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Tommee Tippee Hygiene Plus

6 reviews
Hygiene Plus
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Love this nappy bin! So easy to use! You just put the nappy in, push it down, twist the thing around and close the lid and its done! It keeps the smelly nappy closed in, so no smell!!! 

The downside is the refills are a bit expensive, but if you stock up when they are on sale, its great!!


we have used our nappy bin for two years straight and are very happy with it. The one main complaint is the cost of refills however each refill lasts for a decent amt of time so if you can find them on special then the cost is not too bad.

I find that the room still smells if pooey nappies are put in it, however if the poo is put in the toilet and the dirty nappy then put in the bin it doesnt smell. It is far easier than individually bagging each nappy and taking outside.Even wet nappies were leaving an odour but this is elminated by this bin.


If you live in a hot state and have a baby the TT hygiene plus is well worth the money,as it stops your big bin from smelling by the end of the week. I also loved having somewhere to put the nappies late at night without having to go out to the bin.

I have found that now that it is winter I cannot justify the expensive price tag of the replacement cartridges, so have given it to a friend who is expecting twins. 

Overall the bin is easy to use with one hand and cartridges are easy to replace. We only had a bag rip on us once because I tried to put 2 nappies in.

Johnny Poppers

I liked

  • it is a very neat / tidy unit
  • I didn't have to run to the outside bin in the winter. It could be left in the baby's room
  • each nappy is individually wrapped and the smell was contained.
  • the bin is secure and not easily opened by toddlers
  •  it was easy to use / not over complicated with simple instructions
  • the bin liner refills were easily replaced

I didn't like

  • the initial cost of the bin (I was able to get it half price on a sale that made it better) 
  • the cost of the liner refills as they are expensive (I purchased a pack of 4 when they were on sale)

I have one of these and while i thought it was a great concept at the time of purchasing it i have since changed my mind.

The product itself is pretty easy to use. I do find as it starts to fill it starts to smell.

The cutter doesn't cut the bags properly when you wish to empty it and the refills are very expensive!  Also the insert inside where you push the nappy though broke on mine the first time i used it. 

I regret the purchase and have decided to stop using it once i run out of refills and i will just use nappy bags instead 


I was also lucky enough to win this nappy disposal unit. All you have to do is place the nappy in the bin, push down, twist, then close. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Nappies are then inidividually cased in the plastic film. The smell is gone once in the bin, and it does not have any aftersmells coming for it.

The only disadvantage is that the refils are quite pricey- almost as much as the bin itself, for a pack of 4.



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