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Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

13 reviews
Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I tried this several times but everytime i used it my son would develop a nappy rash.
Would not recommend


I usually use sudocrem on my DD's nappy rash however on holiday I purchased the Curash medicated cream. While it did work I found it took longer to be effective and it dried out DD's skin a bit.
So as a nappy rash cream it does the job however for us personally there have been better creams that dont have side-effects


I first heard about Curash Nappy Rash cream through my health nurse. She suggested the cream to me as it doesn't trap the liquid in there, therefore reduces the impact of the nappy/neck rash and makes the skin repair quickly and well.

I found this to be the case. Even with my naughters very bad teething nappy rash, applying the curash nappy rash cream with every nappy change whilst the rash was there that it reduced by 50% within the first 24 hours.

Its a great product, I love the curash range and I will definately use it again.

Very effective at clearing up bad nappy rash after applying for just a day or two. Not the easiest product to apply, you need to make sure the area is totally dry before applying as it just won't stick onto any damp areas. This is a product you would use as needed to treat nappy rash, not for everyday prevention.
This cream works well at clearing up bad nappy rash. How ever i dont like the feel of it and hate applying it. It doesnt go on easily and because it creates a barrier it can become very messy if the tube is stepped on or your naughty toddler finds it and puts it through hair! Its near impossible to wash out of hair or furniture so be warned there! Otherwise for bad nappy rash i always go for one like this.
I used this when trying to find a nappy rash cream that worked, however found it dried up my daughters skin making the rash worse.
This was fine on minor rashes but when he got a very bad rash I put it on and then had to bath him to remove it really fast. His rolling round and screaming was heart wrenching. I use it on my older son with a heat rash but never on nappy rash any more.
This is great at clearing up rashes and a little goes a long way. The only nappy rash cream I have ever used on my 2 children. great value for money.

Love Curash rash cream ! I love how it is so thick and it actually forms a barrier between bubs skin and the nappy. 

When my son was a baby he would get nappy rash all the time. I would pu this on and nappy rash would be gone by morning.

It was a god send. I highly, highly reccomend this product to all parents !  

I've found this product to be very good to clear up nappy rash.  I've only used it when I've noticed the first signs of nappy rash but it's fixed it everytime.  Goes on nice and thick although it does wear off fairly quickly.

I only use this when DD is starting to get a rash and it clears it up overnight.

Most of the time we use Paw Paw, but this is our go-to cream when things looks a bit sore, like when she's teething.

It goes on thick, wipes off my hands easily (a bonus!) and we've had the one tube for the last 14 months.

Defintiely recommended for occasional use.


got this product thinkin tht t was the same as sudocream and was rudely mistaken. it does not even come close.

like others have said, i think that this actually made the nappy rash worse not better, so what a waste of money.

I use this on my daughter every night to prevent a rash, its nice and thick and is still there in the morning.  My first tube lasted 7 months!  
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