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Baby Jogger City Mini

7 reviews
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City Mini

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I brought this as a second pram. got the 2011 model for cheap! so easy to collapse and lift compared to my strider. wouldnt recommend for a newbie as you cant admire your bubba! the cover provides good shade. hate the basket so cant put my baby bag in, so not good for long shopping trips. good for cafes though and of course a walk! good looking pram. hard to attach toys though.

This was the second pram I bought as I just got a cheapie for my first to find out what I liked.  I fell in love with this one at the shop and just had to have it!  I can't comment on durability yet as I've only had it for a few weeks.


Great folding technology.
Can fit behind my seat in the car so no boot space needed.
Easy to steer, even one handed.
Fantastic sun shade.
Great number of ways to sneek a peek at bub.
Can adjust recline to any angle.


All accessories have to be bought seperately.
Mine has the plastic wheels so isn't great for uneven ground.
Basket can be hard to reach if seat is fully reclined but it can still be accessed from the side.

All in all it's fantastic!


We purchased the BJCM for our DS who had just turned 3 when we were in the US at half the price they are in Australia.  I have said it is good value for money for this reason only.  We didn't take a stroller with us as had bad experiences with oversized luggage and quick connections in the past when travelling with a stroller.

I really loved the fold it  is so simple and brilliant.  It is possible to collapse it with a few jumpers in the basket. Not really reccomended but when we had to put it through security screening  a lot in NY the fold was brilliant. 

It was comfortable.  My 3yo who loves riding in prams sat in the pram a lot while we were on holiday.  The recline was good.  He slept for several hours at a time.  The recline can be tricky to get back up though.  You have to brace the pram with your foot so it doesn't move, lift up the back with one hand also holding the end of the webbing and with the other slide the back position up.  It does get easier with practice.  

THe hood was fabulous.  covered DS completely. the 'no pinch' was good and he was able to flip it down himself at times. 

I like the fact that the back 'weather shield' can be rolled up for airflow when it is hot. 

BJ do say not to hang htings from the handles.  I acknowledge their advice but made a decision to do it.  I did find that when the pram was reclined the bag would hit DS in the head as he was a bit taller.  Once he was asleep it wasn't an issue though.  Lowering the bag made it uncomfortable for my DH to push as he kept hitting the bag.  It might be ok with a bag that sits higher.  This pram has a much more forward centre of gravity than other prams I have used and I didn't have any concerns with it 'tipping'  it was rock solid.

With the COG being more forward I did find it required more force to push down and tip it up to go over kerbs etc.  Once you get used to it it wasn't a problem.  

It handles most terrain well,  even when we accidentally went offroad in Central PArk.  It can get a bit 'tippy' to the side when one of the wheels at the front over balance but not a frequent issue.

Basket access is an issue but I found I went in from the side.

I can push pram this one handed easily which is brilliant.  I was able to negotiate a door backwards with a child asleep one handed while sipping a smoothie. 

I do reccommend this pram for travelling  and even for the only pram you buy for general use. There is no perfect pram but this comes pretty close



  • Extremely light
  • Easy to fold
  • Basket easy to use
  • Easy to recline
  • Looks great
  • Did I mention it is really light?


  •  Doesn't recline to fully flat, though I have always had my newborn in it
  • Expensive accessories - though I have used standard Outlook accessories (rain cover, sun shade) from Big W and they have fitted with no problems


The most stand out feature of this pram is the FOLD! It literally takes 2 seconds and its done!   If you are busy and in and out of the car many times a day you just can't go wrong! 

I know with school, kinder,  extra curriculars and all the other running around I do its not unusual for me to be getting my pram in and out of the car more than 10 times in a day.  So lightweight and easy to fold is a MASSIVE plus! 

The hood for this pram is fantastic too, even when reclined the coverage is great. 

It reclines back flat for a newborn and is very easy to recline as well, no fidddly around with multiple parts its simple one adjustment on a strap that you pull to recline and then push in and pull the strap to sit it up and you can stop it at any incline that suits you.   

The basket underneath is on the smaller side so I find having a mummyhook on the handle helps. The basket is stretchy at the back though so I can still fit my large handbag under there with no problems and then there is still room for more. 

I have most of the accessories available for this pram, nothing comes standard with it which is a downside if cost is an issue for you. Optional accessories include: Rain cover, UV cover, belly bar (I find this essential as its much easier to handle the pram with it on), child food tray, parent console, cooler bag, pump, bassinette and capsule adaptors. 

The handle height is not adjustable which is something I am still getting used to ut the shape of the handle means that it is still comfortable for a variety of heights! Its got a great grip on it too!  

Amy Arcangeli

We decided to use a 2nd hand pram for the first few months when our son was born so we knew what we wanted and didn't want from a pram/stroller.

Pro's - I absolutely love the City Mini and would recommend to anyone who has a small car. I have a Laser hatch and it fits perfectly in my boot with space for shopping etc. The way this pram collapes down is amazing, this was pretty much the selling feature for us. Easy, can do one handed and is not heavy at all to pick up and transport to the boot of the car etc. 2 peep holes are very handy. The turning circle is wonderful. Easy to manouvre with one hand if need be and travels well on foot paths/uneven surfaces (which is great for us being regular walkers). High handle is fantastic for my 6 foot 3 husband. Large shade to cover our little one is a good asset also. Basket under seat is easy to access and seems to be a good size compared to other prams we road tested. Overall extremely happy with this pram and would recommend to anyone. And for anyone who is worried about the look, colour range seems good (we went for the moss green) and the city mini in my opinion is quite stylish. Excellent value for money for a middle of the range pram/stroller. We call it our 'proller' because we don't know if it's a pram or stroller!!

Con's - only forward facing. I miss seeing our little one while out walking & having a face to face conversation with him but one day soon he will want to look around more than look at me I'm sure. Can't think of any other 'cons' in relation to this product.

Quality product from Baby Jogger.


I looked at so many prams when I was pregnant. The choice was overwhelming. What it did come down to for me was 'Will it fit in the boot of my car?' The things I love about this pram are.

* it folds in a flash, and one handed and one motion, this (and that it fit in my car) was a massive selling point for us.

* the sun hood is awesome. It gives great coverage. 

*the brake is easy to use.

*it's relatively small and maneuverable, nice and smooth to push.

*you don't need air in the tyres, so no puncures.

*the net at the back is good for putting bits and pieces in.

The things I don't like are:

*the basket at the bottom isn't very acessible when in the baby is in the laying position, also too small to put much in.

*the little peep pockets are velcro (the Elite model is magnetic) so they can be a bit noisy opening when you're trying to be quiet.

*I would have liked a reversible handle so I could look at my DD.

the handle bar is not adjustible, but it isn't an issue for us as hubby and I aren't too different in height. 

We bought a sun shade and rain cover, also the tray. We havne't used either yet, so am unable to comment on the ease of these (although they look pretty easy to use). I bought a P&T sleeping bag thing that fits into the harness and it keeps my DD nice and cosy warm. I also bought a P&T hangbag for the handle (the warning says don't put anything on handle, but I use this only for my keys and phone and dog poo bags, nothing heavy).

All in all I love my City Mini and so does hubby. The easy fold and the fold down hood were the selling points. We laugh at people in carparks who have to fiddle about with their prams, ours is so easy to use. I recommend it. 

I have not commented on durability as we have only been using it for 3 months. No problems so far so good.



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