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Steelcraft Agile

7 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased the steelcraft agile and the compatable capsule as a package.

The main reason i bought this style of pram is due to the fact i am small in stature and i struggle to fold and store bulky items.  I had a go of my sisters strider, and it was just way too big.


I find the agile so easy to fold and put back up.  It is incredibly light and folds into a small area meaning that small cars can be used to transport the stroller.

Works really well as a travel system.

comes with a rain cover and other accessories


basket underneath is a pain to access


I loved the agile when it was first purchased even though the basket is small n tight to get anything into the ease of folding compensated for this I found the belly bar that can b purchased seperatly very usefull but that's basically where it stops after using the agile for only 4 months the prongs on the harness snapped off this was fixed in the store I bought it from the harness has since broken another 3 time I have only just gotten the pram back from steel craft 


I got this pram after doing a bit of research and having it recommended to me by some other mums.

At first I though WOW! How light & easy to fold is this pram! I thought it was great, but thats where its greatness stopped for me. After using it a few times I realised that the height of the seat (which is actually quite low) really annoyed me as I prefer bubs to be up higher, especially when trying to adjust them in the seat.

The recline feature is crap! It has one of those strap reclines which I have heard on most prams is ok, but on this pram it is rubbish! Its hard to get to and really hard to get it even on both sides and if you dont, bubs slumps to one side of the pram and he gets frustrated because he gets stuck leaning to the side which means I then have to stop, try and straighten him up (which is awkard because of how low he sits in the pram) and try and adjust the strap which means I have to take everything off the back of the pram just to get to it.

The basket underneath might as well not even be there. Even when the seat is all the way upright, it is still very difficult to get anything bigger than the size of my purse through the gap and into the basket.

The handle isnt adjustable which sucks as my hubby is 6'3" and complains that he doesnt like to push the pram because the handle is too low, which even for me at 5'8" I also find its quite low.

The only good thing going for this pram is the large canopy, which is great to keep the sun off bubs face, the easy fold function (Im yet to find another pram that folds as easily as this one) the weight of it (its easy to lift to put in the boot of the car, and the ease of pushing and manoeuvreing around the shops and down the aisles unlike other pram which have really wide wheel bases

I certainly wont be recommending this pram to any family or friends in the near future


 I did a lot of research when shopping for a pram and was so excited when I found the Agile. I am only 5'1 and thin and had the following requirements:

- Easy to fold up when I'm on my own
- Easy to lift into the boot of the car
- Not too wide (some of the more popular prams often have trouble fitting through shop doors and checkout aisles etc)
- One piece - not having to pull bits apart just to pack it up

The Agile fit this all perfectly. At 7.5kg it's 5kg less than most of the bigger popular models (the Strider etc), to fold it you just pull a strap and it collapses in half and clicks into locked position.

It's nice and thin, yet bub still has plenty of room around him, and it's all in one piece, which was important to me as I have a friend who spends 5 minutes taking the wheels off, then the capsule and all sorts of bits from her pram just to put it in the boot of the car!

I regularly have strangers see me folding it up in the carpark and ask me what model it is and compliment it.

Pros: Super lightweight, folds with one pull of a strap, width is thin enough to fit through doors/aisles in shops, all one piece
Cons: Basket underneath is a bit small and tricky to get to, no option for a toddler seat in the future 
All in all I love it and rave on about it to friends.

Atlantic Puffin

My daughter is 3 weeks old, and I have been using the Agile travel system for my baby.

I love the ease of manoeuvrabilty, so easy to turn and steer, and especially great when you need to do it one handed.

I have found it extremely super duper easy to collapse/fold, and folds down to a fairly small size to fit into my boot.

I am using this in conjunction with the agile capsule for the car, and am finding it amazing. Just a simple lift and click into place. The seat of the pram also reclines all the way back for my newbie to lay in comfortably.

The one thing I would change about this pram is the storage space. The basket is way to far underneath the parm to use it properly, and there is no tray on the push handle for keys/purses/etc which I would have found very handy.

I am fairly tall (180cms) and it would be helpful if the handle of the pram were a little higher, or even adjustible. It is not a terrible height, but i would like it higher for comfort.

Over all, I do really like this pram, and would probably buy it again if it came down to it. I think the main reasons are how easy it is to steer, and its ability to work so seamlessly with the matching capsule.


My son is only 4months old... and like the previous reviewer I am considering getting a new pram - but not due to any fault of the pram, I am using the pram more than I thought I would and require something a little tougher.

Otherwise I really like this pram and am vry happy with my purchase as the key selling points for me were light-weght, easy-to-fold and travel system - it checks all these boxes - and I'm sure with further development later models will be excellent single child prams.

Pros: easy to fold +++, fits in my small hatchback, able to use with a capsule, light-weight, great sun shade, fits in a standard shopping checkout

Cons: plastic wheels that don't seem to grip on smooth shooping centre floors making it difficult to manoeuvre, small basket, no toddler seat/belly bar. 


I have been using the Agile now for 4 months. Im not that over the moon with this stroller. Main reasons I went for this stroller was purely because it was lightweight and the strider was too big, bulky and heavy although I love the look of the strider and all the things it has to offer.

The real pain is once bubby is out of his capsule he is going to need a rearward facing stroller as this one does not allow for it and I thought having the window would be enough but it really doesnt cut it.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to set up and pull down, matching capsule - convienient for when bub is asleep

Cons: Hard to reach basket, no adjustable footrest its fixed in place, buckles are fiddley, bub can't face you once out of capsule, not suitable as a walking pram more just for on the pavement and indoors. Feels wobbly when you load the pram and hard to steer.

This stroller is cheap and the price reflects the build of the stroller. It is not intended for offroading, light and great for if you are just using it for in the malls. 

If you asked me if I would buy another Agile I'd say no as it is I'm shopping for a new one and I've only owned this one for 4 months. Not really a design fault more poor choice on my behalf. 

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