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Bayer Am-o-lin Nappy Rash Cream

7 reviews
Am-o-lin Nappy Rash Cream

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used this cream with DD1 7 years ago nd swore by it. Now I am using it again on DD2. It creates a barrier that helps clear up any existing rash and helps prevent further rash's. I highly recommend this cream.


This is an excellent cream to prevent nappy rash. I used it from newborn on pretty much every nappy change and my baby never had any nappy rash.

You can get it at a reasonable price when on special at woolies and a tube lasts a few weeks depending on usage. (I didn't use it as much as my baby got older) 

Great product and an old school product.

Its thick consistency can be difficult to apply at times, however I find putting it in your hand and warming it up allows it to spread easily.

Its a good product that is trusted, aids well in reducing nappy rash and also great for skin conditions too.
my son recently had a bad time teething and had really bad nappy rash to the point he was screaming in agony if i went near him with a fresh nappy.  i had tried am-o-lin after a pharmacy assistant recommended it to me and i am very happy with the results.  my son's rash cleared up after just a couple of uses and i found the cream to be a fantatic barrier to his acid poos.  the cream smells pleasant and rubs in really easily.  i found the tube way easier to use than a tub like sudocream and the little tube fits perfect in the nappy bag.    would definitely be buying this one again.

have tried many products, this is by far best I have used.

It creates a good barrier, but rubs in easily and doesnt leave chalky/oily residue.

I used it on my sone every nappy change, he rarely got nappy rash, when he did it cleared quickly.

It is reasonably priced, especially if you can get it on special, and a tube lasts a good amount of time.

I have also used it on minor burns and on sunburn (adults) and has been good for that too.

It is my first choice for cream, am already stocking up on special for next bub. 


I have found this to be a fantastic product when it comes to treating and preventing nappy rash. I have found that it clears my childrens nappy rash up really quickly in comparison to other brands I have tried. My only down fall of this cream is how greasy it is. But I love this product apart from that it worked really well on my kids bums.

Two Sweetpeas
I have other creams that are great as a barrier cream, but do nothing for the actual rash. Am-o-lin is the only one that  works on my kids butts, usually clearing it up within a day. Has worked on mild nappy rash and severe, open sores.



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