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Angelcare Deluxe Nappy Disposal System

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Deluxe Nappy Disposal System
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased the Anglecare Deluxe Nappy Disposal System before the birth of my first child.  Note many people told me I didn't need a specific nappy bin, however I decided I would buy one as our bins are a bit of a walk from the nursery and I wasn't walking to the bin everytime there was a nappy change!  I decided on this particular nappy disposal system over others because I liked the one handed function with the foot pedal, which means you have the other hand free to hold onto your baby.  Also it was a lot bigger than most on the market so you wouldn't have to lean down as much if you put this bin on the floor, which I did.

I am pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and performance of the Anglecare Deluxe Nappy Disposal System.  My daughter is now 3+ months and I'm only on my 4th bag cartridge.  Given that the cartridges are quite expensive ($50-$70 for four) the length of time between needing to change these makes them worthwhile. I change the bin liner (not the cartridge) every week to two weeks, note though I now don't put no.2's in the bin now as its easier to put them in their own separate bag and dispose immediately.  This is because there is a bit of a smell when you open the bin to put a nappy in (only when it's nearing full) but when the bin lid is closed you do not notice any smell.

When the bin liner is full you simply flip the lid, pull the liner down a bit and run it through the cutting mechanism inside, tie it and then dispose...very simple and easy.  Pull the liner through some more tie the end, close the lid and the bin is ready to use again.

I have had some quirks with the inside top of the bin not opening properly to allow the nappy to fall into the bag, however a few presses on the foot peddle generally overcomes this.

Overall I am very satisfied with this Nappy Disposal System and would have no hesitation to recommended it to my family and friends.



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