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Roche Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream

12 reviews
Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream

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Parent Reviews and Comments

This is the only nappy rash cream I will buy. My mum recommended it after she used it on me as a baby with severe nappy rash- she said it was the only thing which cleared my bottom.

I currently have 2 tubes at home - it's that good! I have used it with all 3 of my daughters and cannot recommend it highly enough. It clears a slightly red bottom right up to a full on break out.

I also use Bepanthen on dry skin and as a lip balm. Works a treat!

We absolutely love Bepanthen!

Its easy to put on, creates a great barier cream. Works well with bad nappy rash and does a great job in preventing the nappy rash to spread.

We love how you don't need a hefty amount for it to its job. Our daughters skin reacts well to it and she doesn't react. It does a good job at keeping liquids at bay.

I do recommend this cream to friends and family. I also often give it as a part of my gifts to pregnant families.

Two thumbs up! =)

I have found this cream to be the best "barrier" cream so far. It has a kind of greasy texture to it that actually creates a barrier between baby's skin and the contents of their nappy. I found that if you caught the rash a little too late and the skin became broken and painful, this cream seems to give the baby some comfort and stops their wee from stinging them. Once I discovered this cream no other seemed to stack up against it, not even the other popular one people seem to use. IYKWIM

DD1 also uses it for mosquito bite to stop the itch, it seems to work for her.


Bepanthen has been the only thing that ever worked on my babies nappy rash.

Admittenly that have never suffered from bad nappy rash however I put this down to my putting this cream on after every change so I whole heartedly believe this cream has prevented them from getting it.

The fact that it is also an antiseptic cream makes it so valuable to have in the baby bag if the little ones get a scratch, insect bit, chaffing, whatever - I just whisk the bepanthen out and apply. Perfect.

Hands down the best nappy cream I have ever used. 


I am a fan of bepanthen.

It is nice and thick but still easy to spread and works well. 

I quite like the smell, it is unoffensive - slightly medicial but not in a bad way.

I love the antiseptic part of this cream - i use it on minor cuts, stratches etc and it is also great on patches of dry skin. I actually use this cream more for that purpose vs nappy rash but it certainly does clear up a sore, red bum.

I have been through many tubes of this stuff and will buy again.

Highly recommended.

Bepanthen has been a life saver, especially during the teething stage of my first daughter that had bad nappy rash due to her teeth coming in.  Bepanthen helped keep her nappy rash under control and treat (as well as daily bathing). This is the only product that I trust to treat nappy rash and actually work after trying many different brands of nappy rash cream. Only con I have with this product is that is on the more expencive side of baby creams. But worth it for a product that actually works!

I love Bepanthen.  My DS has had tonsillitis frequently which also gives his diarrhea which leads to nappy rash.  

Because this is so thick, you don't need to use much to provide a thick barrier for babies skin and prevent any rash from developing.  And if you already have a rash, it clears it up so quickly.

Great stuff - I also use it on bites, burns (seems to heal the blisters overnight) and chapped nipples. 

Bluest Blue Box
I used this on some nappy rash as I had a sample and it was gone in a few days. Was easy to remove. Will definitely be buying this.
This IS the Magic cream of ALL creams!!! You will not be disappointed. It is used for nappy rash, nipple care, sores, cuts, and many other things. I highly recommend this product so much. It really does work instantly and removes redness very fast and you can actually see healing from the first application to the next. I also used it for nipple care as I had bleeding nipples, so after I fed my baby, I applied this magic cream and 4 hours later I would wipe it off with a warm cloth before feeding my baby again and it really gave me comfort for the next feed. My nipples were tender but not sore and bleeding. I kept this up till all was healed and that was about 3 days. I was though very sore indeed before being told about this awesome cream. It really is a magic cream!
I would gladly give this a 10+ out of 10. I have 4 tubes of this cream going in my home at any given time. I use it for EVERYTHING. :-)
I use this not only for nappy rash but itchy bites and minor cuts too! It has a nice smell to it and easier to apply than thicker creams. It is my choice when it comes to barrier creams due to the dual purpose made possible by containing antiseptic.
Mother Of Jonas
It is the only think I have ever used on my baby and he is 9 months old.  It is not too sticky and not too hard to remove so very gentle for his skin.  It also clears up other skin irritations.
la la
This was the most effective cream in treating my baby's nappy rash, it was a little more expensive but it was worth it because it worked!



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