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Munchkin Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

3 reviews
Munchkin Nappy Disposal System
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Parent Reviews and Comments
Sophie G

This bin is fantastic and a must buy for mums! It is very easy to use and gets rid of all the odours. When the bin is full the lid does not close so you always know when to refill. New bin liners must be purchased quite regularly.

I was lucky enough to win one of these. Not knowing much about it, I couldn't believe how easy it is to use, with the secret ingredient (baking soda) the life safer that makes nappy changes fun!! No more smells. No twisting required. Just pop the nappy in the bin and close, then you are done. Highly reccomended for any one who can't stand potent nappy smells. 

I was sent a Munchin Nappy Disposal System for review purposes and was glad that it was already mostly assembled before I began using it.

I had only ever used one nappy disposal system before and I remember assembling it along with all the other baby stuff and nearly having a brain snap. It wasn't that hard, it was just the last thing I needed to do after bringing a new baby home from the hospital. 

This one was pretty straightforward to assemble and heaps easier to use. I only needed one hand to open it (the other hand was busy holding down The Toddler) and then I only had to drop the dirty nappy into the bin and shut the lid.

The plastic bin liner closes as the lid shuts - and adds a sprinkle of baking soda to kill any nasty smells. The other brand I used when The Toddler was a newborn required you to twist a small lever around in a circle before the nappy disappeared.

The Munchkin Nappy Disposal System is also taller than other units, so you don't have to bend down far to dispose of the nappy! 

It has also been almost a week since I started using it and I haven't emptied it yet. It doesn't smell at all. Plus I haven't had to traipse out to the wheelie bin after every nappy change. 



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