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Soft Bots Pocket Nappy

2 reviews
Pocket Nappy

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used the pocket nappy with the bamboo insert and extra microfiber insert over night.  My daughter sleeps 14 hours at night and I was getting a lot of leakage from disposable nappies so tried these... 

I was Extremely impressed... After 14 hours, there was NO leakage, while the nappy was full I think it could of even held more.

They are a great design and come in great colours.  Love that they're Australian made and owned.

The pocket nappy is quick drying as is the microfiber insert however the bamboo one takes ages (1-2 days) so recommend buying extra of these.

Also love that its one size fits most. And the website has a video on how to use them for different ages.

Lovely customer service.  Definately recommend them.


My sister introduced me to Soft Bots which are Australian  small business positioned that itself at the lowest end of the price range in order to be compeditive.  That being said, the nappies are every bit as good as the well known brands. Both grandmothers and my husband use Soft Bots nappies easily and they come in a huge range of colours and patterns.  They fitted my son right from birth and contain poo explosions beautifully.  I have never had a poo leak from his cloth nappies but it happens 80% of the time in Huggies and Targer brand disposables.  

I bought 24 nappies and 48 bamboo inserts because the PUL nappies dry in about 2 hours while the inserts take 1-2 days.  Luckily, both can be tumble dried which is important during the long, wet Tassie winters.  I probably didn't need quite so many inserts but its nice always having extras.  

Soft Bots also has a good website and Tasha, who makes the nappies with her mother, always posts products super quickly.  She also  made herself available by both email and phone to help me troubleshoot when I was still learning how to use the nappies.   (Being a first time Mum, I needed quite a bit of help with the basics).  You dont' get that sort of personal help from any other brand I know of.    I am really happy with Soft Bots nappies.



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