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Daktarin Daktozin

4 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Recently our one year old experienced very red, swollen and painful diaper rash. Our usual go to cream didn't seem to help and the pharmacist suggested we try this one. 

After a day using this there was a huge improvement and our little girl was no longer in pain. I couldn't recommend this product more, having your child scream in pain when you change her diaper is heartbreaking and I love anything that can take away that pain.  


Well since it had been so long between babies(6 years) i have forgotton most things! So when our 7 month old started getting that horrible teething nappy rash it took me a couple of weeks to remember what worked with our oldest daughter. I went and got some Daktozin cream and with in a couple of days i saw a dramatic improvement. I love that it is thick but not hard to wipe on her bottom like some other brands. I use it every nappy change with out fail and it really sooths her bottom area very quickly.

The only negative is that it only comes in a tiny tube or a huge tube, would be great to have an in between size. Great nappy cream and can't recommend it more!!!!

This product has worked wonders for my son the past few days, he had a slight rash that wasn't going away with standard nappy rash creams and after 4 days of using Daktozin it has all but gone!

It was quite cheap for what it, at around $8 and I love that it has saved me from making a doctors appointment.
This isn't actually a normal nappy rash cream, its a mild treatment for fungal infections explaining the high price. It has an ingredient in it that normal rash creams you buy from woolies or coles dont have. But it is truely amazing & one of the best things I have discovered ever Lol. I've tried so many other products but this one blew me away with how fast it was in making my son feel better!



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