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Baby Jogger City Elite

15 reviews
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City Elite

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I absolutely love this stroller.  It is so nice to push.  I take my bubs on gravel paths just about every day and I really enjoy using this pram. It is a much smoother ride than another pram I have and the basket fits my over sized nappy bag easily.  I love the hood which always completely shades bubs head completely from the sun.  My only complaint is that is a little heavy for me for in and out of the car, but if you want a smooth ride on outdoor terrain you do need the bigger wheels.  Also, the wheels are fantastic - I never have to worry about a puncture. 


I bought this pram when my son was about 6 months. It is awesome compared to the strider I had but the main problem I have with it is there is so storage space at all. When having to carry a baby bag etc there is nowhere to put it, it does have a basket but the seat of the pram is so low you can't even get anythinI under there. Also the straps seem to be very large and long for a newborn baby. 

Dave&jodie perth

We bought this December last year thinking it would be a great but they have changed the straps and fastening system so you can no longer fit a liner it and some other little changes that make it a lot harder to use overall , If you can buy a older version then get it but otherwise we would not recommend these now and the truly sad thing is baby jogger Australia had no idea about the design changes.


I purchased a baby jogger elite in mid 2011 with the intention of buying the second seat for when number 2 came along. Since I purchased it, the second seat has been recalled leaving me with a useless single stroller. 

When I contacted the Baby Jogger agent in Australia about receiving some sort of compensation, they were anything but helpful. They have made various inadequate offers that indicate a complete lack of understanding of what it is like to care for two children under two. 

So in short, I am left with a useless stroller which the supplier has no interest in compensating me for even though they are the ones who sold a faulty product. This demonstrates a complete disregard for their customers. I recommend you choose another brand as these guys only want your money - and lots of it!


I have had the Baby Jogger Elite since February my bubba was 3 months premmie and was put into this pram as soon as he left the hospital at about 37weeks gestation. He loves the pram, it's so comfy for him he generally falls asleep quickly regardless of whether he has just had a nap or not. i love the pram it's easy to put  up and down, I can do it one handed, it fit in my boot whereas the mountain buggy did not. It's easy to steer, I usually just use one hand or a couple of fingers, a friend gave me her pram which she loved a peg p Valencia, I could not steer the damn thing it was awful. The size of the hood is fantastic I don't have to worry too much about the elements for him and best of all it's stable, I take my two large dogs (rotti and lab) walking with us, the are approx 40kgs each no I don't tie them to the pram, that would be asking for trouble but I hang onto everything. The only minus is the size, I have a little trouble going into some shops and some doorways are a problem. I have just purchased the city mini GT, it's basically a miniature version of this pram, it also has the awesome foreva tyres which are cushioned with foam not air (for you comfy ride which also means no pumping up of tyres. I have no idea how the GT will go with dog walking but it's certainly going to be the shopping pram, who knows it might surprise me and make the Elite redundant.


Bought the BJ City Elite in November 2010, as we were expecting our 1st child 2 April (he ended up turning up 8 March..... never hurts to be too prepared!).  We decided on it as it has an adjustable handlebar (needed due to height difference between myself & my husband), brake on the handlebar (not a fan of foot brakes), was easy to fold & has a huge canopy (not to mention the magnetic closures on the canopy).

We also bought the capsule adapter & used a SNS Unity (which we hired from Hire for Baby) with it.  We did buy the Elite with the intentions of using it with the jump (toddler seat) which was available up until earlier this year.  It was recalled & taken off the market, so threw a spanner in the works as we are now expecting baby #2.  

I have been very happy with the build & quality of Baby Jogger, & have gone for the City Select for DS1 (toddler) & DS2 (newborn).  We have ordered the capsule adapter for it too, but will use it with a Maxi Cosi Mico this time around as it "fits" a lot easier.


I have never regretted buying this pram - I love it! It travels well over any terrain. I walk long distances everyday. Friends have had punctures but with the foam tyres I have no worries. It is easily manoeuvrable using one hand while carrying a coffee even over a rocky path. It lays flat and the sun cover is the best on the market. The sun cover even detaches so that you can cover your child from feet up if the sun is quite low. And it is a dream to fold - one pull on strap collapses the pram. It even fits in the boot of our small car without any problems.

Can I rave anymore about the 3 wheeler?

So you ask, why is she disappointed? They have taken the toddler seat off the market. This was one of the main criterion when I was searching for a pram. It was considered unsafe & at this stage they are not going to replace it with an improved product. Very disappointing!

If you are really sure there will be a huge gap between children (can anyone?) then I would recommend this pram above all other 3 wheelers. 

I love this pram. I have used it almost every day for the past 2 years and it hasnt even got any wear marks! (Except the tyers show a little wear). My toddler falls asleep in it no worries, its easy to push, great for walking over grass etc ( we live in a rural area). Am expecting our second bub soon, looking forward to trying out the toddler seat! The only thing I can thrink of to fault it is it doesnt have much storage space.

I love this pram.  I have been using it for over 3 years and apart from the fact that my 3yis a little tall for it (she is realllly tall)she still can sit in it ok.  It is mainly now used for the younger one.

You can take it anywhere...I have wheeled it onto beaches with really soft sand with no woriies except a little more muscle!  I love the choice between the swivel wheel and the locked option (use the locked on soft surfaces)

It lays back flat and sits up and there is good ventilation with flaps that open and are held in place with magnets

We had the toddler 'jump seat' attachment for a little while but I would not reccommend it.  It made the whole pram very unstable and it felt like it wanted to tip over all the time...lucky they offered a refund on that.

It folds away with a pull of a strp in the middle of the seat...easy

I couldn't speak highly enough of this pram! It's easy to fold, has a great sun canopy, reclines almost flat and is great for taking on the beach,  gravel track up curbs, etc. Although it is wide, it does fit through standard doorways and the wheels easily come off if need be when storing. I love this pram!
I have the BJ City Elite 2010.  Love the brake on the handle.  So much easier to use than the previous model.  It steers so smoothly & collapsing it is a piece of cake! It is a solid stroller & is a touch heavy.  It also takes up a fair bit of space in the car boot.  So if you've got a small car, probably go the Mini instead.  For us it is perfect.  It's not a full-fledged jogging stroller, but handles off-road surfaces with ease! I also have the car seat adaptor & attach my SNS Unity onto it on a regular basis.  My little guy is only little, so the car seat adaptor gets a work out!  Also love that all the peek-a-boo flaps are held by magnets.  Also, the sun shade is HUGE!!!!
I agree with all the other reviews of this prams great points, it is overall a fantastic pram!! BUT, the issue of not openning properly is a bit frustrating, especially if it trys to collapse once my son is in it (nearly happened once, now I make sure it is secure first). The main drawback of this pram is my son hates it, I have realised it is because it has no eye to eye contact, my son is only 4 months old at the moment, although as he gets older I am sure we will be back using this pram, and all of its wonderful features.

Yes, I too love the BJ City Elite for the same reasons the other reviewers have mentioned. The clincher for me was the pull-up strap which makes it oh so easy to it get in and out of the car.

I have however had to return mine to the retailer for 'repairs'. On using the pull-up strap sometimes the pram doesn't engage properly so that I have to repeatedly open and close the pram to engage the pram at its hinges. Bit of a strain when bub's in the car itching to get out on a hot day.

I bought it from Babyland Osborne Park in WA who have been very rude, unsympathetic and have not made any effort to acknowledge the defect. They have offered to repair it in 7-10 days; not unreasonable if you don't rely on it everyday! And only, if BJ recognises the fault.

The point is that whilst I love the product the returns/exchange policy needs consideration because I expect  better after sales care from the retailer after spending $899.00. 

Am not sure what inflluence BJ has on the retailer in this regard as I would have preferred a refund or exchange from the retailer. I may have re-considered the purchase had I have known that I needed to wait for parts to arrive from interstate (oh, that I need to assemble on arrival). This is a shame because it's a great product which I'm now stuck without for the next ten days : (



The city elite is a smooth, easy to manoeuvre pram with excellent tyres and it goes well over various types of terrain. We have pushed it over bumpy footpaths, pebbly walkways, grass, bitumen, sand, gravel and through shopping centres, without any issues whatsoever. My lovely other half goes jogging with the City Elite and he says that it glides very easily.

The sun shade is one of the biggest on the markets, which is one of the features which originally appealed to us the most. It pulls down to cover almost all of the pram, so until recently, none of our sons body parts was touched by sunlight. Now that he is longer, his feet tend to stick out in the sun, but that is resolved by draping a small cloth over the front of the shade if we are out in the sun.

The flaps are all held down by magnets, which is ingenious. It means that A) Our son doesn't wake up when we move the flaps and B) We can use the magnets to secure wraps in order to create a dark little bed for when he is tired, or as previously mentioned, to stop sunlight from touching his feet. The pram also contains several pockets, a few of which are located just next the handle. They are great for slipping keys, mobile, rusk sticks and little tidbits into, without having to go rummaging under the pram.

However, the feature which really did sell the pram was the legendary quick fold. There is a strap located on the seat of the pram, which when pulled up, folds the pram. It is so ridiculously easy that even I can do it :p The pram also has two safety clips on either side to ensure that there is no way it can accidentally fold up when in use.

The pram also comes with a plethora of accessories, including a toddler seat which attaches to the front for the second little one.

Drawbacks (yes, there are some):

The basket underneath is not as large as I would prefer. It's not small either, but I think it could be bigger (NB: I believe the newer models have a larger basket. Ours is an '09 model). Also, the pram is slightly heavy, but I think that is to be expected of a larger pram. It isn't so heavy that it's difficult to lift (and i'm not the strongest person out there), but it also isn't as light as some prams.

Furthermore, the prams width is deceiving. Like most 3-wheelers, the wheels poke out further than the pram in order to maintain balance. When I first started using the pram, I was forever moving through spaces with the belief that the pram was small enough to fit through, when in fact the wheels would get caught. However, once you get used to pushing it around, it's easy to determine whether or not it will fit through a space. It is quite wide, but not as wide as some.

The City Elite is more on the expensive side, but I think you get what you pay for, and that saying definitely rings true with this pram.

up the duff

Things I love about the pram - it has a lovely big sun canopy, it folds super easily - can do it one handed (but have to be tall-ish and strong-ish to do that), easy to turn and push, can be used for heaps of different purposes (walking,, has heaps of accessories - can have either a toddler seat attached, a scooter board, a bassinete etc. On the not so good side it is pretty wide so some doors are a problem - so I guess along the same lines it is slightly cumbersome sometimes. it probably isnt the lightlest pram around.



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