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Hippybottomus Stay-Dry, Quick Dry Nappy

16 reviews
Stay-Dry, Quick Dry Nappy

Award winning, revolutionary modern cloth nappies. They are as easy as a disposable to use, simple to wash, comfortable, cute and very affordable. Their innovative design allows them to be used from birth to toilet training, and their waterproof layer means that no cover is required.

Parent Reviews and Comments

The only cloth nappies I have ever tried before were the flat terry towelling ones you need to fold up and pin together. These nappies were a lot easier and nicer to use than the old style ever were. They have a soft fleecy inner lining with a pouch for reusable nappy liners. I had a few issues with the liner bunching but I think that was more inexperience in MCN. The snaps on the nappy made it easy to use, and although I was a bit confused by all the snaps to begin with, I soon figured it out. DD2 is a 2 and 1/2 year old and the nappy still fitted her well and will do for a while yet. The designs are fun and colourful which is a bonus!


I was a little bit sceptical when I first felt the nappy as the cover seems quite thin - but they dry quick and I didn't have any leaks. They fit my boy well at 8 months a 9kg. 

All in in all a good nappy

The Crunchy Mum

I used this nappy on my 15-month old baby girl. I found this nappy to be a terrific all-round workhorse nappy for everyday use and also lovely and cute to pair with her outfits for going out.

What I liked:

  • The thick, soft, plush feeling of the inside lining of the nappy which I can tell is very comfortable for baby's bum. The plushness of the fleece lining is definitely thicker than most other pocket mcns I've tried.
  • The single insert which was included was very thick and absorbent, yet dried surprisingly quickly after each wash. Outside on the clothesline, it was fully dry under 2 hours. On rainy days indoors, it dried within half a day.
  • It held up well to pees and even a big poo blowout. Everything was fully contained in the nappy with no issues.
  • The placement of the snaps are versatile enough to be used on my 15-month old and could be expanded to fit my 3-year old toddler as well.
  • I liked the wide sizing of the crotch area which I personally prefer on my mcns. I am quite wary of narrow crotch designs which are meant to be a trimmer fit but usually don't hold up well to blow outs. So the Hippybottomus crotch sizing is comfortably wide.
  • The pricing is these nappies is quite irresistible. They are definitely an economical way to build up your stash and get under way with using cloth.

Other thoughts

  • I had heard that these nappies were rebranded China imports, but honestly speaking, I could not really find much fault with them and for the low pricing, they definitely seem worth it. And the design and quality nappies seem very adequate (i.e. not flimsy or thin) to last quite a while.
  • Two other features mentioned about these nappies were the antibacterial properties of the bamboo fleece as well as its anti-fuzz/pilling. I can't really comment much on these two points as they would need more time to assess. I would consider these as nice to know and nice to have bonus features.

Overall, I am happy with these nappies in design and value-for-money and would be willing to recommend them to anyone looking to venture into using cloth nappies.


I found the nappy very easy to use, wash, dry and store. 

The design was very similar to the existing nappies I use and I was easily able to adjust to fit my daughter. In saying that there was an obvious difference that what I normally use, and to me felt a little cheaply made. 

I was concerned about the lack of "poo fencing" and looseness around the legs. Had we not been at home during a certain incident then it would have easily ended up in disaster. 

The nappy also lacked the weight I was used to and I found it didn't absorb to the same level as what I'm used to, in saying that it was slim fitting  so wore well under tights etc. 

Overall the pattern was funky and cute, it was easy to use however I would only use this nappy as an at home nappy. 


My initial impression of this nappy was that it could not possibly be absorbent enough for my heavy wetting 9 month old son. However, after trying it a few times with no leaks whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this nappy trim-fitting and quick drying but it also seems to do the job just as well as my other, more bulky modern cloth nappies! I wish I had tried this nappy months ago and will seriously be considering buying more down the track if we need more MCNs. I would love to see a Velcro (rather than snap) version of this nappy.


  • Trim-fitting and fits well on my chubby baby
  • Quick drying
  • Bamboo inner is quite soft
  • Bamboo inner & insert is great for absorbency
  • More absorbent than it initially appears – the insert must be magic!
  • Nice pattern which would look good on a baby girl or boy


  • Material seems very thin: good for drying but may lose structural integrity really easily
  • Outer layer is very stretchy, looks more like a swim nappy than a MCN
  • Bamboo inner looks soft though this may go after a few washes
  • The instructions say to be careful when undoing snaps due to too much force causing material to tear around snaps. That’s all good and well, but who is going to remind my husband to be careful undoing the snaps? He is very impatient with snaps especially when a dirty nappy is involved! Maybe this material would be better suited to using Velcro to secure a good fit on bub?

This nappy arrived and was super doper soft. I was surprised, after a couple of washes, the nappy and insert was still the same softness as when I opened the envelope!

My little girl is a bit on the petite side, and this one size fits all nappy has so far been leak free. We've tried in during the day and through the night.

It has leg snaps, and waist snaps to make the fit even better and the pattern is very funky, and soft on the outside too.

I'd be very happy to continue using this nappy and even purchase more of the same for my MCN stash!


As the product name suggests I definitely agree these MCN are 'quick dry' therefore have made themselves a favourite amongst my MCN stash as they’re always the first dry after washing.

I have used a fair few brands of MCN with my 2 little people and these ones are great 'work horse' everyday nappies.

They fit my 'average' sized baby really well and during the trial periods I did not get any leakage or explosions. 

The pocket allows the option to stuff more boosters in for extra absorbency if required and in conclusion I would definitely consider buying more of these nappies for my stash. 

Little Miss Sunshine

I was given one of these to review.  It isn't as expensive as the mcn's I currently use, and I still prefer my current brand, however for the price they cost I was very impressed.  If I was starting out and money is a big factor I would recommend the Hippybottomus.

What I really liked the most was how quick they dry!  They are practically dry the moment you pull them out of the washing machine. This would save on laundry/ drying costs as well.

The bamboo material feels super soft and nice.  They fit snugly and are quite trim fitting for an all size nappy.  They last 3-4 hours on my toddler.

The negatives are is that when they leak THEY LEAK, i.e. if you left it on a little too long instead of a small leak at the side the whole thing becomes saturated requiring a full change.  It is also an annoyance they recommend you wash them at least 5 times before you start to use them- I understand it improves absorbency but I don't understand why it can't be done before they are sold?  It meant it took over a week after I received it to actually start using them. 

Also other brands I have hold a lot more or last longer between changes - but Hippybottomus are less than half the price of those.

One thing I am unable to comment on is the longevity of the product. I have only used it for a month so unsure how it will hold up in a few months’ time.

Overall, my experiences with theses is positive.  It's certainly not the best cloth nappy out there, but for the RRP you need to wonder if the extra money is really worth it to you. They are a cheap, practical cloth nappy that’s easy to use.


I was sent a nappy to review, but at a purchase price of $12.95 these nappies are fantastic value for money. They are quite a large nappy, I had to snap the hips down and use the tightest top snaps (My daughter is currently 10 weeks and 4.3kg). Although, at least that means there is a lot of growing room! I like the pocket and how soft the nappy is inside. I have only used the nappy during the day so far, but being a pocket nappy you can easily add an extra booster at night. The only negative is I don't like the print I was sent, however that just personal preference - I looked on the website and there are plenty of other cute designs. On the whole I was impressed, we had no leaks and I would definitely purchase more nappies from Hippybottomus. 


I have been trialling this nappy on my now 5 week old and my 20 month old for the past couple of weeks.

So far I have been very impressed by these nappies. 

The bamboo has been great on both of my boys bottoms who are prone to nappy rashes and have sensitive skin. No problems with absorbency, although I have been using an extra insert with my older son as we do with all of his nappies to increase absorbency as he tends to be a heavy wetter.

Drying times have been great, even though it has been warm weather, the nappies and inserts are generally drying overnight then have a chance to air out in the morning -- while my other microfiber inserts are still wet in the morning. 

Stains have been minimal and easily bleached out with sunlight exposure.

The fit has been very good on both of my kids and the design I received is cute.

My only drawback would be price, although they are not as much as the premium designer nappies - they are more than the 'china cheapies' which also work well, however I do think that the bamboo fibre is preferable to the materials used with the china cheapies and so given my time again I would probably have looked into making my stash a Hippybottomus one.


Hippybottomus Modern Cloth Nappies are fantastic, they have a good fit on my 10kg daughter. The positioning of the 3 press studs on either side makes a very secure fit and the little flap that keeps the insert in place is a fantastic idea. Had no leaking even when my daughter had a 3hours nap unlike some other brands I have tried. I would love to be able to replace my entire collection with this brand.


I tried this product with my 4 month old daughter. She's in modern cloth full time so I was keen to see how the hippybottomus quick dry stay dry nappy compared to the two more expensive brands of mcn we usually use.

The hippybottomus nappy comes with a lovely soft insert and micro fleece shell lining. The nappy does seem very wide across the crotch compared to other mcn brands and I was concerned this would result in a poor fit for my child as she's very long and skinny. However these fears seem to have been unfounded and the nappy fits well even if it is a little bulky. The side snap system gives an excellent fit around the waist and with the rise snaps set to the smallest size we didn't have any issues with gaping around the legs. 

I was very pleased with the absorbency of the insert which seems equal to the brands which make up the bulk of our stash. We haven't had a single leak when going three hours between changes.

The biggest downside to this nappy, compared to the other mcns we use, is the pocket style. Stuffing the pocket can be fiddly and if not done properly you can end up with the lining sticking up outside the top of the shell which could lead to wicking. You do have the option of laying the insert in the shell instead of stuffing but if you have a wiggly baby it can be tricky to keep it in place while fastening the shell.

In general this nappy is a good budget mcn option.  


These nappies are so soft and gentle on my 5 week old daughter. The designs are very cute as well as stretchy so we got a good fit every time. They are so easy to use and care for.  Even her Dad could use them properly. I did find them very bulky on such a little bub, however they will fit her for a long time to come. 


I love these nappies. The inside is so soft on babies bottom. My favourite feature is the little flap which goes over the opening for the insert, it just makes them look a bit tidier. They have hip snaps as well which mean they're a better fit on young babies. My daughter has chubby legs but we still use the hip snaps and so far haven't had any leaks (unless the nappies are due for a strip wash).



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