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Baby Jogger City Select

19 reviews
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City Select

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I've had this pram for about 6 months now and have to say it really does the job well so far. At this stage I only have one baby but bought the select with the view that we will have two kids close in age in the next year or so, so wanted the ability for a second seat. 

I bought a select fabric bassinet second hand and had that on the frame for almost 5 months and it was a god send for us, baby would sleep in there no problem so it gave us somewhere to 'put her down' during the day that was close by.  

We recently moved her over to the seat and while she won't sleep for any great length of time in there, she will cat nap and does enjoy sitting up and looking around and I love the fact that I can recline it to many angles. 

Pros for this pram

  • Lots of storage space underneath in the basket - can fit a whole grocery shop in there. 
  • Frame folds down relatively compact given the prams size
  • A great range of accessories to be had (at extra cost) like bassinet, second seats, parent consoles, belly bars etc.
  • Very versitile in that you can have 16 different configurations for seating with 2 babies. 
  • Will fit a capsule system with adaptors
  • Good sturdy construction 
  • Can buy spare parts from ABC (Amazing Baby Company)  in Vic who are the official Baby Jogger distributor in Australia
  • Buy/Swap/Sell pages exist to get accessories relatively cheaply to try out
  • For the size of the pram it really does have great manouverability 


  •  Even with a big car the pram does take up a lot of room with the seats etc. 
  • Sometimes have trouble getting around in small shops
  • It can be very heavy post C Section to get in and out of the car (once I healed properly it hasn't been an issue)
  • Must have a bassinet to use from birth - or alternatively  some WAHM pram liner places make wedges that even out the bucket seat to make so a new born can lie flat in the standard select seat

I  would recommend the Select if you don't mind a larger sized pram, for me I like the sturdiness of it but that does come at a cost  being that you have a heavier larger pram and all that goes with that.  


The reclinder broke after two years and the life time body warranty does not cover it. Have to buy a new fram. 


We went with the Baby Jogger City Select as we are planning of have a few children close together that will require the use of a pram/stroller for different age groups.

I love the concept of the pram and the different seating options. I love the fact that despite its length it is narrow enough to fit down aisle unlike other "double" prams.

It is easy to fold and I don’t believe it takes up a lot of room in our boot.

I find that it is easy to open and place seating into position.

The pram now drives very well and has a great turn circle / manoeuvrability.

It has great storage underneath even with the 2nd seat in (have used it with my nephew and daughter)

I love the accessories, however they can be expensive.

Another advantage of the select is the fact the seats can easily be placed in the upright position or tilted


Despite the good I have had some bad experiences that have left me concerned. I have only been using the pram for 6 months and it was purchased new from a baby store.

The brake has failed on me twice and had to be replaced; locking into position meaning I cannot move the pram. First time I was with my sister who went and grabbed a shopping trolley to collapse and push it in, the 2nd time I was able to push it back in manually.

My front wheels wobbled (like a dodgy shopping trolley) making it heavy to push, these also had to be replaced (drives perfectly now)

I have also now just had an issue with the seat. One of the sides has locked up, meaning it is stuck in position. It has only just happened and luckily I had the 2nd seat so I can still use the pram.

I am concerned as to what will happen once the warrantee period is over. This is not a cheap pram, including accessories, bassinet and 2nd seat it costs close to what some will spend on their first car.  I guess only time will tell


The design on this double stroller is really smart, and at first I loved this stroller. However, we have had it for less than one year and it is falling apart. There are relatively minor problems such as the rubber handle disintigrating, the bottom basket freying and the stitching pulling. There are also major quality issues that also put the child/ren at serious risk of harm. After about one week the wire in the sun visor poked out through the fabric and was at eye level when a child is sitting in the seat. The wire poked through the bottom basket which was at toddler eye height. The front wheel now locks into straight and the other day I was at the top of some stairs when I went to move forward but because of the locked wheel the stroller went over the top step. Luckily I noticed in time, but there are certainly rare times when you need to move your stroller in a hurry and I am unable to because of the locked wheel. I would not recommend this stroller to anyone due to the major, dangerous safety/quality issues. 


I purchased the City Jogger Select after looking for months for a suitable pram for twins. This pram is perfect as both babies can see all around and I can see them (all other twin prams one baby is hid underneath the other) I wanted to show mine both off!.

The pram is so easy to monover in and out of shops and I never have to worry about what size door I need to go through. Folding and putting the pram into the boot is so simple.

The price was perfect as well, I purchased 2 chair seats which fit onto the pram, 2 seats for the next stage up all for under £1000.00, You also get 10% off in mothercare for being a twin mum and wait for the sale with an additional 10%, it works out to be one of the cheapest prams but the BEST!!!!!!!


we brought this as we was looking for a double and wanted to be able to have both our chidren  looking at me.  I brought the pram with out looking at it and testing it out at the store so it was a blind buy. We brought it home and i placed it all togather and it was at the time great. But once i placed my daughter and son in to the pram it went heavy, when i went to shops it was really long so quite hard to get through small shopping aisles or if it was quite busy it was hard to get around everyone. My son hated sitting in it because he couldn't see me if dd was infront of him and he hated being at the top, He refused to sleep in the pram.

When it came to the 6th week of owning the pram it broke, The frame was unable to be folded, the fold lock fell off, one of the wheels went wobbley and the fabric stitching started coming undone.

In that 6 weeks of using it i had only used it a total of 4 times. It took a lot of room in the boot. Lucky at the time we had a rav 4 which had a compartment in the boot with a lid which i was able to place the seats in to save some room. But when we got a new car it took up the whole boot and you couldnt put your shopping and pram in the boot at the same time. My partner hated pushing the pram and refused to do so every time we went out.

With the problems i contacted Baby Jogger they said they will send out replacement parts and a new frame, But they sent out the wrong things. So i then had to drive to their warehouse which they told me that the frame and fabrics in fact where a lemon and gave me some little bonuses for my trouble of traveling 2 hours at the time to get there.

I would go a baby jogger again but i would not go a City Select.

Atlantic Puffin

I purchased the BJCS after having a strider. I loved the strider set up  but was getting frustrated with the size and weight and how it took up  my total boot space.
The BJCS usually retails around the $800-$900 price point, and I luckily picked mine up for $599 from Mothercare recently, as the 2011 model in Diamond colour, they will not be making the diamond colour for 2012 and it was the last one in store.

I am so extremely impressed with the BJCS. The weight is more manageable, and size of the frame doesn't make me feel like I am setting up an elderly persons large walking frame. It is not at all bulky, and is extremely sturdy. (I would compare it to the Strider and say it is more stable and sturdy)

I love the fact that in a few years when we go back for number two, I can simply and easily clip on a capsule or extra seat, and not have the fuss of buying another pram.

The seat has a few options for the recline, but the best feature is I can have bubba facing me, which I like as she is still small, and even when shes older I will like it when she is sick or not feeling well so I can just have that extra eye on her.

I would like to see the addition of a belly bar, and would also like to see a cup holder as I am always holding a coffee or water at some point in the day.

The only downfall about this pram (if I could even list it as a downfall??) Is that when new, the leavers to recline, and the fold handles are a bit sticky and sometimes require 2 hands to un-stick them and get the moving. Hopefully with time this will ease up as I LOVE THIS PRAM!!!!!!!!!


The main reason i would recommend the baby jogger city select is for thinking ahead when you have two babies, unless you are having a >3yr age gap. It is the ideal double pram as can function as a single or a double without looking weird when you only have one baby in.

The ability to put a car capsule on it (and the range of car capsules that fit) is fantastic. We have not bothered with the bassinette as our newborn is constantly in the capsule from the car to the pram. THe only time the bassinette would be used over the capsule is for walking around the park, but the capsule is fine for this too, and our baby likes being semi upright anyway so i think the capsule would be his preference.

The top seat is nice and high (my last pram was a stokke and i find there to be minimal difference) and the seats are comfortable. I am not a particular fan of hte shoulder straps, but they dont seem to bother my toddler so that might just be me.

The massive shopping basket is good, and particularly when i have my niece and my toddler (22months) in the pram facing each other as the shopping basket underneath catches their shoes/socks/toys that they drop so nothing is lost :-) They love facing (& kicking!) each other.

With two heavy toddlers in it the pram is still manageable to push, although getting it up a curb requires a little bit of effort, but considering the load it has in it i think it copes very well. More importantly it seems very stable and safe.

With a toddler in the lower seat facing forwards and a newborn in the capsule up high facing me the pram works very well & this is the main configuration we use. Our toddler likes being able to see the world, and i have my newborn up high and close to me.

The width is a bit annoying (coming off owning a slim stokke xplory), however given the capabilities of this pram i think it is acceptable.

The best bit of this pram is the compact fold, being able to fold it and fit it in my small sedan with the seat or car seat adaptor still attached, and how simple and easy it is to fold.

My two biggest complaints would be :

- the car seat adaptor is a bit fiddly for all car seats bar the maxi cosi (my recommendation would be to get the maxi cosi car capsule as the preferred capsule for this pram).

- When folded you have to manually lock the pram into the folded position and this lock is not secure and has come undone once or twice, one time my finger was pinched quite badly as it opened up and pinched it.

Overall this pram is probably one of the best positioned prams to suit you from birth of baby one till you wean your babies out of prams completely. Getting this as your first pram will likely save you a lot of money in the long run. And if i am correct it comes with a lifetime warranty, so really you should never need to spend another cent on prams!


I love my baby jogger city select. We purchased the city select in 2010 for the birth of my daughter as well as the bassinet adapter and the wind/rain cover. I also purchased the organsing caddy however this was more annoying than useful as it slips down the handle bars.

For the first three months my daughter went in the bassinet adapter which I think was a really worthwhile investment as I was able to pop her in it asleep while at my parents house, and use it as a portable bassinet while traveling as well.

Once she moved in to the toddler seat I really appreciated being able to easily face her towards me, as well as recline her for nap time. 

The City Select chair is very easy to wash and has had no damage/repairs needed.  

We have since given birth to our son 5 weeks ago and have invested in the Maxi Cosi Mico travel system to clip on to the City Select, which I think was one of the most worthwhile purchases we have made this time round. Being able to move baby from the car to the City Select without waking him up is invaluable as a mum with 2 children under the age of 2. It simply clicks in place, and then unclicks to go back in the car.

We still use the bassinet as a portable sleeping option for my son when traveling or at my parents house as well as for walks when he doesnt go in the car seat, so this was not a waste of money either.  

I love how this pram has a one step fold system and it is so light, i am able to manoeuver it around tight spaces with ease. It is well worth the money. 


I absolutely love my city select

with only 14 months between our bubs we needed a durable, functional and easy to use double pram that wasnt bulky and would take a capsule as well.

After looking at too many prams to mention we finally settled on the city select as it matched all of our criteria

things I love about it are:

Huge basket that fits anything and everything in it

both kids can see out and basket is still useable in most configurations (even with the front seat facing back toward the handle)

super easy to fold, eay to steer and fits through most checkouts

can take a number of different capsules

brake is on the handle which is easy to put on and off which is great for esculators etc

Big hood that comes down a fair way which is great when bubs is sleeping

can easily be converted between a single and a double

great colours available

the not so good:

does not come with any accesories which can be exy to buys seperately

the bar along the back can get in the way of getting some stuff in the basket.

need to take seats off to fold up (which many prams nowdays you need to do this)

when folding up if you are not careful the handle can get damaged from scraping along the ground

but all in all this is an awesome pram that get so many positive comments when you are out and about and well worth the money IMO


I have the Baby Jogger city Select and the pram is fantastic.

Easy to put together, Easy to fold up.  Can use everywhere and baby is always safe and comfortable. I had 2 seats for when I had my nephew aswell and the babies could face each other and talk and play. Also made shopping easy with the great sized basket under the pram. 

I would recommend this pram to everyone looking at buying prams.

Bluest Blue Box

Love, love, love this pram. It's my second and last pram.  I bought this so I can use it for my second and maybe third child as well. There are a few cons but nothing I can't get over, no pram is perfect.


  • steers beautifully on all terrain
  • foam filled tires that won't go flat 
  • front suspension
  • seats face either way
  • awesome sun hood
  • massive storage space
  • not too wide but very stable
  • expensive but look out for sales or buy from US
  • expensive accessories and doesn't come with anything
  • have to take seats off to fold which can get annoying  

I bought this pram as it has the 2nd seat option for future children. I love the look of the pram as well as the versatility of the seats as opposed to some other twin prams.

It is easy to manouver and I have no troubles getting through doorways or checkouts. I find it has a nice balance when pushing it around. I didn't find it too heavy and have no trouble going over gutters and the like. It is easy to fold and folds flat. But you do have to remove the seat/s before folding and if your in a rush can be a bit of a pain.

The seats do say they are suitable fron 6 months old but I bought this pram when my daughter was 4 months old and have had no troubles with her in it. It lies back nicley for her. I think it is a gimmic to get you to buy the bassinette feature. When we have another bub I will look at getting the car capsule though.

One of the features I look for when purchasing a pram is a large under carriage basket and this pram fits that bill. Heaps of room under there and has easy access. I also look for an adjustable handle as my husband is 6 foot and needs to feel comfortable when pushing it. This one suits his height and he is not hunched over when wheeling our daughter around. It is also easy to change the handle if a smaller person was to use it.

The wheels are not pneumatic like some others so there is no need to keep an eye on them going flat and needing to be pumped. They are filled with a foam so thus eliminating the pumping all together. I haven't had any trouble wheeling this pram on dirt or rough terrain all though I don't make a habbit of doing that.

We bought this pram from the States and found it much cheaper than if I had bought it here in Australia. I also bought all the accessories (including the second seat) I wanted at the same time so I could get it all cheaper and at the same time so I didn't have to shop around.

One of the accessories we bought was the foot muff and love it. It keeps my daughter warm and cosy in her seat as well as adding some padding to the seat. The foot muff comes in two parts. The bottom sit's in the seat and the harness comes through slits sewn into the bottom so the seat is all lined. The top of the foot muff simply zips on top and your done. The lining is machine washable if it gets mess on it. Easy to fit and remove all the components of the foot muff. Highly recommend this for a winter bub.

I found this pram value for money but only because we bought it from the States. If I had bought it in a store here in Australia I wouldn't have bought the accessories along with it as they do tend to be pricey and specific ones are hard to come by.

Overall I absolutely love this pram. I love the styling and the ease of use. I also bought a colour that hasn't been released in Australia yet and I get alot of looks.


I recently purchased the Baby Jogger City Select in preparation for baby #2 and I am absolutely in love. It is lightweight, easy to collapse and store and incredibly customisable. It fits through even the snuggest checkouts, steers incredibly well and maintains a lightweight easy steer even with the second seat kit attached.

I won't be looking at any other prams again, I'm finally satisfied.


I brought the Baby Jogger City Select when i was due with my second child as my children would only be 18 months apart.

Having had a look at all the doubles available this one was by far the best.

It fits thru narrow isle, isnt overly heavy, easy enough to steer and has load of options with the seating arrangement.

We brought the capsule adaptor and that works a treat.

I wouldnt recoment for small or people who are not strong as they would find it very heavy and hard to steer.

Both my kids love it. The seat isnt recomended for 6 month and under because they are bucket seats. But my yougest one doesnt seem to mind and isnt in it for extremely long peiriods so we didnt bother with the bassinett.

Also has a massive basket underneath.


I bought this pram when my twins were 2 months old as although I loved my Baby Jogger twin side-by-side for walking outdoors, its width meant that I could not get down narrower aisles in shopping centres.

This pram did the trick!  Although a little long when both seats are fully reclining, it can fit easily through all aisles (making it great for when the bigger stores leave only the narrowest of spaces during those sales).  It's handle, which is the same width as for a single pram, sllows you to easily drape your nappy bag over it.

The babies were able to recline into a comfortable seating position in the standard seats, despite the fact that Baby Jogger would prefer you to have the bassinette until 6 months (personally, I think they are trying to get as much money out of you as possible here).I bought sheepskin liners for my twins to make the pram mega comfy.

The accessories were not easy to come by.  I ordered some rain covers from the US but could not find any US stockists who would ship the bug/sun covers to Aus (but if they're like other Baby Jogger sun covers they are quite flimsy and pull very easily anyway).

I suffer from pelvic instability and find this pram a little heavy to manouvre over rougher terrain, where the side-by-side comes in handy for me.

It collapsibility is brilliant!

The suspension is also great (something I've had trouble with, with other prams)


I reserched long and hard about what pram  I would get considering I had a toddler and a baby on the way.. 

I fell in love with the pram after actually going to see other prams similar to this one. This was the easiest to move between the position and you where not limited because both seats are the same size.

The sales person tried to sell me the bassinette to go with it but I have found that even for my premmie baby.. So very little the normal seat lays back far enough for a newborn.

It has 16 combinations that the pram can be used.. But you are limited when one of them is a newborn with how far they need to lay back..

In any event I have the position I like.

I read the other reviews and I disaggree with some comments.. I can still hop gutters.. Heck I can even pull it up stairs back wards like I could with all my single prams..

My favorite feature would be that I can take one seat off.. Very easily.. NO mucking around and have a single pram.. I would hate to go out with one seat empty so that was a selling point for me..

I have used it for long walks on sand, grass, dirt, paths and had no limitations. I have had to baby up the top and the bottom and found it equally easy to use.

You dont have one of your children in the basket .. ( I hate seeing that) so you still have a massive basket even with both children.

I also could not fit through checkouts at the shops with most of my old prams this pram I can easily fit through another bonus

The only down side is that accessories are hard to come by and very expensive but from  what I have found (I have a 9 year old aswell and have had over 10 prams) that with any new product for a baby while it is so new all accessories cost a bit more.. So I think they will come down with time..

The pram folds smaller than most of my old prams too.. Fits in my friends small hatch boot.. I leave it up in my massive boot though.

Overall I LOVE my pram and am happy to answer any other questions people may have..

Oh and A life time guarentee... What more can I say thats confidence in their product!


I purchased this pram in June and waited until September for it to arrive. A massive backlog with many parents buying it meant a delay of a few months!

When it did arrive, I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to use... buttons easy to work out, bassinet easy to put together and easy for me (I am small) to carry.

Whilst the pram itself is great, easy to move around with, accessories are hard to come by and really expensive... it takes ages to find the accessories then there is a wait of at least 4-6 weeks on them! THen when you do get them, they flood the market! D'oh!

I do think the price of the pram is okay, but accessories are far too expensive... I think I have spent more than I should on the pram.

Overall, a great buy.


It took along time for me to be convinced to spend the money and get this pram and the extras required for a second child. I am really glad that I did.

I have a Toddler and Baby eighteen months apart and currently use it with seat in front and Car Capsule in top position.

The quality is great and the lifetime warranty is worth it when you plan on having it for more than one bub. I have alredy been through two $300 prams for my first daughter.

Manoeuvrability is amazing for a double, actually my single was about the same. I do need to use ramps and cannot 'hop' over gutters but no double would. I can get through checkouts and wander around most shops, Width is not a problem for where I go.

Value. . . I do think it is expensive and the cost of all the add ons make it ridiculous but I still would not buy a different pram. (Warning: If buying direct from states you void warranty)

Suitable from birth if you purchase either the capsule adapter or bassinett. Seats are from 6 months.

Collapsability is very easy even my mum worked it out and thats saying something. But as I have extra fittings and bits I do take them off each time so it can be timeconsuming depending on your preference.(Once you have done it a couple of times its not so bad)

It is light for a double but certainly not for someone carting it on/off busses.

Storage space: Amazingly I can fit alot of bags and stuff in the basket without having to contort it five different ways. Access will depend on setup but even with two seats (Trialled with my nephew) I can put nappy bag in and out without hassle.

Accessories: again you pay big for each of them but heaps are available now.

Overall I would buy this this pram without question as it has a multitude of uses. (Claims 16) and can be a single when the older child is at daycare and a double when not. (Also when older child outgrows it)

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