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Lucas Papaw Ointment

20 reviews
Papaw Ointment

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Parent Reviews and Comments

This product was a life saver. You put a layer on the clean bottom every nappy change for 1-2 days and it will take care of every rash.


This stuff is amazing.. We use it for EVERYTHING at home, from dry lips, to chafing, and even on sores and abrasions.  It has never steered me wrong.  I know friends who have used it on their bubs nappy rash and they too swear by it.  I won't be changing for anything :D


This stuff is magic. It works wonders on almost everything you throw at it. Grazes, cold sores, dry skin, insect bites etc etc I do think it is slightly expensive but it is so worth it. It works ok for nappy rash but for severe I could suggest other better alternatives. It is definately a brilliant 'all-rounder" though and I firmly believe there should be a jar of this in every home.


I use Lucas Pawpaw ointment as a lip balm. Works wonders for my very sensitive lips. It has a very nice 'papaya' scent. This is the only product that has touched my son's bum and to this day his nappy area is rash free. 


I use pawpaw ointment on everything and it works a treat. Since I have been using PawPaw ointment on DD's bum 12 weeks ago we have not experienced any more nappy rash. pawpaw ointment has never let me down :)


I am a long time user of paw paw ointment even before I had my DS. It's great for everything from bites to dry lips.

I have used it on DS not only for nappy rash but for dribble rash and it has worked really well and very quickly.

It's all natural so no worries about putting it on bubs delicate skin. A tub is not very expensive and lasts for ages. 


I have found this product to be a great all round. Not only do I use it on my sons nappy rash (which clears up overnight), I also use it on any bumps and rashes that appear on his skin. I also use it for any bites and rashes that appear on my own skin. I love that this ointment is so easily available, cheap and not full of chemicals.

Our family are huge Lucas pawpaw fans! I find it the most universal ointment, it gives my children massive relief from nappy nash, when they have a tumble and graze there knees I just smear a little over and it relieves their skin as well as keeping the graze hydrated. I use it on my chapped lips and cracked/sore nipples, I even find it great to rub over my tattoos as they will still often get itchy. The man of the house swears by this too, he gets rather bad calluses from his work and finds this keeps his hand hydrated and helps the calluses soften and disappear aswell as using it when he gets chaiffe from playing so much sport. Overall we are extremely happy with this product, it is a little on the expensive side but we often keep and eye out for when it is on special and get it for a fairly cheap price.
One of the best ointments to use for nappy rash. I also use it for everything else including my dry lips. Its great and I love it.
This is the best nappy rash cream I have ever used on my daughter! She suffered with nappy rash every time she did a poo since she was born and as soon as I heard about Lucas Paw paw cream I tried it and have never looked back.

I keep one of the small tubes in my hand bag at all times. It works great for rashes, but also for mosquito bites, and dry skin. It's very soothing, and works very quickly.

It's practically a miracle cream!

For both myself and bubby this is my go to for most situations!

It's perfectly natural and fixes up so many problems! I love this stuff, have been using it for over 10 years!
A childless girlfirnd of mine was raving about this, she uses it as a lip balm and for dry spots, so I decided to give it a go on my little boy it was fantastic for clearing up his nappy rash! esp when he was teething and by the time he had finished doing his business his poor bum would be bright red and covered in spots!

Nappy rash kept coming back as was using disposables then but now use cloth and he is very clear most of the time but we always have it on hand!

I loved this and it was asll I would put near bub's bum, until I dicsovered it contains petrochemicals.  Probably not  a huge deal (I use disposable nappies, after all!) but it was enough to make me change to a more organic paw paw ointment.

Totally does the trick though :)

The only thing I'd put near my kids bums. It is the fastest thing I've used to clear nappy rash! I was also at the point of giving up on breast feeding my eldest child, 18 years ago, when someone recommended Papaw ointment for my nipples. After 10 years of breastfeeding (when added up) I never would let anything else near my breasts. Fantastic stuff!
AWESOME product - did wonders for my dry, cracked nipples! I was not looking forward to having to use nipple shields - this is a saviour!
One thing you would take to a desert island??
Lucas' Paw Paw!

This is just the BEST product, I love it.
Have used it from day one, my son is 5 months old and has never had nappy rash.
Use it on my lips and dry skin aswell, one on the change table, in the car and one in my handbag.
This ointment is great for my sons exzema. It doesnt work for severe flare ups but helps in between those flare ups to keep it at bay.

I used this on my 3 day old baby on really bad nappy rash as I had no nappy rash cream around. It gave him instant relief (I could move his leg without him hurting) and the rash was gone completely overnight, all from one application. I have used other very expensive nappy rash creams on my other kids but they always took multiple applications and longer time to heal.

I also used this for baby's dry skin (that they get when they are newborns), coldsores as well for my psoriasis and dry lips. This is a great multi-purpose item that is very effective.


i have tried all the free samples I got, and just keep coming back to pawpaw cream. As soon as bub has a slightly red bottom, I pop some of this on and the redness is usually gone by the next nappy change. I've also been using it preventatively at night when putting on the nappy, as bub is going about 10 hours without being changed, and am hardly seeing any redness during the day at all. I'll keep using this for him and for me - I used to get nasty cracks in the corners of my mouth but have not had it once since using this as lip balm.

The only thing I'd recommend is getting a pot for bub and a tube for yourself, not two tubes like I have. Makes it much less likely that the 'bum' tube will be used on the lips! :)



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