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Real Nappies Modern Cloth Nappies

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Modern Cloth Nappies
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Bought these nappies online from this New Zealand company: FREE POSTAGE to Oz!  Wohoo!  Love them, I bought the big pack, called the Birth to Potty Pack and they are guaranteed to last through 2 kids.  I already have 1 newborn and an 18month old so they are both using them at the same time.  They are a prefold and cover system, the prefold is really absorbent and I have not had any leaks on my newborn's number three's!  More than I can say for the disposables he has tried.  We use the liners on our toddler but not the newborn as he is being breast fed so his poos are extra runny.  The liners are great for my toddler though as you an just flush the poo away.  I just wash every other day which is no biggie as you dont have to soak the nappies or anything.  They also dry really quickly as the nappy is separate from the cover which is why I have less washing too.  Plus I can fold for a newborn or a boy or girl.  I really love these nappies and just wish I had found them earlier.



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