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Pikapu All In One

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All In One

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We use oir Pikapus as a night nappy with the booster. Very happy with it so far, it's been a couple of months and no leaks. Easy to wear and quick to dry. It has started to look a little tired, but we do wash and wear them 1-2 times a week, everyweek. Would get a couple more for rotation. 

Because they are Velcro, bub has started to pull off his own nappy. He's 8 montNo now. 

Kerri Tomlin

LOVE my Pikapu. Easy to put on, fit my different shaped children from newborn to toilet trained. No leaks due to double elastic at legs. Easy to care for, so quick to dry. No more hassle than a disposable nappy, and I save money and feel better for my child and the environment! Sold my other brands of nappy to buy more Pikapu's!


Pikapu AIO mcn are the ONLY nappy that 1. Fits my solid son and 2. Keeps him dry and doesn't leak or wick. Highy recommend this product to anyone wanting to try out mcn. Very simple to use, wash and dries really quickly. Great product. 


I have been using 4 brands of newborn cloth nappies through a nappy library and I found the pikapu newborns better than any of the others.  The Pikapu AIO and the Pikapu cover with inserts never leaked, were really easy to put on (no fiddling with stuffing pockets or buttoning attachments), wash really easily and dry so much more quickly than any other brand I tried.  My baby is now big enough to fit the larger size Pikapu on the smallest setting so we will be using these for all our cloth nappies now!


Very easy nappy to use, easy to adjust and pop on. The elasticated sides mean that there is less leakage than other nappies i have used.

It is extremely bulky, so we cannot wear out with clothes over the top (i have a newborn-this may differ for larger kids, who do not need the size adjusted).

With the lining built in, it does take a little longer to dry.

Also, when washed, other parts of the nappy stick to the velcro tabs, causing a bit of wear. I find they are wearing very quickly. (Bub is only 8 weeks old, and i am seeing wear. Also, i only use MCN part time, and this is only one of 4 brands i have, so not being used/washed every few days). 

We cannot get through a full night in these, 2 changes per night (so every 3-4 hours). This is for a newborn-i don't use the extra inserts because the nappy is already so bulky, and it is too much to also use the inserts. 


Pikapu AIO ( All in one) OSFA ( one size fits all) nappy is for newborn to toddler 3kg-18kg. It is Australian designed modern looking nappy and they come in a range of colours, I received a red one which made me super happy as it is my favourite colour.

My first impression was it had a soft microfleece lining, modern and was well made. My favourite feature of this nappy was the twin leg gussets to prevent side leakage, it worked really well. My four month old daughter is a heavy wetter and the nappy was extremely absorbant. I have been using cloth nappies for over 14 years and have a few different brands and Pikapu competed wonderfully with my favourite brands.

When I washed it it was still very soft and it dried very fast.

I would highly recommend these nappies and I wished I had found them before I just bought my new stash, I will definitly be buying from them in the future.

erin cooper

Used on a wee baby. Comfortable ,easy fitting and no rub marks as some others do. This will last for ages in quality and size altering.  East washing and fairly quick drying.  I recommend these nappies to all Mums.

Olivia H

Used on my 2.8 year old son.

Pros: Very simple to use, good fit, look good, nice large gussets, very soft/feels nice, quick drying,

Cons: My son is a heavy wetter, so I needed to add more inserts and change more often. The Velcro is very easy for toddlers to undo.

Overall: Very good nappy. Would I buy more and recommend them to others? YES!


what an amazing nappy!!  i own and use 2 original pikapu, so when the new V2 came out i had to try it.  firstly, i use mine on a toddler (2.5y/o) so can't say what they're like for a younger baby, but we love ours.  it fits my daughter like a glove, and has plenty of room to spare (my original pikapu's also fit my 4.5 y/o, who no longer needs nappies, and by the look of the V2 it would fit him too).  our first try of the V2 lasted for 6 hours without a leak or a change, and after only one wash.  as per other pikapu products the nappy dries extremely quickly, with the V2 drying overnight on the ironing board (with the gas heating on within the house, a blessing in canberra).  we've also tested out the V2 with our set of pikapu night boosters, again no leaks, a lovely dry toddler in the morning. 

definately a nappy i would recommend to anyone.  if i was building a new stash now they would be the bulk of what i buy.


Pros: Easy to use, a good fit, and at this rate they'll do my son until he's four because he's nearly nine months old and still only on the second set of snaps.

Cons: Not so good overnight for a heavy wetter, even with boosters. Maybe my son just pees like a racehorse.

Overall: I found Pikapu nappies after nearly giving up on the idea of cloth (we had previously used another brand). They saved my idealism! My son now wears Pikapus whenever he is not in daycare (although not at night).


Fantastic AIO OSFM cloth nappy...  

I have been using these nappies for over a month now and i am so happy with how easy they are to use.

These fantastic nappies take roughly an hour and a half to dry (even in my freezing house),

These nappies have valcro instead of snaps which i find make the nappy a lot easier to use, however it does bring up the issue of my toddler taking off her own nappy.

They fit both my 21 month old whom is on the largest setting & my 4 month old whom is on the smallest setting, and to change the settings needs only minor adjustment. If put on correctly you can achieve a pretty slim look under clothing.

I have also being using these as night nappies by simply adding 2 inserts and have still not had a leak on either girls (dd1 is a heavy wetter).

They have just brought out a version 2 of these nappies and i cant wait to test them out.

I have really pushed these nappies to there limits and would 100% recomend them



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