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Huggies Little Swimmers

12 reviews
Little Swimmers

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I like these swim nappies but there are quite expensive. If you are doing alot of swimming I think you are better off buying a $20 resusable pair.

Keep in mind though that you can reuse these ones until they start to get a bit worn. I usually get about 5 uses out of each nappy. Just rinse and dry out on the line after use. 

These are the swim nappies we use when we go to the pool or beach. They are quite expensive but they do the job well. I found that they "run small" so needed to get the size up than what was recommended on the packaging for my daughter. 

These were the recommended swim nappy at our swimming lessons.

Can't really fault them, they do the job and are cute as well.

They are a little pricey but would expect a swim nappy to be more expensive than regular nappies.  We only go swimming once a week so the value for money isn't that bad.


I really like these swim nappies. They fit fantastic, havent experienced any leakage or issues like that. :) They look really cute on and have fun designs on them.  

I use these as well as a non disposible pair and feel these are very handy to have on hand in your swim bag. These are on the more expensive side but there are not very many other brands in this type of nappy. 

Johnny Poppers

Our little man has had his first swim season and these nappies came highly recommended by friends of ours. 

They look great, dont effect our sons movement, are easy to remove after a swim and  most important of all they contain what the are suppose to!

A great product that we will be using time and time again.

The only bad point is the price.

These are fabulous!

Very cute designs and they defnitely do what they are supposed to do.
Available at most supermarkets, not great value for money but not too bad either.

Another win from always reliable Huggies.
they work well but are bad value for money

Great swim nappies, I feel at ease when my little ones are wearing these in the pool or at the beach. They fit well and my kids like the cute designs.

If you need to dispose of them quickly, you can rip the sides open. However, my kids have never had an accident wearing them, so I've been able to reuse them! You can give them a good rinse, or even wash in the machine, and once dry, they're good to go again. So one nappy generally lasts me several weeks, which is great value :-)


I have 2 boys so i have used these alot, as well as handing out my spares, i have a packet in my boot at all times just incase. i myself have tried the Aldi brand of swim nappies and they just dont do the job not to mention the fact that they look horrible and are so hard to get off. The Huggies swim nappies fit nicely and the beautiful pictures on them make them ok to wear without swimmers over the top.

I recently had DS in a swimmer nappy at his grandparents and he happened to get diarrhea, and i was so amazed at how well it kept it all inside the nappy, i just took him out of the pool ripped the sides apart, cleaned him up and put another pair on. 

5 out of 5 stars to Huggies on the fantasic product. The only thing i would change, isnt really a change it is more a convience and that ismore in a packet, with 2 boys in the same size, i am buying a packet almost every week.


I am CONSTANTLY handing these out to family members for their children. How anyone can let their child go in with a normal disposable is beyond me, it looks uncomfortable and they don't do the job once they are soggy.

Little Swimmers fit beautifully and look great, you can get away with not having togs as the designs are so cute!

We've had some poo happen while DS has been swimming in his Little Swimmers and I was amazed that he had no visible leakage. I just ripped them down the side (as you do) and changed him into another. It was all contained.

5 Stars for Little Swimmers, my only gripe is I can never find 15kg+ Little Swimmers at our local Woolies and I know DS is growing out of his current size. 


I used these for the first time today for my daughters first swim lesson.

I had complete faith in them which was a load off my mind in a swimming pool full of little people. There was no bulk and fitted comfortably under my daughters bathers. After swimming in the pool for 30mins the nappy was not heavy and easy to take off. Great that they are available in small size as my daughter is 6mths old. They are recommended by the swim centre also to keep their pool as clean as possible. A great invention.

I went to the birthday of a child in my mothers group and all bar 1 child had little swimmers on.  The one poor little baby with a normal disposable on had it filled with water and sagging down to his knees.  When I took my sons Little Swimmer off there was barely any weight in it.  They work very well and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone!



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