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Steelcraft Cruiser

13 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments
This is a great pram for one baby once you work out how to fold it up/set it up. The basket space is great. There is a good amount of padding on the seat. The bassinet and capsule attachments are a handy option and it is all so affordable. I found it hard to fold up and quite bulky in the boot. The hood is tiny.

Absolutely love it! Had a few different prams already, and a reversible car seat. I didn't want to constantly disturb my newborn getting her in and out of the car harness (and in and out in the cold) So I looked into the infant carrier / capsules. Which led me to the Cruiser system.

I was a bit worried with all the negative reviews relating to the Strider systems, but glad I took a chance, as the Cruiser (although the cheaper version) seems to be better in many respects. Light weight, I can get it out of the car with one hand. Easy to operate. (yes a little bulky - wide, but I have a station wagon, so that's not an issue) 

I have taken it everywhere even my local little fruit and veg shop and had no trouble getting through checkouts etc, to my knowledge it is 10 cm narrower than the strider. I can easily steer it around with one hand when required and it has a really small turning circle which makes manuevering easy. Large shopping basket underneath, which is easy to access.

The best feature is the optional Infant Carrier, which easily pops in and out of the car and onto the pram. I can get out and about with multiple stops without waking my little girl.

Easy to operate
Convenience - capsule
Large Basket
Steers well
All terrain
The list goes on!

(None really in my opinion at the moment - although my considerations for others as follows)
Unlike the Strider, it won't take 2 seats (if required down the track)
No cup holder (easily fixed!)
Bulky (smaller cars might struggle)
Regular seat does not lie flat for newborns - but we use it with the infant carrier and bassinet options, so this is not an issue.


When we first got this pram out of the box we thought - we have we gotten ourselves in too! It ooked so hard to use, but in actual fact it was very easy and straight forward. The capsule attachment is great, and the bassinet which comes with the pram can be forward or rear facing, and can recline to different postitions. The basket down below is just big enough.

Downside is there is no toddler attachment, but not something i need to worry about just yet. It is also quite bulky when folded down, just fis into th back of my sedan.

Also my pram has developed a squeek, but Im sure this is an easy fix :)

Our cruiser pram we actually bought second hand and it's been fantastic we love being able to change the capsule bassinet or stroller seat I've used it with both our children. The capsule makes it so easy to go shopping or Childcare anywhere really where we use the car and don't have to wake a sleeping baby 
Bennos Mummy

This pram did everything i wanted it do to apart from laying flat (i had a tummy sleeper and fold with seat in.

I also had to fit it in my boot like a jigsaw puzzle. Folding and unfolding was difficult at times.

Great/awesome/quality/cost effective first pram otherwise

I found this pram great

I bought  steelcaft cruiser from target for $299 and  for us it was very expensive . I found it a bit difficult to assemble and overall i found the pram a bit heavy and it use to take a lot of space in the car.  

I was happy with the basket that is under the pram as it use to store all the essential baby stuff ( wipes, diaper, blanket, tissues etc ) and my water bottle too.

I was happy with seat arrangement which allows us to keep the baby seat facing us or in the opposite direction. Well it s a nice system but i feel it would have been easier if we could change the direction of the handle. It was an extra work to lift up the seat and fix it in other direction.

The pram is easy to move around  and has a small  window on  half sunshade  so that child  can look at us and can make an eye contact.

Rain cover is also good and does its job well.

somethings are missing like a cup/bottle holder and a full sunshade...

overall i found the pram an expensive one but it does its job well.

~Lost In The Fifties~

I admired this pram for a long while during my pregnancy with my daughter, about a month or so after she was born i ended up getting it but unfortunately it didn't fit in my poor little car!

This pram is a little tricky to put up but once learned is as easy as pie, it is nice & high so bub is easily accessible, it has a peek-a-boo window on the sun shade so you always know what bub is doing, It is nice and comfortable for older bubs although we used a head support for our newbie, it pushes well and on most terrains.

this is my 3rd pram and my ds is only 11 months but i think ive finally found one i like..
Pros: Great value for money, easy to manouver & smooth ride
Cons: The instructions weren't really clear on how to fold it up, took myself and my partner quite a while to figure it out. LOL!
Overall: I love my Cruiser! After being disappointed with the expensive pram that I had at first I did some reasearch and stumbled across the Steelcraft Cruiser. I got it on special from Target for $199.00.
This stroller is the easiet pram/stroller to manouver, it fits through normal checkouts and is suitable from newborn to preschool.

I have found it to be an amazing travel system and a lifesave with the little ones. It is a bit hard to fold up and down to start with but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy. It has a large basket to store all your shopping and baby items in and the basket is all very easy to get to.

I have the travel system which includes the cruiser pram and capsule. The capsule is great for transporting a sleeping baby from car to pram and back again. I also love how when in seat mode you can have baby facing you or they can face the world around them. It comes with a wet weather cover but i have not had to use this yet.


- It is hard to start to put up and down to start with but once you have done it a few times it is very easy.

- It doesnt have a cup holder, but i have just brought the jolly jumber universal cup hols which you can attach.


-Easy to stear and move around

- Light weight, which makes it easy to get into the car.

- Capsule attachment is great for the newborns.

- Overall a great looking pram.



Initially hard to get the hang of opening closing, once I got through those "teething" issues I found this to be the easiest pram to use.

Because my DD is still facing me when we're out and about I have to take the seat out to fold it down, but that made it easier to collapse and lift into the car when recovering from a caesar.

Comes with a rain cover

universal shade/mosquito nets go on really well (I bought a sun shade from and a mosquitonet from Mothercare, both really cheap)

can buy baby capsule and bassinette to fit into pram frame


When using the bassinet attachment it's hard to access the storage basket, and since my DD was diagnosed with reflux at 8.5 weeks we stopped using it at that point. If I were to do it all over I'd have gotten the capsule instead of the bassinette

because the seat and the fram come apart, there's nothing to hold the nappy bag up if hanging over the handle (tried early on, and it fell down and would skid against the wheels). Now have learnt to hang it over the corners of the handle, which is possible now that DD's weight counteracts the nappy bag.

No cup holder, but I cought a valco cup holder and put that on with no dramas


We purchased this pram second hand with the baby capsule and stroller seat. A friend recommended the pram as it is a travel system so you can take the capsule out and put it in the car with little fuss then move to the next seat when ready. We didn't get the bassinette. I find it easy to fold down and it has enough storage space below for the things I need. Due to the big rear wheels, it isn't really ultra compact when folded, but will fit in the back of a hatchback provided you don't have anything else in there and will fit in a car boot pretty easily. Removing/reinstalling the capsule is easy and makes travel a lot easier. The big wheels mean no problems with cracks in the footpath and the front wheels are closer together than the back (offset). It has independent front brakes and an easy to use rear brake. Also comes with a weather cover but I haven't used that yet.

It is easy to remove and wash the covers and adjust the straps. No problems changing direction or going backwards - the rear wheels are fixed, the front wheels pivot well.My only concern would be that the wheels seem to wear a bit - but as I said at the start, this pram was second hand so it has two babies worth of wear in the wheels and they are still going. The pram is quite light too which is a bonus.

Someone recently gave us a "universal" mosquito net too and I was worried that it wouldn't fit like a lot of "universal" described products, but it fit well.

Cons with this product: It is only available new from Target. Depending on your local store they may / may not be able to order the bassinette for you (they usually only stock the pram with baby capsule).

kayla Lilyz mum
This pram is more headache than it is worth, many problems collapsing and putting up.
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