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Sudocrem Healing Cream

96 reviews
Healing Cream

Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin globally for almost 80 years. A market leader in assisting with the management of nappy rash, it is used by mums, dads and healthcare professionals everywhere. Sudocrem is a soothing emollient cream which aids and assists in the management of minor skin irritations such as

  • Eczema
  • Chapped Hands
  • Minor Burns (Sunburn)
  • Rough Skin
  • Wounds
  • Scratches
  • Bruising
  • Cuts
  • Dermatitis
  • Abrasions

Sudocrem provides barrier protection against potential harmful irritants coming in contact with your baby’s skin.

Sudocrem is widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have a one year old who gets a red bottom and this is fabulous cream!  It gives a great coverage and seals the area. My four year old used it when she got a scratch and it helps heal.  I recommend it to everyone.

Olive Oil

I have a 2 babies in nappies and was very happy to review this product.  My son developed a severe rash on his bottom out of nowhere. With regular nappy changes and mountains  cream, the rash started clearing within a day.   Since then, I have been applying the cream after every nappy change and have found that no redness or further rashes have developed.  I will continue to use it and recommend it to anyone.

The only thing I did not like was the white tube, it is difficult to use with one hand (whilst wrangling a toddler) and the plastic is very hard so I feel a bit of cream is wasted.  The tubs are so much better and you can get the right amount first time. 


I tried Sudocrem on my 13 month old daughter, we have never had any problems with nappy rash but she does have sensitive skin, I found at the end of the day after multiple nappy changes her poor little bottom would be red & sensitive from so much wiping. I applied Sudocrem after each dirty nappy change & at the end of the day she was not nearly as red & raw as before. I also applied it each evening before bed & in the morning after 12 hours there would still be a bit of a protective barrier from the cream.


I had been using a more expensive brand of nappy rash cream.  More as prevention, than to treat any rash.  

My 9 month old had a sudden flare up, from teething. I was shocked how quickly it can come up.  

This cream is the best that I have used, I had avoided the big jars. I could see a big mess with that dropped or open in a nappy bag. 

The tube size is great for the nappy bag and travel. A little bit goes along way..  good value and an excellent product. 

Thank you for the chance to review, without it, I'd still be spending $25 on another brand. 

Skye Baby

I really like this cream and over the last 16 years I have used it on four babies all with very sensitive skin, including my youngest who also suffers with eczema.

I have found that  Sudocrem is one of the best creams out there to use when your baby has nappy rash or chafing, The fact that my babies rarely got nappy rash I believe was because  I used and still use Sudocrem every day as a barrier cream.  Funny that after using Sudocrem for such along time as a nappy cream that I had never used it for anything else until my youngest was resently born.
I have been using the Sudocrem on her mild Eczema flare ups as it soothes inflamed skin. Sudocrem isn't the best cream to rub in over large areas so to combat this I have applied it over the top of moisturising cream.
The cream is white and very thick. It is kind of like the zinc you used on your nose to prevent Sunburn. When the weather gets cold the Sudocrem gets firmer but it still perfectly ok to use like this. The  Sudocrem has it own unique  smell it's not offensive and actually starts to smell ok after it has been on the skin for awhile. The down side to the cream is that is can leave temporary residue on clothing but that is ok as it washes out. Just a word of advice keep the cream away from the babies as when they get into it it is like white paint everywhere. 
When I was growing up my pop (RIP)  used to swear by this pink, zinc, cream, I don't know what the brand was it just said anaesthetic on it. Pop basically used the pink cream for everything, it was his go to cream. Sudocrem  very much reminds me of that pink cream and it is fast becoming my go to cream. I recommend this cream to prevent and for nappy rash and for mild eczema.

I loved trialling and reviewing this product. The sample tubes were perfect size for adding to nappy bag and having handy when out and about. And also the small tube meant I could keep the tube in another room in the house so it was handy.

Sudocrem worked wonderfully well for all 3 of my kids that I tried it on. 2 of my children have excema- the cream was thick but absorbed well and stopped their itching and irritation. It seemed to soothe the inflammation and their skin was a lot better.

My other child has sensitive skin, so can be prone to nappy rash. Sudocrem worked just as well. Cleared up really quickly and acted as a barrier so the skin healed.

I also got to try it on 2 of my kids as they fell over playing outside and had grazed knees, elbows and arms. After cleaning their grazes, that night i used Sudocrem on their grazes as I thought it worked so well for excema......and I was right. Their grazes looked less red the next morning and stopped stinging.

The cream is thick which I think helps as it stays on the area you apply and absorbed quite well. Some residue is left over but that wasn't a problem.

I've tried many creams and lotions for my kids and I have to say Sudocrem is the best!! My kids don't mind it being applied which unlike other products that can sting or burn, Sudocrem doesn't hurt at all. Once the tears stop, kids are happy and I'm happy!

Sudocrem is the best for nappy rash and excema and surprisingly for me it worked amazing and o heal up grazes and insect bites. Sudocrem will be the one cream I make sure I'm always stocked up on!


We were lucky enough to be able to trial sudocrem. 

It was fantastic, the consistency was soft and easy to apply, only a little was needed and it had great coverage.

In the instances bub had nappy rash/redness the sudocrem cleared it all up in 48hrs or less which was excellent. Absolutely loved the squeeze tube instead of a tub.

Will definitely continue to purchase and use. 


Sudocrem is a good, easy-to-spread cream that does a good job of soothing nappy rash and protecting against further rashes. I've used this cream for years and it's a 'go to' cream for most 'rash-y' incidents! Warning: babies LOVE to use it as 'paint' and it doesn't wipe off particularly easily!!


This is a review for the Sudocrem in the little tube (which I much preferred to the tub version).  It was so easy to both take and apply on the go, and is the perfect size for nappy bags!

My 4 month old son has mild nappy rash and angry, inflamed eczema all the time, so I applied the cream on both, numerous times daily.  The nappy rash cleared up, and the good news is I haven't seen any since!  Unfortunately the Sudocrem didn't work on my little one's eczema, probably because it is quite bad.

I had been using another well known brand for quite some time, and hadn't planned to change.  I will definitely be changing over to Sudocrem tubes now, they are a lifesaver!

Green Cheese

Perfect for sore bottoms right from newborn up. Sudocream has been a lifesaver for nappy rash and rarely needs more than 24 hours treatment. The cream just slathers on and soothes the pain. The tubs are a great investment and the little tube makes a great alternative for the nappy bag. 


I used to use Sudo with my older kids but found another brand cheaper so switched some time ago. After using it again for the review, I can't believe I ever switched. Other zinc barrier creams tend to be watery mixed with the zinc whereas Sudo isn't. 

My 18 month old has had a sore bottom from the usual teething poos and when these tubes arrived he was red and sore. It's thick enough to stay on but not too thick and the reddness subsided within 48 hours of use.

So next tube I'll be switching back!


I have two little babes, one aged 2 and a half and one 8 months. Both are still in nappies and both suffer with sensitive and allergy prone skin. We are constantly fighting eczema, nappy rash and patches of rough and irritated skin. 

We have tried what feels like millions of different creams and lotions to help with nappy rash and while some have helped, none have worked for us long term.

Sudocreme is almost like a miracle cure when it comes to my kids and nappy rash. It is super easy and gentle to apply to irritated areas but thick enough to last a long time, providing a strong barrier and letting their sensitive skin heal. 

I can apply it at nappy change time and know it will keep sensitive areas protected right up until the next nappy change time. 

I now have a giant tub sitting on my change table and a smaller 30g tube in my nappy bag at all times!

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to other mums!!!


I loved reviewing this cream! I had never tried it before and it definitely wasn't like I expected. It doesn't have an overpowering scent like many other nappy creams, doesn't leave a residue on the skin and cleared up my toddler's nappy rash within a nappy change. I also tried it on some of my own dry skin with much success. You only need to use a very small amount at a time and it rubs into the skin very easily. I wish I had tried it earlier, I used many other nappy creams when my toddler was a baby; sudocream is more effective than them all. Sudocream is going to be a staple product in our household from now on.


i have tried many nappy rash creams as my second daughter seems to get patches of eczema in the nappy region and every time after a few applications of Sudocrem it clears up. It has a nice fragrance and is nice and thick. I also had the opportunity to use it on my eldest after a scraped knee incident and she didn't complain about any stinging and promptly forgot about the injury moments later. 


I have a toddler who is prone to a red bottom and Sudocrem clears it up in no time. I apply it during one nappy change and the redness has basically disappeared by the next change. No greasiness and doesn't smell awful. The small tube is perfect for carrying around in my handbag.


I have been using this product on my newborn daughter. It smells and feels lovely when you put it on and is so soothing on the skin. It very quickly healed up any redness. I would definitely recommend this product!


I never really needed a nappy cream with my eldest but since my daughter was born (now 17 months), she has been prone to redness and rashes in the nappy area.

I have previously had a large tub of Sudocream but found I only used it at home, and then only occasionally, as it was awkward and messy to use. The fact that you can now get the cream in tubes is fantastic- I was able to easily squeeze out the amount I wanted (a little really goes a long way when applied as directed) and keep mess to a minimum.

Regular application really helped keep the redness at bay and stopped any further rashes develop. It didn't seem to irritate or cause any discomfort to my daughters sensitive skin.

Will definitely keep a tube in the house and car!


This is my favourite nappy rash cream on the market. I have previously used it with the tub packagin. I was very excited to find out that you can get it in a tube as I find it much more convenient as it doesn't get under my fingernails. Though I tended to use a tad too much using the tube.

The cream is nice and thick and creates the perfect barrier. I found it stayed on for the duration of the nappy wear and didn't rub off into the nappy. Whenever we had a rash coming up, I would apply it after a bath and before bed. The rash was always gone by morning.

i would definitely recommend this product! 


My baby gets nappy rash easily.  Sudocream clears it up after a few days of use. I also use it as a barrier when he has the diarrhea. It helps but isn't perfect because the poo is so acidic. Once the diarrhea stop, it clears it up quickly. I haven't tried any other nappy rash cream so can't compare. I want to try this out on eczema for the trial. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to help. I would still recommend this to everyone for nappy rash. 

It would be better if the larger size comes in tube as well!


This cream is nothing short of amazing. It is a great barrier cream to prevent nappy rash. Using this on sore or broken skin heals everything up quickly. Great product and highly recommend  for all parents!!


I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this product. Even tho my eldest is almost 3, I've never actually used it before, but I'm so glad I now have. It is probably one of the best nappy rash creams I've ever used and even helped take the redness out of a grazed knee. The best thing is the consistency, it's not too oily and creates a good barrier on the kids bums plus it smells nice. I will certainly be using sudocrem again and recommending it to all new mums. 


I have used Sudocream in the past and while I've generally liked the product the tub design is not great. One issue is obviously that bub can easily get it off and has a lovely time making a mess, the bigger issue I've had in the past though is that my son has at time had quite severe eczema. A tub dispenser means in effect you are double dipping and as eczema can be infected this just spreads the infection and doesn't give bubs skin a chance to heal. 

So - I'm loving the new squeeze tube design. As it is a thick cream it can be difficult to squeeze it out but it is much more hygienic than the tub. It also makes it easier for transporting and keeping in a nappy bag. 

The cream does s great job of clearing up nappy rash though I found it dried out my sons eczema a bit too much so for me I'd stick to using it for nappy rash. 


i originally started using sudocream for my son when he was born then decided to try other products to see what's out there. My son currently has a little nappy rash,  the sudocream cleared up the redness within 48 hours, I think I will stick with this product from now on, also the convenient tube is perfect for the nappy bag. 


I've tried a few different brands of cream for nappy rash, and threw them all out and keep coming back for Sudocrem. Never fails to quickly clear up redness on my baby's bottom if it appears. I won't use anything else!

Janett scanlon

I bought this cream to try on my granddaughter as she is extremely sensitive to other creams this is the best product I have ever bought, clears nappy rash within hour off use love it great cream . Thank you


I have used the sudocrem since my now 2 year old daughter was a newborn. I used it as soon as she looked a little red and by the next nappy change her skin was looking great again. You only need to use a small amount so it lasts for months depending on how often you need to use it. 

Unfortunately the lid does not close properly, it kind of just sits on top so curious toddlers often get in to it and cover themselves or furniture with the cream.


I have used the sudocrem since my now 2 year old daughter was a newborn. I used it as soon as she looked a little red and by the next nappy change her skin was looking great again. You only need to use a small amount so it lasts for months depending on how often you need to use it. This smaller snap lid container is much better than the jar with the lid that does not seal allowing toddlers to make a huge mess.


This is the cream that i have used every day since my son was born, and it is a great product to prevent nappy rash! 

I have found that if my son actually has nappy rash, it doesnt relieve his discomfort though. 


I love Sudocrem! It really helps to clear up nappy rash in disposable nappy wearing babies quickly (I just cake it on - the advice of my maternal child health nurse). Nappy rash is usually gone within a day with care in ensuring you apply thickly at every nappy change (and only using water on wipes rather than pre-prepared wipes).

The only down side is that it can't be used with cloth nappies.

Aisha Aizee

I recieved Sudocrem sample in my bounty bag for new mother. Initially was not confident in using it as my other moms around me have recommended some other brand they have tried. But i decided to give it a try and to my surprise i found Sudocrem really exceptional in preventing nappy rash ( in extreme summers ) didn't give any bad reaction to bubby's skin.

Sudocrem is a product for whole family as it can treat burns and abrasions or eczema. I have used this on burnt skin while cooking, it gives a cooling effect and leaves no scars.

Highly reccommended.


I found this to be the only cream to prevent and clear my sons nappy rash. Highly recommend!!


I was lucky enough to trial and review this Sudocrem and am so happy I was chosen! This cream has always been a favourite.

The tube makes it so much easier to use! It's especially better for those of us with longer nails.. Normally I scoop up a whole lot of cream under my nails which is annoying!

This tube made applications mess free and easy for all.

This cream is just so effective. My bub has had a cold and his bottom has really copped a lot whilst unwell. The Sudocrem has ensured that his skin has stayed beautifully rash free throughout this!

Have recommended to my local mums group and any friends and family with small kids and babies!

Thanks again for this opportunity!


Since using the product my daughter's nappy rash has disappeared. The product has a nice thick consistency, I will recommend it to all my family and friends.


I was excited to try out this product as I have been using Sudocrem for years but in the tub. The tube was so easy to use! Fits easily in my nappy bag and hand bag and really makes application so much easier than the tubs. 

The cream itself was great for nappy rash. Really acted fast in clearing up little problem areas on my 2 year old son's bottom and groin area. I also used it on my 3.5 year old's bottom when it got a little bit red even though he is toilet trained. 

I also tried using the cream on an area on my 2 year olds chin that I think was dermatitis. I followed the instructions and rubbed a small amount into the area a couple of times a day. It didn't heal the area or help it as far as I could tell. This was the only negative that I could see. 

All up I really loved this product and its ease of use and will definitely purchase more when this tube runs out. And that won't be for a while as it lasts forever!


Sudocrem worked great here! Eased bubs training pants rash so well. It also worked great on some dermatitis spots I had because of the weather! I would highly recommend this to be used by anyone wanting a great nappy rash cream. It smells great too, a nice bonus :-)


I love the Sudocrem in a tube. Soooo much easier to apply then the tub. This made a world of difference to my poor bubba's red raw bottom. My daughter has been teething for the last 3 months and Sudocrem has helped heal and protect her bottom. It is now a healthy looking chubby bottom again.  Great white magic!!


I have used this cream previously and found it a good barrier cream and also good for eczema and other little ailments.  Though I did stop using it as the tub was hard for travel and found another similar product seemed to work as well.  Through this trial I have changed my mind.  The tube is VERY convenient and I found it seemed to work very well on rashes.  It spread very easily and came out for the tube with no mess or fuss. I am converted back to Sudocrem for sure.  It left my little ones skin free from redness and irritation which is all thumbs up for me!


I have recently been using the Sudocrem that comes in a handy little tube rather than the tubs that I have seen in the shops. My DS is teething at the moment and has nappy rash. I found Sudocrem helped to ease the pain that my DS was feeling as well as providing a protective barrier against the diarrhoea associated with teething.

He also has psoriasis and I have used this a few times on spots and have noticed it has reduced the patches and seemed to have calmed down.

I would recommend this product to any parent without hesitation. I find the tube more convenient and easier to dispense cause you only need half a pea size to cover a lot of skin.


We used this cream on my daughters sensitive skin. It was great at repelling moisture in her nappies and prevented skin breakdown which she is prone to. 

We also used the cream on her dribble rash and would definitely recommend this cream for teething babies!


I remember finding a small sample tub of Sudocrem in the Bounty Bag that my hospital gave me when I was pregnant. I decided to use it on myself in the hopes of preventing the shaving rash that I'd always been prone to develop due to my sensitive skin. I found it very soothing after shaving and, more importantly, for the first time ever I did not experience any redness or irritation whatsoever.

When I gave birth last year I had already been given tubes of barrier cream for nappy rash (not Sudocrem) from friends and family so thought I'd just use them up before buying more. Now I wish I'd used Sudocrem from the start; during the past 2 weeks I have exclusively used Sudocrem on my baby and have been very impressed with the results. The cream itself is lovely and thick and you only need to use a little as it goes a long way.

My hubby also asked if I had anything he could use after getting a bad shaving rash on his face and neck so I gave him some Sudocrem; the very next day the redness had subsided! I just love how versatile this stuff is, for use for the whole family. It also has no perfume/scent which so important.

A great product that I will be buying from now on.


I recently trialled the 30g tube. The size was perfect to carry in my handbag/nappy bag and the flip top lid made changing my son's nappy a lot easier as I could keep one hand on him while on the public change table. 

I'm thankful for the flyer that came with the Sudocrem as it mentioned the small amount of cream needed at a time - I would just apply a 'dollop' usually, however the info said to use only a small amount and to rub it in, if there was still white cream there was too much! This will make my cream last much longer :)

I was very happy with the protection that the Sudocrem gave my little boy. When this tube (eventually!) runs out I'm definitely going back for more. 


I have been using Sudocrem on and off for a while and thought it was ok but until I got my sample from BubHub I never knew how to use it properly.

As per instructions you are meant to 'rub in until translucent' which I have never done before....and boy what I difference does that makes!

I have been using on DD for 3 weeks now and it clears up her nappy rash in about a day or two. I need to keep using it only because she seems susceptible to getting rashes (due to teething) so it acts as a nice barrier.

I have to admit it is hard trying to rub it in to translucency as she is a wriggler but it does work.

Also (embarrassing to admit) I have been suffering from a sweat rash between my cleavage for about a year due to the maternity bras squashing everything together. I have tried everything to get rid of it and nothing has....until Sudocrem!

I appiled for a couple of days and the rash and sores were gone and haven't come back.

I am very happy with Sudocrem not just for bubs rashes but as something that works for the whole family as well.

Easy to use...a very mild smell....great buy!!


I have used this cream daily on both my children and can honestly say it's the best I have tried yet. Not only did it do a great job at healing already existing nappy rash but once it cleared up it did great at preventing any further or new rashes. I also found that it was great at soothing aggravated chaffing.

My only downside would be consistency and at first it can be quite difficult to apply evenly and as directed gently on sore bums but have no dispute that it did its job in helping soothe, protect and prevent once applied.

Is definitely going to my choice of cream for my family.


This cream is amazing, glides on thick and covers area well. Stays on skin for a great length of time. No strong smell. The tube is more hygienic then the tub, preventing cross contamination of cream. And no need to worry about the lid popping off.


Thank you for the opportunity to review this wonderful product.

The best change made is that it is now in a squeeze pack, which I think is so much better to stop the contamination potential for creams in tubs.

I think this is the best nappy cream I have ever used, I only ever need to use it once (not at every change in a day) and the rash disappears.  It is nice and thick and gentle on little bottoms.

Because of the zinc content in Sudocrem, it is perfect for other areas prone to moisture rashes, such as behind the ears and in neck creases, that sometimes do not get dried very well.

I would recommend this product to anyone needing an effective nappy cream.


I liked the consistency of this cream. It creates a really good barrier. For nappy rash I think it's great. As an eczema treatment, it is good for creating a barrier but it hasn't fixed the eczema once it had broken out. I like the smell and it's a good preventative measure rather than a treatment of eczema. I would use it again as a nappy rash cream rather than an eczema treatment cream.


I love the new packaging of Sudocrem - it made application to the buttock area super easy and mess free, just squeeze it in! I also really appreciated the new packaging as my son has taken to grabbing the jar when he can, and it is awful to clean up. I like to keep my fingernails long too, so not having to scrape it out of a jar is a big plus, as it doesn't get stuck under my nails.

I have only found two minor negatives with this product - one being that the tube becomes a bit hard to squeeze once it is about half empty, especially if you are trying to do it with one hand while using the other to hold down a wriggly baby. The other is that I think I have used a much larger quantity than I would have in the same period from a jar - it's quite easy to just keep squirting away and end up putting on much more than you need.

All in all, a great, familiar product in handy packaging, I will keep a tube in my nappy bag, but will probably stick to the jars while at home.


I have a 4 month old son and I had started him on a new formula just before I received the Sudocrem. This was perfect timing as the new formula had caused his bowels to open more frequently resulting in a red bottom, but the Sudocrem was fantastic at getting rid of it. It's easy to apply, doesn't rub off as soon as you put the nappy back on like some creams do and most importantly it works very quickly and effectively. My son also likes to scratch his face as soon as his nails haven't been cut in a few days so I put the Sudocrem on his scratch once and it even helped with that. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this product to everyone!

giggle berry
I was all prepared to love this product as I thought the tube would be a convenient addition to my nappy bag. The concept is great as it potentially allows you to open squeeze and close the tube one handed. However this was not the reality in my experience.
Pro's - actual cream forms a good barrier and provides effective healing. The consistency of the cream is not greasy like some others.
Con's - the tube itself! The concept is great however I found the material of the tube to be too stiff to allow me to easily squeeze it one handed.
The whole cap also popped off a number of times which was annoying.
For now I will be sticking to the tub version...
If you are looking for a tubed product there are better versions out there.

I tell you this product came at the right time.

The morning of receiving the Sudocrem my daughter had some horrid nappy rash from a food she ate (has a cow and soy milk allergy). So when the product came I read over the information and put it into action.

By the next day the rash had lessened and she was no longer screaming every nappy change.

I would recommend this to everyone (and I have already told some of my friends).  This would be a product that I would use again.


My daughter suffers from mild eczema and this cream cleared it up relatively quick. We also used it to treat some other things!


  • cleared up mild eczema
  • stopped the sting from sores and mozzie bites
  • easy application and long lasting, even after getting wet
  • it doesn't have a bad smell like some other zinc based creams


  • hard to remove from furniture after little people decide to use it for painting

We will certainly be using it in the future!


Teething and nappy rashes quite often go hand in hand. DD2 gets rashes very quickly and very severely especially when she is teething. I normally use a different brand of cream but after giving the Sudocrem in the tube a go, DD2 was rash free the whole time I have been using this on her! I used Sudocrem before with DD1 but found it was too messy in the tub and not as hygienic. The tube is so much better. It is easier to apply, kept DD2 free from rashes which is better than the other cream I was using on her, and I don't need to worry about cross-contamination as much with the new tube! Something I will buy more of in the future.


I found that the Sudocrem took the redness from my sons nappy rash almost immediately. 

I also tried this cream on my sons mild eczema break outs. It didn't clear up the patches but it helped calm down the redness. 
Love the new tube. It seemed a bit small but I soon learnt that a little goes a long way so will last a while. The tube is so easy to carry in my nappy bag without taking too much room. 

I love Sudocrem, it clears up my sons rashes overnight. Not only nappy rash, but also any red marks under his arms (he's a sweater) and in his creases.

Being a new mum I also completely forgot to wipe behind his ears, this created a bit of a smell and some crusty gunk. After removing that, applied some Sudocrem and cleared up in 24 hours.

The new Nub pack is great to throw in my bag much better than the tub and in a more convenient size.

The only suggestion I have, is to make the opening bigger. It is quiet tough to get the cream out. Other than that I will definitely be buying more.


Receiving this cream to review couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Most parents who have a teething baby or child will be well familiar with the dreaded 'Baboon Bottom, that red raw, angry and painful rash that appears at the time of teething when the baby's bowel movements are incredibly acidic and at the slightest contact with skin causes painful nappy rash.

I used the 'Sudocrem Healing Cream' at every nappy change as directed which required putting a little bit on and using light circular motions to penetrate the cream into the skin. This proved to be a little tricky when the baby was already in a bit of discomfort, and needing the cream to be applied quickly. I found the light circular motions a bit tricky, whereas ordinarily this cream wouldn't be an issue to apply, but being that the baby was already hypersensitive to me applying anything there, I had to resist the urge to just apply the cream by lathering it on. Another difference is that with most creams you find that if the skin is damp, it makes it a little hard to get the cream to adhere to the damp skin, however with the Sudocrem you don't have that problem if you apply it correctly.

The Sudocrem requires you to apply the cream in order for it to then become translucent, as if there is any 'white' cream showing, you have put too much on! This is quite a handy tip, as with other creams you never really know if you're being too light or too heavy handed with application. I also liked the fact that a 'little goes a long way' and in terms of cost, this is always a bonus with baby products! Another thing I was impressed by is the way the cream is packaged in a tube, whereby making it easy to use one handed (if need be) and much more hygienic then the standard tubs where you need to dip your fingers into a pot etc. The fact you could squeeze the cream out with great ease, makes a messy job a lot more effective!

In terms of the cream's effectiveness, I was pleasantly surprised! I knew it was going to be a tough call with the fact I was working with a 'teething' induced raw nappy rash, however day by day I could see the rash slowly disappear and given that it doesn't contain any 'anti fungal' properties, it certainly helped in keeping a more than adequate barrier to the skin. It also helped the skin to heal in that by day two of use, I saw a noticeable difference in my baby's skin which was no longer looking the angry, red raw that it did before use and it was no longer hot to the touch. The skin looked a lot more soothed and by the end of the week I was definitely impressed at the effectiveness of the cream given that it promotes soothing, healing and protection and it certainly delivered on those accounts. Unlike other standard nappy creams, Sudocrem gets a big thumbs up for being multi use and able to be used by all members of the family as it is a great multi use topical cream for many common ailments found with the skin.

I am impressed with Sudocrem Healing cream and would definitely recommend it to parents who want an effective, hassle free 'multi-purpose' cream that actually delivers as it promises to. :-)


I love the non-greasy feeling of Sudocrem and it doesn't get "runny" when in contact with water/pee. It is also easy to apply in the tube packaging. Just squeeze the right amount and spread it nicely/evenly on my baby.

I have applied Sudocrem on my boy's bum before every nappy change and finds that it creates a nice barrier between his skin and the pee/poo. It also stays on the skin until the next nappy change and not get "rubbed away" by the nappy.

Have used it for a couple of days and it hasn't caused any problem on my baby's skin at all. Applying it on my boy makes me feel reassured that if I don't get time to change his nappy after a long period of time, he will still stay comfortable because the ammonia from the pee will not irritate his skin.


My sample arrived just a few days ago and I'm already loving this cream! My babies mild nappy rash has disappeared within 24 hours of using cream. She also had a little dry patch of skin on her face. A tiny bit of Sudocrem after her bath each night & this has cleared up in a few days too! It's also great that it's so economical. You really only need a tiny amount each application, so a tube should last for ages! Thanks for the sample, I will definitely keep on using!


I have an 8 month old daughter who has nappy rash and I have tried several products.

I always have a tube or container of Sudocrem in my bag and its great.

Gives instant relief from nappy rash.  It hasn't cleared it up but it creates a barrier from her nappy.

Very easy to use, wipes off clothes easily, very cheap any it seems to go a long way.

I have also used this on abrasions and skin irritations as well.


I have a toilet-trained 3 year old now so the days of nappy rash are long gone, but I remember those days.... Luckily my baby didn't get nappy rash very often, but when she did I'd slather her bottom in Sudocrem!

It worked like a dream - I never tried using any other nappy rash ointment because Sudocrem worked wonderfully, right from the start.

It really soothes, is easy to apply (I bought a big tub) and works very fast. No matter how red and sore she was, within a couple of hours her skin would go back to normal. It was a huge relief for both of us!!


When our little girl was born almost 12 months ago now, she suffered nappy rash for the first few months and it didn't seem to matter how often we changed her, she got it! :(

We tried so many different creams to try and stop the reddness, and this one by far was a star stand out! It just seemed to work the quickest and was the most gentle on her skin. 

It is quite expensive, but you only need to use a little bit and its well worth it because it actually works fast and helps sooth the area as well. 

We were also recommended by our doctor to mix it with a little Dermeze when applying it and that also seemed to help. :)


Sudocream is a godsend! It clears up nappy rash so fast! My DD had bad nappy rash and each bum change I applied sudocream and a day later the redness had reduced dramatically and her bum didn't look as sore! I wouldn't even bother considering any other creams!


I tried a few other creams and lotions and Sudocrem seemed to be the only one that really worked and quickly. I tried natural plant based creams and pure/natural products with big expectations but they did not give the same results.  Sudocrem is also reasonably priced.


When my DD's is cutting a tooth she always gets nappy rash. I have used 3 different types of nappy rash creams and this one is the most effective. The rash usually clears up within 24hours and it doesnt dry out DD's skin. It is a bit messy to put on however the results make it worth it! Oh and I have found the large tub is lasting a long time making it value for $$.


This stuff is great!  It can clear up a mild rash between a single change and the next.  It's a quality cream, very heavy on the zinc component, and is very soothing (my mother tried it on a heat rash, and it not only soothed effectively, it cleared it up in a matter of hours).  It is quite economical, spreads easily on the skin, so not much is needed for good coverage.  It can be a little hard to remove from your hands after application, but nowhere near as hard as oil-based products.  It is also clings a little to cloth nappies, so use a liner if you're a cloth nappy user.

All up, it's a great product that works extremely well.


I wouldn't use any other Nappy Rash cream.  Sudocreme is by far the most effective and it is non-greasy... we have used this for both our children and will be using for our next baby due in a few weeks.

I still use Sudocreme on my 3.5yr old when she has a sore bottom or vagina and it works really well. 

Also great for general rashes, bites, or burns!

We have a small tub of Sudocrem which we use in our baby bag. I find it to be a very nice cream and easy to use.

It does the job well and aids in clearing up nappy rash. I did find it to not really have an effect on heavy nappy rash. However over all its a good product.

I feel if you use it correctly, its good value for money. Go a bit heavy on the cream and it becomes quite pricey.
I use this with the first sign of nappy rash and by the next change it is usually dissapeared!  works great everytime

This stuff is great! Its the only nappy rash cream I use now! I can apply it once or twice and any hint of nappy rash is gone. I always buy it to put with the hampers that I put together to give to friends who are having babies

Definitley highly reccommend this stuff!


We used this cream from day dot with my son, its great for soothing a sore bottom and easy to apply. Now he is almost 2 he likes to eat it! Cant imagine its very good for him, nor would it taste very nice. But we have to keep it up on a high shelf so he cant get to it.

Highly reccomed this cream, its a great all rounder.

I used Sudocrem with my first son. It worked well each time. It spreads well, but isnt too thick. It clears up rashes really quickly. When i get asked i recommend Sudocrem for nappy rash. 

Sudocrem really is fail-proof in clearing up nappy rash. At the first site of a red bottom, I apply this and the redness clears up by the next nappy change.

I have been using sudocrem for years for various things... As a nurse, we use this for excoriation in the nursing home I work in. I also use it on my dog's sensitive skin during allergy season and it works a treat!

Highly recommend that everyone has a tub of this in their home.


My SIL recommented this product to me and just told me to have a go. I received a sample tub and I fell in love with it. Bought a big one for home and the sample one I keep for on the go. Love the product. Its amazing for nappy rash and healing minor cuts.


Found this cream to be good for really really bad nappy rash but it wouldnt get my baby's bum back to normal, it would get the angry out of it and then I would have to switch to something milder.

Good to have in the cupboard. 


We have been using Sudocrem since we brought our little girl home from hospital. It absorbs easily, has a pleasant smell and is easy enough to use with every nappy change. As a result, she has never suffered from nappy rash.

She also developed a nasty rash under her chin, which was quite red and sore (I think this was from milk dribbling down). We tried using paw paw ointment on it which didn't work. As soon as we used the Sudocrem it healed in a couple of days.

Our baby is 3 months now and we are still using the same tub of Sudocrem from when we first brought her home from hospital. You don't need to use a lot of it so it lasts ages!

Thoroughly recommend this product! 


My son doesn't tend to get a lot of nappy rash but when he does, this product does the trick!

I just changed his nappy like I would normal do and rub so of the Sudocrem on it and it is gone by the next day. Also this product doesn't seem to bother which is a plus so it must not sting when it is put on. 

I would recommend this to everyone!

I absolutely love this stuff! I tried many things for my baby's nappy rash and finally pulled the sudocream out of my bounty bag. Now I use it all the time! I love how thick it is. A little goes a long way in creating a protective layer to ward away any nappy rash. I also use a little bit of it behind his ears as they seem to get red and irritated. I've used it on cuts and grazes on myself also. Magic!

I have recieved a few sample sizes of this cream in bounty bags and have loved it.

It is nice and thick and spreads on well, i find the zinc based creams works really well on healing my DD's nappy rash - when i notice a nappy rash starting i put a layer of this on before bad at night and by night teh redness is gone. 

A little bit goes a long way. I have never had to purchase this as my sample tubs have lasted so long.

I quite like the smell, i think it is pleasant.

I am not sure about the bigger tubs but the sample size tube have a flimsy lid that doesn't stay on.

I would recommend this cream.


Have only used a sample size pot of this, as I carry it in our nappy bag.

The sample pots have hopeless lids that come off, so we have to keep it in a little bag :)

The cream is thinner, so can be difficult to put on if bub's bum isn't 100% dry. It seems to clear up any signs of a rash, though takes longer than other leading products. 

Good to keep in the nappy bag, but I won't be buying a full size tub for home.


Haven't ever had much trouble with bubs skin.

But as soon as he's a bit red round the butt, a lil bit of this and he's good as new! It's not very expensive either.

I swear by it! 

I keep a tub of this in my nappy bag, it is pretty good for everyday use but I don't find it that effective when it comes to redness and rashes.

Also really dislike the smell and it seems to hang around on your clothes.
Purple Lily
I got a sample size tub in my bounty bag, so when my son got his first nappy rash i put the tiniest bit on and the rash was gone by the next nappy change.  Its really dont have to use much of it at all and the smell wasnt bad either.  This is definitley a product I will continue to use and eventually buy once we go through the free tub we got.

This is the best nappy cream and has replaced all others for us! The tiniest sign of redness is gone by next nappy change when I use this cream! So I use if often, especially at night to provide that extra barrier. 

The tub is great for home use, and the tube you can buy of Sudocrem is easier for changes on the go (less cream on your hands digging it out of the tub while out & about!).

It goes quite a fair way, without having to use excessive amounts. Great stuff. 

i used this on my boys rashes and in a couple of days it heald up. the trick is to clean and dry him really well. and then apply the cream. at first i wasnt drying him properly and the cream would just seal in the moisture. now that i dry him properly the cream seals out the moisture, allowing his skin to heal and repair! i would recommend this for other mothers to try as a way to heal/ help body rashes in newborns.

Sudocream is good for mild rashes and clears it up quickly.  I like that it comes in a tube too so is good for the nappy bag.

But when my son gets a bad rash, it's not as effective.

Still a nice cream though, good coverage, nice smell etc. 


This actually made my daughters nappy rash worse!

she does have very sensitive skin and this cream just wasnt for her unfortunatly. 


Our bub had a mild case of nappy rash when she was about a week old while we were using disposible nappies, i tryed another brand of cream that we used for our older daughter with no success. I had a sample pot of sudocream in the nappy bag so gave it a try. By the end of the day the rash was almost gone!

Great nappy rash cream, would reccoment it!


love love love it! while my son hasnt had bad nappy rash, whenever he starts to get red i just put a bit of Sudocream on and in no time its better.

Johnny Poppers

This is the best cream ever. Not just for nappy rash but as a healing cream also. A definate must have in our household! It works quickly on nappy rash, any grazes and sores that may appear.

Highly recommend!

My little one gets rashes often and suffers from eczema. I found that it cleared her eczema in addition to her nappy rash. Non toxic, and no powerful odours. Extremely impressed. I would reccomend this to anyone, espesially those with kids with irritable skin.
Great product, works fast and is gentle on babies bottom.  A staple in our house.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, does the job quick smart and a little goes a long way.

but it is a little pricey, but well worth spending the money. a decision that you will not think twice about.

i have used a nuber of products that clai to do the same thing, but nothing comes close.


I have found sudocrem to be very useful, except i've never used it for nappy rash as my bub hasn't really had this.

I find zinc to be a great healer. During winter my baby was getting little rashes behind his knees for example. Probably due to him not being dry enough after a bath before I put his clothes on to keep him warm. A little bit of sudocrem would clear this up in no time.

I received many nappy rash creams when bub was born but this seemed to work the best. Plus you only need to use small amounts. I am still using the trial pack  from the bounty bag - is tiny, tiny.


I love this cream.  I've used it for my first 2 babies and I fully intend to use it on my third bub due 2011.  I've tried lots of other creams in between but I always come back to this one.  It's great for preventing and treating nappy rash.


Love this product, clears up my bubs nappy rash really quickly.



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