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Valco Runabout Tri-Mode

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Runabout Tri-Mode
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I loved this pram at first - great suspension/smooth ride and easy to push.  Also nice and easy to put up and down, and fit easily in my Mada 3.

However, as it's gotten older the front wheel has developed a life of it's own and is going to cost a fortune to fix.

Looking online, it seems this is a common problem with the Trimode. 

I've put literally hundreds of k's on it, so should expect some wear and tear, but for a pram that is marketed as being great for heavy walkers, i'd say this doesn't live up to standards.

Seat lies flatish (not 100%), but is not comfortable and was difficult to maneuvre into different settings. Not ideal.

Arbre de la vie

i both love and hate this pram. it looks great and is definately built sturdy but at the same time there are some serious design flaws which would definately make me think twice about buying this pram again. the biggest one being that even though it says it suitable from birth i disagree completely. there is something odd about the angle of the seat. the bottom sections slopes back (which i guess for a toddler would be comfy, kind of like a bucket seat) but for a newborn it doesnt work at all. his bottom always seems higher than his head regardless or how you adjust the back incline. the seat adjustment is also a pain to use. its a strap that you tighten to raise the seat and loosen to lower it, but it gets stuck and wont adjust and when you get it where you want it it slips and also makes the back of the seat curve which adds to the odd postion of the baby. also the back of the seat has a pillow section at the top, which again for a toddler might work but when you have a young baby in there it makes their head sit at a funny angle and i find i have to fold a blanket and put under his back and neck to make it sit right. even with the newborn head hugger it just doesnt work, he just never looks comfortable in it. and now that hes nearly 4 months old and not a sleepy newborn im finding he doesnt like being it in it.

on the plus side its one of the only prams which is suitable for dirt roads yet doesnt require a mini bus to cart it around.  it does still take up a considerable amount of space in the boot but most prams these days do. the wheels are a good size and you can pump up the tires more or less depending on where you use it. i find having them a little squishy makes the ride smoother on the rough dirt roads around where i live. its easy to fold up, it comes with great accessories. i especially like the zip on sunshade/insect net. its got lots of pockets for putting phones/wallets and other bits and peices in.

overall i do like this pram but i definately think if you intend to use if for a newborn make sure you buy the bassinett that fits in it. i didnt as it said the pram alone was ok for a newborn. its a great walking pram but pretty useless as a shopping pram. i have gone and bought an umbrella stroller for shopping as its to difficult with the big one.



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