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Swallow Beema Q

7 reviews
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Beema Q
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Parent Reviews and Comments

we bought this pram second hand as I didn't want to spend hundreds on a pram. I just love it!!! 

It is so easy to steer and fold, break is easy to use and it is great when walking off road

the only thing I would change is making the sun hood bigger, it only works it the sun is right above. 


I bought a second hand Beema Q Swallow.  My DS is 4 weeks old. 

Maneuverability:  I live next to a farm and have no footpaths for walking and the pram can be easily pushed over bumpy ground and soft sandy dirt. 

Looks:  My Beema is mostly black, but there are obvious fade marks on the hood and front rail.  Other than that, it looks like it has fared well reasonalby well.. the previous owner bought it for her grandson and said she hardly used it.

Functions/Extras:  I like the size of the pouch at the back that I use to stuff in my hugabub and other cloths.  I like the pedal attached to a rod at the back which you step on to lock rather than bending down to lock the wheels.  It fits my son's bassinette matress in it so I can use it as a mobile indoor bassinet during the day :D (I have tiled floors so using the pram inside-outside doesn't worry me).  I don't like that the material has faded, especially on the hood and the gaurd rail at the front.  I feel the hood doesn't always extend as far as I want it to and does not open properly all the way.  I would like to have the option for baby to face me, especially if we are walking into the sun.

Collapsability:  There is supposed to be a one-button push function to collapse the pram but my husband is the only one who can fold the pram down and put it in the boot.  I can't work it out.


Great  Pram / stroller.

Very easy to steer, fits through normal doors, is not heavy (10kg), baby likes it, well padded, has been used for 2 kids over 3 years and still works perfectly. Our Evo version has a drinks tray which is useful.

I wish the Black green colour was available when we got ours.


This was thr first (and only) pram I have purchased and could not be happier. I found that the size and weight of the proam was perfect for my needs. Fits thru any supermarket aisles without an issue!!

In the first few months, my little one was in the bainette that could face me, which I loved. Once she had outgrown that I thought it would have been nice for her to continue to face me - but at that age she was 'ready to face the world' so to speak.

It has nice neutral colours(though they do fade, and the material is not great) but if kept indoors for a mojority of its life this wouldnt pose a huge problem. The three wheels are superb, pushes with ease, so light and turns every which way. The adjustable handle was great for shorter me and taller hubby as it only requires the push of a button to alter. I also think one joined brake at the back wheels is very handy. No more searching for the little latch on the wheel!


This is a great pram for walking.  It is a bit 'heavier' to handle than some other prams but overall I was very happy with it.  I used to walk so much I wore through the tires several times.

I love the bassinet and how you can close both hoods completely.

Once you learn how to fold it it is quite simple.  It can be a bit heavy and takes up a bit of room in the boot but most 3 wheelers do.  

It does comfortably a 3 year old comfortably.

I love the ease of the recline - clicke down or push up.  

The harness can be a bit loose but that was never a huge issue.  

I do miss how the child can't face you when older but by the time they are out of the bassinette they are ready to face out.

The basket can be hard to access when the pram is fully reclined but you can go through the side.  I also added a stroller caddy which was great

Most generic accessories fit this pram


The Beema Q is so easy to manoeuvre, I also do a fair bit of off-road walking & jogging and it is perfect as far as suspension goes. It also has a nice narrow wheel base that fits easily through supermarket checkouts which many other 3 wheelers do not. I have used it a lot indoors as well in a split-level house and have found that it manoeuvres really easily up & down stairs, even with a sleeping bub on board!

I love the bassinette attachment, we didn't buy a bassinette for home, DS slept in this pram until he was big enough for the cot. It has a nice large shade hood too which many other prams don't have. I also love that the two shade hoods from pram & bassinette completely intersect.

The storage basket is nice and large as is the back pocket. I also LOVE the adjustable height of the handle as I am only 155cm tall and found a lot of  other pram handles were too high. The ability to have the handle flat also allows for attaching of handy stroller caddies/cup holders. Universal caddies, pram liners, sun & rain cover accessories all seem to fit well too.

The materials are easily cleanable, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will get rid of most spills. I often fed DS in the pram when he began solids as he preferred it to his high chair. And he is a VERY messy eater :-)  

As mentioned by some other reviewers, it doesn't come with a dedicated toddler seat attachment, but both Childcare & Valco make 3-Wheeler toddler seats that easily fit onto this pram. 

It has a nice & easy one-step folding mechanism and opens with an easy flick. It doesn't fold down very flat, but not many 3-wheelers do. The front wheel is also removable if you have a small boot.

Simply put, I LOVE THIS PRAM!!! 



This pram has been good for us and it is easy to steer. It is a little bulky and heavy but that is the case with most three wheelers. I had a c-sect so had some trouble lifting it in the early days. 

The basinette was my fav feature with it totally closing over so bubs could sleep in darkness.

I bought the sun shade and it fits well.

Overall, a good value for money pram  



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