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Ego Resolve Nappy Rash

4 reviews
Resolve Nappy Rash

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Parent Reviews and Comments

My son got an extremely bad rash as a newborn from Jaundice and being under the lights. We were at our wits end, had tried everything and then I came across this in our bounty bag. I used this with pawpaw cream on top as a barrier and the rash disappeared within 12 hours. 

We use cloth nappies and never get rashes anymore but if he ever does begin to look a little red, we go straight to Resolve and he's all clear by the next nappy change.

I cannot recommend this product enough!


We received a sample of this product at a show and I found it to be a nice barrier cream. It did the job well and was very easy to apply.

I like that its not as thick as some of the others which makes it easier to spread. It tackles neck rash and nappy rash well.

No complaints for this cream!

As the previous comment has said its for severe nappy rash, after I used this however my son never got nappy rashes again! :) But you cant always use it with every nappy change, reason why previous comment has said to also use sudocream. Overall good product, but I noticed as the rash began to dissappear my son's skin where the rash cream was applied was somehow whiten.. Took around 2/3 months for the whiten area to go back to normal skin colour..
I found this product to be excellent at clearing severe nappy rash. It was recommended by the chemist as my son had persistent nappy rash and it was suggested that a fungal infection might be present. The Resolve cleared the rash in a couple of days, but a word of caution...something in the product may be irritating if the rash is extremely severe. My son screamed when I applied it a couple of times, but the rash was so severe he needed cortisone lotion. Great product for persistent rash, used in conjunction with Sudocrem for maintenance.



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