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Love N Care Adiva Sport

9 reviews
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Adiva Sport
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Love this pram, I've used it for both my children from birth till 20 months. Easy to handle and move around with one hand. The extra mini shade at the front was very helpful. Can be folded down as one or two pieces. Would definately recommend it.

When I bought this pram in 2009 it was one of the few that had a reversible option (baby either facing you or facing out), plus a bassinette option (for baby to recline lying down) which was the main reason we bought it. It is however, heavy - 14 kilos I believe. I find it really annoying that it is in 2 pieces - you remove the seat, then fold up the base. It takes up a lot of room in the car boot. The main thing I like is the good steering - it steers well over grass, and you can easily steer it with one hand, i.e. if you are holding a drink with one hand, you can still easily push the pram with the other, and not go off-course. If we were buying another pram, these days there are much better all-in-one prams which are lighter and easier to use, for the same price.
love the bassinet feature of this pram. But to swap it from basinette to sitting etc you really need 2 ppls - its hard to do it yourself. Same with lowering the handle bars - it's very hard to do by yourself. it has a small basket underneath aswell.

i mostly chose this pram as it was cheap, converted from as bassinette to a seat and you could have bub facing you or facing out without having a reverse handle which would make it hard to manouvre. also looking at the size folded up to put in the boot even though it does take up a fair amount of room. i can still fit in a huge esky in the back of my old Rav4 as well as the tether strap from the carseat which takes up a bit of room.

this pram doesnt go over dirt or rocks well but when on cement or inside it moves great. it is a lot narrower that a lot of the other prams i have seen. i tend to get a bit stuck on the back wheels though as i judge gaps by the front wheels which are narrower than the back.

at around $350 i think its great value for money when other prams we looked at were $500-$1500. it also came with a leg cover thing, rain cover and sun shade thing.

the basket is hard to put anything in when using the bassinet but when sitting up i can fit heaps in there. there is a little zippered pocket on the hood but no drinks holder or any other storage space.

you cant add a toddler seat but im hoping if need be i can add one of those stand thingos.

I am not the biggest fan of this pram.

The two piece system is annoying and takes up ALOT of room in the boot.
The fabric has holes in places after only 8 months and the buttons never stay in place.
The basket is TINY and there is now way you can fit anything in it if you have the pram in the bassinet position.

I do like that you can have your baby facing you and the bassinet is good for the early days, but it is unattractive and the whole thing would be much better with a reversible handle.

You can't add a toddler seat on so this pram is only good for one baby, if it lasts that long!

I saw this pram a couple of years before even trying to conceive my first baby. When the time came to look at a pram for real i didnt hesitate in purchasing the Love and Care Adiva Sport.

Feature i liked other than the look of it was the fact that the seat converts into a bassinet, no need for another attachment. The seat also has 3 positions (lying down, sitting up a bit or sitting up alot). When my baby was sitting but under 12 months i would have him in the 2nd position and as he got older was able to sit him forward more.

also like that it comes with fly net, boot cover and storm cover as well as UV visor.

The pram can be a little wide when getting through checkouts at the shops but generally doesnt get stuck. If you have a small car this is not a pram for you as it takes up most of the boot as it folds up into two seperate pieces.

All in all i love this pram and would buy it again if needed


We wanted a sturdy pram with good wheels and were about to buy a three-wheeler when we saw the Love N Care Adiva Sport.

So glad we bought it. It appealled to me because when it converted into a stroller there was more room for the baby  to put their legs down. The three wheelers seemed to have less room for this because the front wheel is in the way.

The other reason i liked this pram was that it converted easily from a bassinette - like a real old-fashioned pram, not just a reclining stroller - to a seat. You can even convert it when bub is in it! They go to sleep and you can make it a bassinette again!

And the best bit is that you can have bub forward or rear-facing, in whichever mode the pram is in.

Only downside it that it isn't compact when folded. You need to break into two pieces and fold the frame then store the seat. This isn't hard to do but it does take up a bit of room in the boot of the car. 

The Adiva Sport also comes with heaps of accessories - rain cover, boot cover, shade cover and is great off-road.

It is so easy to manouevre that sometimes I let my eight-month-old baby push the stroller while i hold him and I only have to turn his body slightly and the whole pram moves. Has a great turning circle!

i did a lot of research before selecting this pram and i am so pleased that i did. it's not the most attractive pram on the market but it performs brilliantly. i had my baby during winter and so the boot cover was great to keep him nice and warm on our daily walks. i love that it's a bassinet and normal seat in one. our little one had a bit of reflux early on so i loved that we could tilt the bassinet so that he was elevated and not flat. its really easy to maneuver and fold. well priced, compared to some prams on the market, and comes with the sun shade and rain cover, which is good.

this pram is absolutely fantastic.  It is so easy to use and I LOVE the fact that you can put your baby in it either facing you or facing outwards AND they can be sitting in the toddler seat while your out and about.  Once they look like they want a nap, all you have to do is unclip a strap and it automatically converts to a basinette. Without having to take them out of the pram! I initially bought a pram when my baby was born that had basinette and toddler seat but were seperate and you could only have one or the other at any one time. I spent almost $1500 on that pram and finally got rid of it because my boy liked to sleep on his tummy and I wanted one where he could sit up in a seat and still be able to sleep on his tummy. The adiva sport was so cheap, about $300 and I would say 300x better than any pram you could buy.  So easy to manoevre, comes with all the accessories you need - raincover, shane cover, foot muff etc.

Anyone who buys this pram will not be disapointed thats for sure!



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