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Steelcraft Strider Plus

13 reviews
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Strider Plus
  • Suitable for a child from birth to 20kgs
  • 3 positions reclining seat
  • 99% UV protection mesh Sun Shade
  • Accommodates Second Seat for second child
  • Baby Travel System Stroller accommodates an infant carrier
  • Bassinet and Baby Comfort Footmuff available separately
  • Can be attaches a Strider Second Seat (sold Separately)
  • Boot cover suitable for stroller or second seat
  • Cushioned Baby Insert for additional comfort
  • Designed to comply with “Prams and Strollers – Safety Requirements” Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS2088
  • Easy fold with or without seats (main and second) attached
  • EVA wheels with air pocket for softer ride
  • Fitted with ‘Safety Tether Strap’ and Red brake
  • Front and side access to storage basket for when child is in the Second Seat
  • Full PVC (phthalates free) weather shield
  • Includes boot cover
  • Includes storm cover
  • Interchangeable seat and bassinet
  • Large canopy to provide shade
  • Large shopping basket with front and side access if second seat attached
  • Peek-a-boo viewing window
  • Quick release front and rear wheels
  • Removable reversible seat for mother facing baby or baby facing forward
  • Storage pouch with pockets and 2 large drink bottle holders
  • Up to 15kg child in second seat and the stroller will stay firmly on the ground
  • Wheel guards to protect child’s fingers
Parent Reviews and Comments

We purchased our strider soon after finding out we were to have our second baby but didn't actually use it until the pram was 12 months old. The first issue we has was the back wheel clicking continuously we took it back to the baby warehouse when we were told is wasn't covered under the warranty. My friend also has the same pram and has also had this issue so it must be a common issue. The second issue was the while I was pushing my 6 month old in the bottom seat I hit a small bump at the cerb and the back seat fell off with my 6 month in it in the road! That's when we stopped using it altogether a waste of over 700.00 and it's not safe to even sell on to someone else. It makes my blood boil. Then the rain covers don't fit, the basket is hard to access, the wheels can't go up bumps and just buckle and collapse, there is no leg space for the bottom seat. We used to havery a Holden commodore but purchased a SUV so we could fit the pram in. It takes up a lot of space, and you can forget about trying to fit shopping in the boot too, I'm so angry I wasted so much money on a dud. Don't buy a strider! I know they look good but just not worth it


I purchased my strider plus 3 back in November 2010 and started using it about a month later. It was always a HUGE pram so I only used it until my son could sit up and then packed it away and used a smaller stroller instead. I then pulled out the mammoth strider plus 3 again and purchased the extra toddler seat when my second son was born in January 2013. We went on holiday in May 2013 and I was using an escalator in a shopping centre when the front wheel snapped and I fell (as did the pram) luckily my kids were strapped in so I was the only one injured (cuts and bruises to my leg) We contacted place of purchase customer service centre who directed us to the store who replaced the wheel free of charge, not long after this incident I packed up the strider and began using the old stroller again as my eldest son preferred to walk most places anyway. I have used the strider a few times since and noticed that the braking mechanism locks up intermittently nearly giving my kids whiplash as it stops dead (not good when crossing a road with a ten ton pram). The front wheel has also started to feel a bit fragile again and the foam on the handle has cracked and started to fall off (pretty crappy for such an expensive pram and accessories, especially one that hasn't been used all that much) I have contacted the manufacturer and the retailer and neither are willing to take any responsibility as the pram is out of warranty so my recommendation would be DO NOT buy this pram it is a piece of junk. I now am having to fork out hundreds of dollars for a new pram (not a Steelcraft!!!!!!) for my next baby who is due in 5 weeks because I have absolutely no faith in the safety of the steelcraft strider plus 3. If you care about the safety of your children, I would certainly have a good think about it before buying one of these prams. I had hoped this would last me for all of my children (I plan on having 4) and it barely lasted me 2. Very disappointing.

I was hoping that it would not come to this, but due to very poor customer service and no replies to my email I think I must do this... 
If there was to be one pram on the market I would NOT recommend it would be the Steelecraft Strider PLUS.
I bought this pram 2 years ago from Baby Bunting with the intentions of having this for the rest of our family making days, which was another 3 children. I was not happy to spend over $600 plus the extra bottom seat for something that did not even last a year. 
Luckily the first break was in the warranty period and I did not have to pay a cent. This was a small break and it was the lever that you pull to lock the front wheel to prevent it from snapping. My partner accidentally put a shopping bag on there that had milk and the thing snapped right off. 
The second repair that had to be made was just after the one year warranty was up! My children are not rough and I treated this pram like another baby because of the money I had paid!! Now this second repair was to the footrest on the top baby part. It literally snapped right under my daughters leg and just went all floppy. I was a little tight on money at this stage as I had just signed my name on the papers of our mortgage, so we used the pram like this for a couple of weeks. I am unsure how much we had to pay for the repairs, but it was more the pain in the butt of travelling to the repair place in Sunshine at their warehouse. 
Now the third repair came a few months after this, and that was the slips that lock in the pram, to prevent it from opening when you pick the pram up etc. My partner went to lift the pram out of the car and the whole thing just snapped right off. I was horrified at this and if there is one thing you put a lot of trust in with your children it is a SAFE pram. This is anything from safe and I am so disappointed.
Now for the last straw that literally had me in tears, I am quite strong and have a large stress hold but this just tipped me over the edge completely and I am thinking I will take this further but need to know how and where I should go. 
I was out shopping at my local grocery store and half way through my shopping when I came to an abrupt stop. My pram would not move and I had no idea why, every time I moved it made this load knocking kind of noise. Then I noticed the brake had locked on and this is what was making the noise. Not matter what I did the brake would NOT come off, I was completely stuck with all this shopping and unable to move. At this point my daughter was fast asleep in the pram!! I had a lovely old man come and try and help me as I could not carry my daughter out and the pram as well as hold my 4 year olds hand. I had to leave the shopping where it was and just get out of there! I was so embarrassed and so frustrated at the same time. Then when the lovely man helped me put the pram into the car he noticed that the foot rest was all loose, it had bloody broken ONCE AGAIN!! It makes me so angry just typing this. As soon as I thanked the gentleman for helping me I got into my car with a cranky daughter that was woken up and I just burst out in tears. Something I am meant to put so much trust in literally fell apart under my daughters bum, so much for lasting!! It has not even lasted two years, and that is in between all the repairs and what not! 
I had my doubts after the first break, and was not happy. 
You also cannot fit through most supermarket isle as it is too wide, so you have to hope they have a wider isle that is suitable for those with disabilities.

The only positive about this pram was the attachment for the bottom that fit our 4 year old, and the fact you can turn seat around. 

And I would recommend all you Mums and Dads out there to STAY away, do not bother and DO NOT waste your money!
From a VERY unhappy customer and Mum that has now been left without a pram.

This pram is great to walk with however putting it up is hard with the small latch, it doesn't go down shopping aisle very well and in woolworths i have to take it through the disabled aisle because it doesn't fit through the other ones. I also have a issue with the locking mechanism it gets stuck if even a little bit of dirt gets into it. I've had it sentt away to be fixed and i complained but apparently its my fault I've only had it for 5 months. This pram is the biggest piece of shit and i don't reccomend anyone buys one your wasting your money unless your only using it for exercise walking out doors where there is plenty of room to push it. I find it very hard to get into my car. Over all i would not buy one if i had of known all the problems that can go wrong. Very unhappy please think twice before buying one.

After owning two other prams and test driving numerous others, the Strider Plus 3 is the winner. Pros: -It's by far the most affordable compared to other prams with similar features. -It has ample storage. The basket is huge and has four access points, which is handy. The extra storage bag that attaches is great for a spare nappy and wipes or your wallet and keys. -Both the main and second seat sit higher than other prams that I looked at. They have good padding and an extendable hood. You can also have both seats laying back at the same time, which other prams don't allow. -There are great colour choices -The frame is wide, making it quite sturdy, and it hasn't ever been an issue while shopping. -It comes with the rain cover and boot cover. -The bassinet attachment is great for a newborn instead of a port-a-cot. Cons: -It can bounce a bit, although not really an issue -The seat could be a tad longer and lay completely flat If I had to buy a new pram, I would most definately buy this again.

This is the pram we choose for our first bubba. She's almost one now and has done us well the past 12 months. We looked at so many different prams but settled on this one because our car is a small VW New Beetle, we had to get a pram that would fit in the boot easily. This one we found was a perfect fit for our little car. We chose the turquoise colour because they didn't have my first choice, which would have been pink for my girl. But after thinking about that more, I realize if we have another bubba in the future and its a boy, this is probably better as its a more unisex colour. I love the idea of the toddler attachment on the back of the pram, although you have to purchase this seperately for around $200 from memory. The pram has fantastic steering and is really easy to monover around when you're out and about or shopping. I love the suspension as it gives the pram a little bounce as you're stroling along which has helped put my baby to sleep in the past. The capsule is easy to pull apart, but the actually frame of the pram is a little heavy, but what pram isn't? The straps are easy to use and keep bubba very safe and secure. There's a very sturdy brake that you need to put on and off with your foot, its not automatic when you stop, so you must be mindful of that. Gives great shade protection and keeps baby nice and snug. The foot rest is also adjustable as your baby grows. Overall I'm very happy we decided on this pram. I really love it! 


This is our first baby, and after reading a lot of reviews online about many different prams and attending many baby stores to test MANY MANY prams, we eventually settled on the Strider Plus 3 Wheel.

We decided to purchase this pram in the end because it was down to two, this pram and another which was much lighter and smaller. Price was one of the few reasons why it won out. We purchased the Strider during post Christmas sales and managed to get it $300 off, which made it the same price as the other pram, and as we preferred the features of the Strider it was purchased. Had we had to pay the extra $300 for the Strider, we may not have purchased it.

Weight / Size:
Although this pram is very bulky and heavy, it was a draw card that we could separate the seat from the frame to place it in the car / store away. This makes it much lighter to lift into the car (although still too heavy post caesarian), and easier too
I have foudn that a downside to it's size is that the pram doesn't fit down a lot of checkout lanes. I opften have to go to the disabled lane or the self-serve lane as they are wider, and it can be difficult to ush through smaller stores as their isles are not wide, or because their merchandise is weirdly spread through the store and not in isles.

I love all the features of this pram (rear facing, front facing, capsule or traditional seat, toddler attachment, etc.), but have found I get confused about what does what and where each feature can be found. It's very frustrating to try 5 or 6 different things that you thought did XYZ but actually they do ABCDEFG! Having said that once I have used this pram for a few more months I think I will find it easier to know what is what.
The fact that it comes with shade and rain covers was very helpful and a great surprise as I assumed I'd have to fork out an extra $100-$200 to purchase these items when I needed them.

Ease of Use:
Apart from the issues with what works what, I find this pram really easy to use. It drives smoothly and steers really well (I'm glad I got the 3 wheel version!), I haven't thought to use it for jogging or all-terrain (though I am informed it is good for both from the reviews I read previously). It's easy to put together after a few times, obviously it takes a bit of learning to get the flick action right everytime and learning how to put it down without walking 3/4 of the way around the carpark before you get it collapsed.
Having all of the hid-ey holes at the base of the pram near the wheels mean that it is difficult to get to my bottle of water and I honestly, don't use them. I do use the storage spot in the bottom for shopping, but it isn't very big, and can be hard to get to when using the pram in rear-facing modes.

I found it very hard to 'shake out' the frame from the ground as there is a little latch that needs to be held out until it is almost halfway open. To avoid this issue, I now open it out until the latch is clear, in the boot (my car is an SUV) of the car and the pull it out of the boot, this makes it much easier as it just falls open as you pull it out of the car, no fussing around with your butt in the air looking like a fool in the middle of the road, like I found I was doing before I found this trick. :)

Overall, great pram. I would recommend it. I'm looking forward to using the toddler attachment in the future!


I loved this stroller from the moment I got it until the 12 month warranty ran out. The seat fitting bounces excessively when Im walking and is highly noticable on smoother surfaces!

Otherwise it has been great, I used it with the carrier when bub first came along and it was so easy to get carrier from car to pram base. 

I find it easier to seperate the pram before moving it into the car. As it is heavy when it is folded together.

The cup holders are at the bottom near the wheels so if my toddler needs a drink of water its alot of bending. 

Havent had the oppurtunity to use the toddler seat with it yet but hopefully soon ;)

this has been a great pram wiht onyl having a 21 month age gap between my kids i needed something that would accomodate both kids in comfy positions i was not a fan of the "clip on front" toddler seats so the strider won us over with so many options including using a capsule bassinet as well as a toddler seat at the same time :) although it is a little bit bulky it still serves it purpose very well :)
My favourite pram!

So many amazing features, easy to use, easy to put together and pull apart and all the accesories you could come standard.

My bub looks so comfy and content in here, love how he is up higher than a standard pram and the extendable sun visor is proving very handy as it gets warmer.
This pram is wide but like previous reviewers I haven't encountered any isles I can't get through.
Fabulous, fabulous basket space, I can fit 2-3 full bags of shopping underneath.

My main reason for buying this pram was the reversible seat and the option to add another if needed, I haven't had to use a second seat yet but I love that the option is there and bub and I ar both happy being able to see each other.

We got the black and I adore the look of it and the funky insert.

Cons for me are having to take the seat off to fit it in the boot and thats about it!!!

I chose the Strider Plus because I wanted a 3 wheeler pram that was easy for walking, but I also wanted rear facing for when bub was tiny, and the option to add a toddler seat. It was the only pram that ticked all the boxes in a reasonable price range. It comes with pretty much everything you need, rain cover, boot cover etc, and I also bought the bassinet and toddler seat (for later). The seat that comes with it lays down nearly flat anyway, and the hood is fantastic, really good in summer for shade and ventilation. The basket underneath is really big, and I often pack it full with pretty heavy shopping, then walk home. My Strider has developed a bit of a squeek, probably because I overload it!

I don't find the width to be too much of a drama, I've gotten to know which checkouts I won't fit through. I find people are good about it anyway if you need to back up.

I think once you get the hang of collapsing it, it's pretty easy. It does take up a fair bit of space in the boot unless you put the seat on top of the base (which I can in my car).


From the moment I saw the Strider Plus I was in love!

As a first time Mum I was looking for a pram that could provide me with everything I wanted and this one did.

  • It has a travel system as well as a toddler option which is great
  • It has rain/shade covers which I have used on a few occasions
  • Foot muff which is great for winter
  • Large canopy to provide shade
  • Peek a boo viewing window
  • You have the option of forward or backward facing seat
  • It has a huge storage basket
  • 3 levels of comfort from lying down to sitting up
  • Easy to fold down and fits well in my sedan
  • Has great control
Overall I think this pram is great and it will last me for many years to come and it is very durable and I would recommend it everyone who is looking for a pram that is great for walking, shopping and everyday outings!

I love this pram! I wanted a pram that had a lot of features, and chose that over weight/width.

We bought the whole set (capsule, bassinet, pram) and have used it all thoroughly. It was wonderful to be able to transfer her from car to pram in the capsule. The bassinet we used at home as well on a Valco bassinet stand, so it got lots of use. 

I've only gotten 'stuck' a couple of times, and once you know which places you need to go through which checkouts it isn't an issue.  The weight doesn't bother me and I have a bad back. Since I fold it up without the seat attached, the weight is comparable to any other pram. 

I still use it with her facing me on occasion (DD is 10 months) and love having that option. The basket underneath is a decent size. It is easy to steer one handed. The supplied cup holder/pouch thing is good although I did buy an additional one to have up at handle height for convenience. 

I haven't used it with 2 children yet so can't comment on that. It also comes with the rain/shade covers and footmuff, unlike a lot of brands. Plus it looks good :) 



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