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Happy Heinys Pocket Nappy

2 reviews
Pocket Nappy

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I found the Happy Heiny Pockets a great fit for my daughter

They had a bit of stretch to them and did well around her very chubby thighs, it was also a nice trim nappy

I bought the small sized pocket

I didn't like that the nappy I bought was only the cover and I had to buy inserts as extra

My daughter was big for her age and was able to wear this pocket nappy for longer than the size said


These just never seemed to fit my long, skinny girls properly.

They don't have that extra velcro tab on the top (like Monkey Doodlez do, for example) so you can't do them up tighter.

After a bit of use the velcro tabs curl out, so they come undone easily.

The inserts don't seem to fit the nappy well - but they're great in other pocket nappies!

The PUL is quite stiff, too.

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