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Baby Jogger City Mini

10 reviews
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City Mini

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought this pram secondhand when I had my first child.

This has been a fantastic pram. Lightweight, easy to fold- we've had friends with other prams amazed at how easy it is to fold, fits in the back of my Hyundai Getz (very small boot space, especially with shopping and the top tethers of two car seats in there as well!) The seat is to change between fully reclining and upright.

My City Mini has had some heavy duty use that it probably wasn't intended for- going for long walks on dirt roads- and it has held up really well with no problems. I wouldn't call it a flimsy pram either- I can hang a fully loaded nappy bag on the handle and the pram shows no sign of tipping over, even without a kid in it.

If it's been well looked after (ie no dirt roads!) I believe it has a pretty good resell value as well.

Would thoroughly recommend this pram.

I also recommend the 'Jolly Jumper' stroller caddy to put across the top to put your mobile phone, water bottle and other bits and pieces in when you're out and about- they're worth their weight in gold.


After buying the city mini double and spending over $600 I would've expected a pram that would last. The quality was so poor the basket broke there os fraying all over the pram. Mean whilst I have had another pram for double the amount of time and used many more times and the condition is pristine. I phoned city mini to tell them I think I have a faulty product they had no interest as this was out of the warranty! Do not buy city mini products they are expensive and not worth the money! 


I've been needing a sturdier pram to walk my toddler & dog. We live in a really hilly area & I walk daily.  I've been using another pram up until now and I love that pram, but with a heavy toddler it's just not cutting it on the sideways slopes due to the lighter frame. I'm small in stature & use car & public transport so wanted something that wasn't like a tank to push. So, in search of a lightweight easy fold pram I've just bought a City Mini second hand. 

It is Ok. I miss using the other pram when I use this one! But it will do for now. 

I really like how it collapses easily & is light,  but hate how it collapses with the seat side out, this means the fabric gets dirty & scuffed. 

I really dislike the understorage. It's so small & hard to access. Don't try putting a toddler backpack in there. 

The canopy is a let down after the my other pram as it could completely cover the head & seat. 

It's good to steer mostly, but can have a mind of its own when there's a little ditch. 

Its a little unbalanced and can tip to the side easily on a ditch or incline. 

The rubber handle is tough on your hands. If you're doing hilly walking especially. 


I love this pram!! So easy to use!! Super easy to collapse and open up. 

I have used it with the bassinet when my son was born, and he is 2 now and i still use it! Its super light, steers really well, and is comfortable! 

The sun shade is enormous and provides amazing shade coverage.

Downsides: The sunshade has a velcro opening, which when you open to peek at a sleeping child, the velcro is quite noisy. 

The rubber handle cover has split, but the company sell replacements for $30. 

Easy to clean also, the lining can be removed and washed. 


I love love love this pram. Have been using it for just over 3 months now. It's light, easy to use & comfortable for bubs. The only thing is I didn't think I'd be doing much actual jogging but turns out I am! So I should have gone for the mini gt with the bigger wheels, mine gets a bit bumpy for bubs when i jog.


  • light
  • eazy fold with one hand
  • folds flat - fits in boot of my Holden cruze easily
  • very tight turning circle & easy to push with one hand.
  • durable fabric.
  • lies flat for newborn
  • massive sun shade - great for keeping strangers out while shopping!


  • Baby can't face you
  • wheels aren't good for jogging
  • basket is a little hard to get to but you get used to this.

I got this pram when my son was 15 months old, so I can't comment on suitablity for a newborn but this has been an awesome pram for use with our toddler.

If you are looking for something lightweight, convenient, easy to push and comfortable then this is definitely the pram for you!

Pros for me include -
One hand fold.
I love the colours available.
Comfy rubber handle.
Long and wide seat.
Easily wipable fabric.
Easy to push.

Cons -
Accesories are expensive, I purchased a seperate belly bar and snack tray which are around $40? each, it didn't feel as secure without one of these on.
I find the break can be quite hard to get off, not a big deal though really.
Non-adjustable handle.
Smallish basket.


Just bought this pram and I am so in love with it. My baby hasnt arrived yet, but I tested it on a friends newborn, and its perfect. I have also tested it with my 3yo neice, and she loves it.

Took it out jogging the other day and it handles really well. Storage space is pretty good. The best part is the one hand fold, it makes it so easy to get into the car. I am very short, and pretty weak, so its really easy for me to use.

I would recommend this pram to anyone. Its fantastic.


Ive been using the baby jogger city mini for 10months now for my daughter from birth. 


Im weak, and was concerned lugging a pram in and out of the car. I can do it all with on hand. The fold it worth it!

Cons: now my daughters older she trys to turn to see me so i finally see thecappear of rear facing options which mini doesnt have

Its brilliant at shopsi see other people with their huge contraptions and im so pleased with my choice. 

L Lando

Love Love Love this pram. I bought the newer version with the front wheels further apart than the three wheeler but closer than a four ( they do call it a four wheeler though).

I was very concerned about getting a pram that was light and easy to use as I have years of back complaints. This pram sold its self in minutes and only today I was tinking of how well spent the money was, my son is 31/2 months. I use this pram almost everyday and cant fault it.

I found the storage space more than enough at the bottom but I did buy the storage pouch for the handles which I love. I also bought the bassinete attachment and love it too ( it can be used for newborns without it).  Many people have commented on the look and feel of the pram. 

It is easy to fold, store, recline, steer one handed, goes off road, disembles well for cleaning and seems to be wearing really well. I cant recomed enough.


Awesome pram, easy to fold, easy to stow and comfy for bub.

my little man went through a stage of only napping in his pram so I was so happy to have this pram as it eases flat for a good sleep with ease and simplicity,

it is able to be folded by everone with a simple pull to fold handle. as the pram folds in half, rather than colaspes like as umbrella, it does need some room in the car, however this has never been a problem.

We have also flown often and it is easy on the plane, and a good travel pram.

My pram is second hand and is still going strong 1 and a half babies in.



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