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Mountain Buggy Swift

15 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

The swift is my second mountain buggy. We had a duo first which we loved. When our surprise baby came along had no qualms about getting another one. This is a brilliant pram except for two things. Adjusting strap height is a feat in itself you need to take the saddle out and put your arm up the back to adjust it. Second if you have a problem with it they will not acknowledge the issues and blame the customer. Am having to go to the ACCC to get matter resolved!


I've had this pram for over 3 years and i still think its the best one out there.

Goes anywhere, narrow, light, easily manouverable.

We put 'slime' in the tyres (green stuff in the bike section from Big W) and haven't had a flat since doing this.

We bought the sun shade to fit, but just a one-size-fits-all rain cover from Big W which has been absolutely fine. 


I bought my mountain buggy swift in 2012. The reasons we went with it were for 3 wheel manoeuvrability and pneumatic tyres which are more shock absorbent on rough terrain. It has not disappointed on this front.

When I bought it I didn't think I would mind baby facing away from me but ended up buying the bassinet attachment 2nd hand just before bub arrived - and am glad I did. It is a very narrow bassinet however and we only used it for 3 months so buy it 2nd hand if you can.

Bub is 6 months old and I've just been through the painful process of adjusting the height of the shoulder straps (requiring you to put your hand up the back of the seat) which prompted me to write this review. I think they've fixed this problem in the latest model. I hope so because it's a pain.


i bought the pram a year ago. great for running, walking.  but what i dont like about it, is that the seat doesnt really sit upright.  so my baby has to lean herself forward to see.  

the tyre became flat pretty much straight away. not sure why as we only took it to the shops once. I didnt see any prickles.  We had to buy another tyre online. think it was $25.  We also bought the rain cover, its very fussy to put on and even though it is clear, it is hard for the baby to see out of.  I will be buying the shade cover aswell.  I wished these came with the pram.

we also bought the capsule and attachment to go with it. was very to put on and off. 

it is easy to collapse and pull up. you can pull up using just one hand.

it is very durable, we travelled overseas numerous times with it(without a cover/bag) and it came up ok.

Overall it is a very good pram and I would buy it again.

oh another thing i dont like about it, is how you have to tighten it with straps for the adjusting of the seat.  its quite annoying. but i guess you would come used to it.


Love my swift! Best purchase I have made. I agonised over buying my pram and spent ages looking, comparing and testing. I wanted a pram that was light, manouvreable and able to go on rugged terrain. It also needed to be slim, I was always worried about going into cafes and shops and forever waiting for people to move or having to ask people to move so I could get through. This never happens with the Swift, it's so narrow I can get through tiny spaces between cars, tables and chair in cafes. It will also serve us well into my son becoming a toddler, I don't think I'll get a stroller this is light enough to continue using. It's also really comfortable, he can sleep in it during the day wherever we are. The bassinet attachment is well worth it although my son grew out of it quite quickly but it didn't matter as the seat lies down anyway.

Drives really well too! Great pram!


I purchased the swift a few months ago and I've found it to be really great. It's quite lightweight and I have no problems getting it in and out of the boot. Fits fine in my Mazda 3. Easy to go shopping with as it fits down pretty much all aisles, and I can manouvre with one hand which is great. I also bought the carrycot which I'm glad I did, particularly as its winter and I wanted my bub to be cosy. The only negative for me is the storage basket underneath, just wish it was a bit bigger, and it's a bit awkward to get to with the carrycot attached. But all in all a great pram.

this pram is light, slim and easy to manuvere, the child is secure and comfortable

This pram is almost everything I need in a pram. The one thing I would like it to be able to turn the seat around to face me but you can get a bassinet attachment for it so until the baby is 6mths you can have it facing you.

It comes in a big range of colours and you can attach a bassinet or capsule to it.

It is great for walking on all terrain surfaces, I do alot of walking down the street and this pram is great and the pump up tyres take alot of the rough bumps so my child has a smooth ride.

It is extremely easy to steer and as it is quite narrow, serves as a great shopping pram also.

This pram practically does it all so I'm very happy with it.


I tried all the prams available in the shop before I settled on the Swift. It was a clear winner. It was so easy to manoever through the shop around all the stands. Pulling it up and down makes for easy and quick packing. It's just the right size.

We also got the carry cot to go with it. It's very stylish and has saved us on a number of occasions as bubs sleeps so comfortably in it.

The drink holder comes in handy and this pram is great for walking on footpaths. This isn't a jogger pram, so it's not good on rough terrain.

My husband is very tall and the adjustable handle is convinient for the both of us.

I highly recommend this pram.


I have had my mountain buggy for 2 years and it has never let me down.I brought this pram on recommendation from a friends and it ended out being one of the only prams in an affordable price bracket that would fit in my hatch back.

PROS: Light weight (could lift after a cesarean). Very easy to manuevre and a comfotable ride for me child. 

Comes in a range of colours.

Very reliable and sturdy. Good for walking.

Easily fits through narrow shopping ailses.


Tyres punctured easily and need pumping up regularly.

Small basket underneath for placing groceries etc.

Cannot add toddler seat

NOTES:  Recommend getting an insert for infant comfort (eg. Valco coccoon).


I have a NZ made MB Swift and absolutely love it!  It is so light and easy to maneuver.  I am always jumping on and off trains and buses with it and have no problems helped by the narrow width of it.... 

I walk lots as well and it is great for that - I find it a lot easier to handle than some of my friend's prams.  However, one downside of the pram is that I have had a number of punctures - however they are readily fixed but inconvenient.

The pram folds up really easily and just about fits in our Ford Focus although there is not a lot of room for anything else....

We initially had our DD in the basinette but she outgrew it at about 5 months.  We have the sleeping bag for the stroller and it has been great for keeping bubs warm and cozy throughout winter.  The rain cover and sunshade, whilst they are expensive, have been essential for us - especially with all the walking we do. 

The storage basket under the pram could do with being a bit bigger. 

Overall it is a great pram and I am pleased we chose it.

Rhiannon Herbert

I bought the buggy with the Safe-n-Sound Unity travel system. This is sold completely separately but is compatible with the buggy. I have found this to be the best investment for my baby BAR NONE!

The swift manouvers very easily (on a hair-pin) and since it is the smaller version it is very easy to travel in shops and you dont have to look out for the pram/ wheelchair aisles since it will fit down any normal register and aisle.

Great to run with but also very quick to assemble and dissemble. I often have races in my head with other mums when putting this pram away in the car and I ALWAYS win, it is just so easy and quick.

Would not consider any other pram at all.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mountain Buggy Swift.  My son is now 8 months old and I have never had any issues with the pram.  

I purchased the bassinet to go in it at birth which was a life saver as my son is a terrible sleeper so we would put him to sleep in the pram, park it next to the bed and then when he woke during the night I could lie in bed and push him back to sleep!!  I got the pram on sale, so the bassinet just made the pram up to the non sale price if that makes sense.  But the pram doesn't fold flat with the bassinet attached so be warned if you have a small car.

I have a few mobility issues-dodgy hips, ankle and back so the lightweight nature of the Swift was perfect.  Only 9kgs compared to the 18kgs of another pram I was considering.  And it is so easy to get in and out of the car-although folded down it is quite long and only just fits into our Nissan X-trail boot length ways!  And I love not looking stupid when unfolding and collapsing the pram in the shopping centre carpark.  My mum is always looking for the million clips and buttons to fold it down-only one movement and its flat!

As with another review I cannot see myself going to a small stroller-I will use my Swift right through.  Next bubs will have to wait until this one is walking-either that or I'll get the Mountain Buggy double!!!


I've used the Swift for just on a year now and whilst the rest of my Mothers Group have moved on from their clunkers to strollers, I'm still happy to use the Swift.  It's great for shopping centres or out for walks.  The sunshade and rain cover whilst expensive fit the pram well and are durable.  When it comes to a pram size really does matter - I can go where most other prams can't in the Swift. The other good thing is that you don't have to buy the bassinette you can just attach another brands cocoon and it's a snug fit. Oh, and there's no pulling bits apart to put it in your boot.  Push a button and fold!

Only negatives:

- storage underneath could be a bit larger

- baby faces outwards.  It would have been perfect if it had a reversible handle.

- Straps were a hard to adjust initially but once done have been a breeze.


We have been using this pram for 3 months and have been really happy with it. I can't imagine using the Urban Jungle (or urban elite which is what it used to be called) which is just heavier and wider.

I have been able to move easily into small cafes, through the standard checkout lines at Big W. The turning circle is really tight which is handy. The front wheel can be turned so either swivel or remain straight. The straight function is great for when we go for a walk. Adjustable handlebar is handy as my hubby is a lot taller than me. Adjustable straps to raise and lower the angle that the baby is at is really helpful- you can pick the height that you want. Super easy to collapse and put back up.

The only negatives i can think of:

-i wish the storage basket was a little bigger

-pram is a bit of a hard shape to move into the boot once it is collapsed.

-we had problems with punctures in the tyres at first as we dont have a lot of footpaths where we live. This was easily solved once we bought some 'slime' to put inside the tyres, and haven't had a single flat since we have done this

Overall a fantastic pram. Can't see why you would need a pram any wider than this!!

We got it on sale from an online distributor in Melbourne for approx $550, rather than the RRP of $700, but would have been worth the extra.



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