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Steelcraft Acclaim

6 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I scored this pram 2nd hand from a girl who barely used it.. For the $40 I paid for it, I'm happy, but if I had bought it new.. I would be pretty upset!

My baby LOVES his pram, he gets worn most places, but the pram is so handy and he loves to play with the attached toys.

He looks very comfy in it, the straps are great, the visor is great. I love the fact that it's reversible, hate the fact that the wheels take ages to adjust when you do reverse it. It is very hard to steer one handed, the basket is a fair size, but it tore straight after I bought it.

It takes up a LOT of space in the boot of my station wagon.. It's sometimes hard to collapse.

Overall, it's a good but not great pram.. Maybe I have just gotten a bum one, not sure..

The sun visor will not stay open anymore and I have a friend with the same pram who has exactly the same problem. It is also really hard to fold up now because the latch always gets stuck. I have only owned it for 6 months and I thought it would last me a lot longer.

I have had this pram for 2 years now and it has served me well. Istill use it occasionally with my 2 year old.
I bought it because of the reverse handle feature. Alot of prams i looked at involved moving the seat itself but this one was a simple press of the button and the handle moved over the seat. I loved seeing my baby.

It has been fairly easy to keep clean and has worn well. The only downside would be the wheels which if we were to continue using it would have to be replaced as they are pitted from gravel etc. It is quite hard to push one handed. Also not having a toddler attachment is a pain as i am due with my 2nd and have to look for a new pram to accomodate both. Reasonably priced, good weight and size and i have been happy with it.


I love my pram.  DS is 2 and still sits in it comfortably, and it was great when he was a baby.  I love that you can reverse the handle so that when bubs is little, they can face you, but as they get older, you just flip the handle over and they can see the world!

It steers well, you can lock all the wheels to have them straight or to manouver, great hood for sun/wind/rain protection and has a great sized basket.  I can pretty much do a weeks shop with it and the check out staff are constantly amazed by how much stuff I pull out of it - and when fully loaded, it's still easy to steer. 

It folds down easy and quickly and is one of the lightest prams out there.  It also doesn't need to be taken apart to collapse, but does it in one easy motion and doesn't take up half the boot space! 

I didn't buy a lot of accessories for it, just the rain cover which fits well, and the boot cover that came with it.  It also comes with a little insert for newborns to go around their head and a flap in the hood so you can check on your child. 

I also think it is a very good looking pram.  Ours is over 2 years old now and sure, we have looked after it, but it still looks great and is wearing well.   You can also take off most of the material parts and throw them in the wash when the kids smear food all over it, and it comes out as good as new!

So for me, a great little pram and I would highly recommend it. 


I have been using this pram for 18 months and am quite happy with it

I use it nearly everyday and walk regulary and get it in and out of the car

It is very adaptable to baby's needs 

3 layback positions

reverse handle 

big basket  and side access if baby is reclining

8 swivel wheels great for managability and adapting to different surfaces spaces

included bootcover shade cloth and storm cover 

reasonable price

stays upright when loaded up

easy to clean

I had no trouble with this pram 

great buy


Had this pram for my 1st baby and would not recommend it for someone trying out a new pram.  Happy with the lie flat feature and the reversible handle, however find it difficult to steer when using both hands, and almost impossible to steer when using only one hand (if you have to carry bub).  We ended up purchasing a baby carrier & didn't use the pram for the first few months of my daughter's life, and now we have also had to purchase an extra umbrella stroller as we find this Steelcraft Acclaim pram takes up too much boot space.

Was a whole lot cheaper than most others, this is one thing that you definitely pay for what you get.  Would not recommend if you can afford something better. 

We are now thinking of replacing this pram prior to trying for no. 2 as you cannot add a toddler/another seat to this pram.

Basket is very hard to access whenever bub is lying down.  Our handle  is bent from trying to collapse the pram when it's not in the fully layed back position.

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