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Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder

8 reviews
Anti-Rash Baby Powder

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Parent Reviews and Comments

This is my favourite powder!

I alternate between this and plain cornflour for use with my MCN's, using this most of the time.

I don't need to use liners and it doesn't effect the absorbancy of the nappy which is one of the best things. Also I hate creams, there messy and get under your nails and if your like me and use hand gel to wash hands after changes - then this isn't a problem.

I always use plenty of this powder on DS's bum and all around in his nappy overnight and never have any rashes even with an MCN on for 10+ hours - the only time we have is the times where DH has been stingy with the powder and missed patches in creases resulting in red areas there which re-iterates to me how good this powder is.

Would reccommend for anyone - especially MCN users.


I was given heaps of the Johnson & Johnson's baby powder at my baby shower and just wasn't happy to use a talc based product. I was given one bottle of Curash and I haven't stopped using it. My baby has not had nappy rash since using it, it smells lovely and the best thing is it is cornstarch based and so a lot 'friendlier'. This is a great product.

I use this all the time!  its great for keeping them dry soaks up all the moisture and is great for heat rash in the summer too. my bub used to dribble alot and get a rash under his neck so this works great for that too

I like to use this for times when a crem is not suitable or if the rash wont go away with the use of a cream.

I think is works well and is easy to use. It is a little messy as it is a powder.

I've been using Curash long before I had a baby. It not only works on baby's nappy rash, but also on my own dry/rubbed skin. It's so much better than ordinary talc, and I literally refuse to use anything other than Curash.

This is literary the best

My DS doesn’t get Nappy Rash often however with teething he has had a few lately. the other day he was so red I could have cried for him, it must of hurt so much, I put some powder on him before bed (like I do every night) and by the next day it was nearly gone, I kept up the powder after every nappy change that day and by that night it was completely gone!

Not a bad price and I don’t need to use yucky creams that get stuck in my finger nails, and who would really want someone to rub cream on your butt when its sore, not me! so a simple squeeze of the powders container is so much easier

Curash you have a 10 out of 10 in my books


Love this stuff !! 

I think all Curash branded items are so great.

My son used to dribble alot! This is the only thing that I could put under his neck to stop a rash.

At night (as he suffered from bad nappy rash) I would put curash cream with this on top. Worked like a charm 

I would highly reccomend this product to all mums. It is awesome !

10/10 from me :)  

 I have about four nappy rash products at my change table. This stuff is the best, clears rashes up over night and keeps the area dry. I highly recommend it.



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