc so they stay put. The width in mono is fine, actually less than my old mountain buggy. The seat is great. I had to take the head attachement off for my son, but he fits comfortably under the hood.

The hood itself is great - really deep and gives great coverage. No peekhole though :(

It is heavy, but that's what you get for a a pram that does everything. I can fit it in my boot in one piece as a mono, but wouldn't be able to as a duo. That said, the benefit of attaching a capsule to it would negate that for awhile anyway.

I would highly recommend the donkey. Worth the price - you'll only ever need 1 pram, whether you have 1,2 or 3!

* for 3 you can get the bugaboo toddlerboard to clip on the back! 


Wow, looks like I'm the first to write up the Donkey!

With a 22 month gap between #3 and #4 I had a lot of trouble deciding how to get around. I had decided to stick with my Bugaboo Bee for #3 and use a baby carrier for baby until #3 was big enough for a skateboard, but after a few weeks it became clear that a) I needed to put #4 into a pram for long walks and b) #3 wasn't going to be ready for a skateboard for quite some time.

So... a double pram was in order. Problem was I don't like the Phil & Ted's style as I always feel sorry for the baby at the bottom, and while I liked the side by side Baby Jogger City Mini, I did not like the idea of buying a double pram only to find it redundant in a year.

Which left me with convertible prams like the City Select and the Donkey. Having had a Bee in constant use since their US release in 2007, I know how reliable the Bugaboos are, so I was happy to fork out a little extra for a Donkey.

It is fabulous. The only places it loses points are for issues like size and folding. Yes it's a tight squeeze in the supermarket. Yes it makes a mighty dent in your boot space. But it accommodates two children beautifully, neither are compromised at all, and it handles like a dream considering its size.

In single mode it's lovely. The wheel span is the same as the Cameleon although the handle is much wider, however if you can fit a Cammy through a doorway you can fit a Donkey in single mode. At first I thought the little side basket would be annoying, just something put there because the designers needed to fill in space. However it really is just so handy, lovely for doing a small grocery shop or stowing the baby bag.

The Donkey loses points for its under seat storage. The basket is open, unlike the Cammy which can be drawn closed, and when you collapse the pram everything spills out unless it's been carefully put into the small netted area. But on the plus side I'm not accumulating rubbish under there as I would otherwise do ;)

Don't buy the Donkey thinking you can utilise the one-piece fold for your car boot. I have a Ford Territory which has a very large boot, and there's no way I can fit the Donkey in one piece (in double mode at any rate).

If I'm doing a quick trip to the shops I'll still often use my Bee and baby carrier as they're so much smaller, quicker, niftier and easier. But for long walks and times when you really need both children to be contained the Bugaboo Donkey is just perfection. I can't wait to see what other people think of it! 

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