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phil&teds Vibe

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Parent Reviews and Comments

When I was pregant with our new babyI was unsure how I was going to get anywhere with a newborn and busy 18m old. I had used my cousin's twin umbrella stroller for my first 2 kids and was glad to be rid of it when my eldest turned 4. It only just fit in my car and if I was going kindy drop off I looked like I'd lost a kid with just one seat in use.

When my friend offered me her Vibe I was stoked. I don't know why they make such wide strollers when you can have such a narrow one. Also even though I though the back seat looked a bit low, my now 2 year old loves riding in there. 

I think it looks great and don't feel mumsy at all pushing it. I actually invested in a nice new nappy bag (even though no.3) because I felt my old one looked out of place with it. LOve the vibe!


I love the style of this pram. I have twins, and although I had to borrow a pram until they were able to hold their head up (because the second seat is not suitable for really young babies), it is perfect for us now that they're a little older. One thing I do wish is that the vibe could take 2 car seats at once - this would have solved my issue of having to borrow for the 1st few months. Apart from this, I love my vibe! Really cushioning, smooth to push and it folds really small. It's all we need in a pram!

Holly Heathcote

We acquired this pram of my sister who had had it for a couple of years.

First, it is so stylish.

I love the look of this pram, it is a real showstopper. I often get stopped in the street by other mums with great comments.

There is plenty of room

We have number 2 on the way and the seat in the back looks like it is going to easily fit my young toddler.

There is so much storage

I can fit nearly all of my groceries in the tray! It is so handy. When I go shopping I never have any problems with storing bubs bags and things and my own haul.

It folds up small

This buggy is quite big, but the fold makes it tiny. It literally folds in half - I can fit it into my VW golf no problem. So handy!

My sister had an issue with the front wheel when she first brough it, but she dealt with phil and teds directly and they have sorted the problem out. If she hadn't of told me I wouldn't even have known that there was an issue.

I love this pram.


I got this for my 3.5 year old and newborn. These are what I loved and disliked about the pram.

1.The brake is easy to push on and very accessable
2.Its not too wide and fits through most areas
3.The hood can be positioned to best block the sun on the first seat
4.The tyres make a nice smooth ride
5.The big deep first seat with its tall seat (perfect for my oldest with still room to grow into)
6.The cushy seat inserts that come with the seats, there much more comfortable than most phil and teds and are easy to wipe down
7.The shoulder pads are sewn on for both the first and second seat so kiddies cant throw them off
8.Its easy to adjust the harness with the twist and adjust harness and easy to tighten and lossen straps to suit different aged kids or for different bulky clothes - this is one of my favourite features as other prams iv had its near impossible to adjust and meant i left it looser to accomadate bulky clothing - this pram is much safer!

1.The brake is hard to get off and on grass its very hard to disengage (i imagine this is a safety feature so unless the pram is being pulled towards you if the button is pressed accidentally the pram brake wont come off
2. I dont like it in newborn and toddler mode, newborn hates being hidden, now bub is 8 weeks old i use it with seat on back
3. second seat hood is very little and doesnt stop much sun, but better than nothing
Bascet good size with one child in front but with 2nd seat on back is near impossible to access.

All in all im very happy and we all love this pram! I got this pram and second seat for under $500 new and I dont think I would of paid full price as its too much considering it doesnt come with rain cover etc.


We got a Vibe when number 2 was on the way. To start with I took a little while to warm to it (loved my Beema) but it is excellent!! We still use it with both the children, they swap around from top to bottom. I do a bit of walking with the kids around our hilly neighbourhood and there is no way my 4 year old could do the distances.

For those of you that worry about the logistics of having one child "underneath" - don't! My dd has never complained about being in the bottom or what she could or couldn't see, and she has been extremely verbal and eloquent the whole time we've had the pram. She did love being right up the top when ds was tiny!

The manoeuverablity is great, the brake is super effective although it can be hard to release.  The basket is small but useable, and not the easiest to access whilst going along, but I used a backpack when the kids were smaller for their "needs".

I love that you can have two children in a pram that is a "normal" width, and not super-long either.



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