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Pfizer Desitin Nappy Rash Ointment

7 reviews
Desitin Nappy Rash Ointment

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Parent Reviews and Comments

This cream is fantastic!!! It has 40% zinc, and works wonders!! It is my go to when my son actually has nappy rash! I have tried so many other creams, and this one clears it up in no time, and gives my son instant relief!!!!!

It doesnt smell the greatest, but it works, so who cares!!


When our son was 4 months old he got severe gastro, and had the worst nappy rash. We tried several different creams/remedies and nothing worked. Untill we tried Desitin. It cleared it up very quickly and soothed him almost instantly.

It also lasts all night, creating a barrier as well as healing and soothing the rash.

Now I reach for it straight away if he's starting to get a rash.


Easy to use, extremely effective, you can find it everywhere and its cheap

Works in hours soothing the skin and baby is happy again!

Mrs Awesome
My son was on long term antibiotics and would get terrible nappy rash because of this, as his poo was burning his bottom. I spent lots of $$$ on different creams to try and clear it up. A friend finally put me onto Desitin cream and we haven't looked back. After only one application, the rash was 80% better, and was gone within 2 days. I reccommend this cream to all of my friends with kids!
Natalie Creedon

My son suffered from constant diarrhoea, consequently he had terrible nappy rash. Regularly needing cortisone and antibiotics. It was just terrible. Needless to say, I tried EVERYTHING, every cream/ointment, expensive to cheap.

Desitin was the ONLY one that worked, and worked cosistently. I tell all my friends. It would be the only one I used if I had another baby.

It is the best one on the market. Yes it is hard to get off clothes sometimes, but well worth having to put up with that, to not have a screaming baby from the pain of nappy changes.

This cream is fantastic. It has the highest zinc componant and is the most protective cheap nappy cream you can buy. DS hardly ever gets rashes appart from when he eats mandarins. Destin has it fixed within days.

Our little munchkin has had a run of bad red raw nappy rash.  We were recommended this cream at the pharmacy and it's been a god send.  Virtually instant relief and providing an excellent barrier.  We were using paw paw ointment and Amolin but it wasn't providing the needed relief for the nappy rash.  

The downside is that it can go everywhere but i make sure there's a wipe handy so I can clean up any bits that have escaped the nappy! Also if it gets on your clothes best to put a bit of stain remover on it straight away so it comes out in the wash first go.   



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