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Bugaboo Cameleon

12 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments
Jemma Scott

If your Cameleon breaks outside of the warranty period, or if you cannot prove it is still in the warranty period, it is very difficult to get repaired.  I live in country Victoria and the only authorised repairer is in Dandenong, a six hour return journey (even though you can buy the prams in Bendigo).  Hence, I either need to spend two days travelling (1 to drop it off and 1 to pick it up) or pay courier costs to get it down there before I'm told whether it can be repaired, and if so, how much it might cost. Bugaboo will not repair the pram, even for a fee. I don't expect to purchase high value items and not be able to get them repaired.  But if you're willing to take the gamble or live near an authorised repairer, the Cameleon is a good pram.


HI, I chose a bugaboo because I heard it was a top buggy brand however it was difficult to lift the baby in and out of the bassinet as I had a caesarian. The bassinet tilts and my newborn baby ended up (and still does) in a heap at the foot end. Worse still, I couldn't drive and wanted to walk to the shops and put my shopping in the basket underneath but this is inaccessible in the 'bassinet' mode. I contacted Bugaboo who said
they were aware that the underseat bassinet is hard to access in Bassinet mode (but tough luck). Ladies - buy a Stokke instead - higher (less bending on your sore belly and back) and there is a lovely storage basket underneath.


faulty  does not last the tests of time

dont expect to have yours in 100% working order for more than a year

just look how many tutorials are online as "how to fix"


We brought this pram at the time because everyone was talking to it. I am very glad we brought it. It has to be the best single pram we have had. It is light-ish and we loved how many ways we could have the pram as baby facing me or facing out, Being able to put the pram to 2 wheels if we are on the beach. we have been in love with it since the day we got it. It was sad to see it go when we found out we was havng a second child and need to upgrade to a bigger pram.

You will fall in love with this pram the minute you start pushing it.

Love Love it.


I use my pram several times a day and for the first 6 months of my daughter's life I was mostly carrying her in my arms while I pushed the pram with a spare finger because she was such a sooky baby.

I have to say for that reason alone, thank god I bought the bugaboo.

I don't necessarily think it's the best on the market but I do think it's a very good looking pram, steers exceptionally well and once you know how it works it's really not so bad.

Generally I think prams are SO ugly and this helped me feel better about being fat and exhausted. So ridiculous, I know, but true nonetheless.

Bumps are definitely an issue. We have to cross 2 cobbled paths on the way to the park EVERY day and get stuck on them 80% of the time. The cup holder is a little annoying although that might be the attachment I have on it but it falls off a bit and I can't change the handle direction very easily with it on.

The only other pram that people recommended as highly as the bugaboo was the mountain buggy but I was a little nervous about a 3 wheeler so this was the choice for me.

The storage basket really does hold a lot - moreso when in toddler seat rather than bassinett mode) and the break is a great "hook" for light bags.

Hanging nappy bag on handle is really dangerous - pram tips when no baby in there, which is probably why everyone who doesn't actually have 2 kids wants the donkey ha!

Overall I am happy with my choice. No one needs a $1500 pram but after 9 months of pregnancy, labour and the unglamourous life we plunge into god knows it's the least we deserve ;)


I thank my lucky stars for this pram.  I struggle to manouvre trolleys, so was in a state of trepidation with regards prams.

The Cameleon handles like a dream, and is light enough that I can get it into the car no worries despite several damaged discs in my back.  It seems comfortable for my daughter (currently 4 months) and the bassinette attachment was a godsend.  I've used the rain cover (also good) and have swapped covers on it (very easy).  I've taken it on the beach and "off-road" and found it to handle really well under all circumstances.  

The basket under the pram holds a huge amount, and is easy to get to, the pram is sturdy enough to take my admittedly oversized nappy bag on the bag with no problems too, and the cup holder is a life saver on those desperate rush mornings!

The only issue we have is that althought it is really easy to collapse, it does come apart in 2 pieces and therefore takes up a fair bit of room in our small car (Corolla hatchback) but for us the benefits outweigh that by a long way.

I think the price for them new is steep - they are a really good pram, but to pay full price would be mad unless you have the money.  We bought ours in new condition from Ebay for less than a third of rrp, with a bucket load of accessories.

All in all I'd recommend it hugely.


Great pram ..easy to the foot muff for the colder weather...

useles for a toddler unless your child is very girl looked squished at 2.5 years..actually even at 2 moves like a dream when you have a baby..forget it when you have a toddler especially on bumpy roads..the pram even struggles over a stick!! 

We use our mountain buggy for walks and silver cross dazzle for car..


I do love this pram. I had previously used it when i was a nanny, so new it was a great pram. The manouverability is amazing, and the 4 wheels give it great balance as opposed to a 3 wheeler. 

I wish i had gone with a smaller bugaboo (the bee, maybe), as i am finding it quite bulky.

My baby bag, which has buckles on the side to attach to a pram, ends up resting on the bassinet because it is such a deep seat. Bub also looks a little lost in the large deep seat. i'm sure this will all change as he gets bigger and/or we switch to the toddler seat.

The storage is really difficult to get to with the bassinet, making it virtually useless.

The cup holder is great, but needs to face inwards, otherwise i am constantly bumping it into everything and everyone. And with it facing inwards, it competes for space with my baby bag. 

Overall, a great, easy to use pram-just a bit tricky to get around with its size. 

Definitely worth the money- it is so easy to use, light and comfortable for baby. The only possible downside is that you have to dismantle it in two. Once you get the hang of it it's really easy. The onkly downside is that the accessories can be a bit expensive.
Despite the price this pram has all the features you will need. It is light, easy to fold, compact, very easy to push around and stylish. They hold their value too so you can sell 2nd hand at a great price. For bub #2 you can add a 'scooter' to the back.
I love my bugaboo, really worth the investment. It is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, fits down aisles in most shopping centres and stores and has a bassinet for newborns. It has taken some practice to learn how to fold it up, but once you have a handle on it, it is really quite easy. Only concern is that the basket is hard (almost impossible) to access when you are using the bassinet. I generally have to remove the bassinet to put anything in or take anything out, this can be a huge problem when you are in a rush to access a nappy.

i think this is the best pram on the market. i know its a little bit expensive but its so worth the money!

i have the limited edition denium. it looks so funky, its easy to clean & it takes me no more then 2min to put together its the faster pram to put together...

its so light weight, it comes in so many differnt colors, i love the 2 conponets it comes with so u can use the bassinet for newborn & upright seat for when they are older, its so easy to move around. my husband loves to use it (we fight over who is going to push the they have so many accessories to choose from. its the best pram out! i have not one bad thing to say about it  i would reccoment this pram to anyone.



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