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Ethicare Nappy-Mate Paste

4 reviews
Nappy-Mate Paste

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Parent Reviews and Comments

As the title says, we tried so many other ointments and creams and nothing worked as well as this. It is thicker than the others and lasts through the night. If bubs breaks out in nappy rash you just layer it on and the rash goes away in a day or less. Doesn't sting when you put in on broken skin (I've used it for bad eczema too) and it's usually skin coloured (colour does vary a little from batch to batch). I like the fact that it isn't laced with perfumes or things to make it smell good. It doesn't need them, and it smells fine anyway. We tried Daktozin, Sudocrem (which was pretty good), Bottom Butter, Zinc and castor oil (also good, but didn't last long), Amolin (bubs had a skin allergy to it) and lots of other I can't remember...

For a baby with sensitive skin or a baby that has nappy rash and nothing else is working, use this. I can't recommend it enough! It has a simple formulation and when applied generously is miles ahead of anything else!


after trying sudocrem and multiple other pastes with moderate success i cant believe how good this stuff is

daycare recommended it to me and said it is the best one out there. my son had a horrible nappy rash so i tried it and it literally clears any nappy rash overnight wihout any other effort - just put it on before bed and even the worst rash is almost gone by morning

my son also likes it being put on and asks for "more cream" whereas he hated the sudocrem being put on

it hasnt stained the white nappy change table cover.

only downside is it is difficult to apply as it really is a thick paste, but that is hardly a problem

This cream is awesome.  It always clears up nappy rash and is a great barrier for the nighttime nappy.   I'm so glad a friend suggested it to me!

This product is absolutely amazing! 

My 15mth old boy only gets nappy rash when he's teething, but he gets it bad, cracked & bleeding.  He has eczma, so he's very very sensitive to almost everything (I can only use 1 type of wipe on him, for example).  I've tried every product imaginable when he gets a sore bottom (Lucas' Paw Paw cream, curash, bepanthen, sudocreme, & many more) & the only one that gives him instant relief is Nappy-Mate Paste.  It clears up his bottom literally overnight!

I got a jar as a gift when he was born & I've only just finished it this week, it lasts for ages, you only need to apply a very small amount for fantastic results.

I highly, highly recommend it!   :-)



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