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Baby BeeHinds Petite A12s

8 reviews
Petite A12s
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased a heap of these while pregnant. My baby started fitting the medium size around 8 weeks old and is still in them at 8.5 months old. They are trim and very absorbent. They dry well if you layer the insert over two wires on the clothesline. The main thing I don't like about them is the cut on the front. They seem to have a scoop cut that is also elasticised, which sounds good in theory bit it doesn't sit very well across bubs tummy.


We used petites for my little girl for a couple of months and loved them!

Rhese are a great design, trim fitting with a double popper waist, meaning you can adjust leg and tummy tightness seperately which is awesome!

We never had a leak and they were easy to wash and quick drying, it takes a while to figure out the best way to hang the awkward inserts but once you figure it out it's easy.

The only negative I have is they are no good for breastfeeding poo or poodplosions. The wings fold inside the nappy accross the front of baby and the insert isn't quite long enough to sit over the wings so when there's runny poo it goes all over the wings so as you could imagine it makes changing time difficult. This is the only reason I stopped using them but now my little one is having firmer poos we will definitely put these back into rotation.

A fantastic nappy, just watch out for the inner wings =) 

Bennos Mummy

These are trim and absorbent. I do find that they can leave red marks on the legs of my little one though. When i snap them they arent done too tight so i dont know why this is.

I found DS outpeeing them so just folded the booster differently having more in the front and that fixed that.


I found these nappies very cute when they first arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait to start using them.

These are a great slim fitting nappy. They  making for a slim fit under clothes and don't have that bulky look. They are quick drying and come in some fabulous colours.

Theses are a fantastic nappy if your bub isn't a heavy wetter. I found they leak all the time on my bub. And I end up more frustrated at more washing.

You also can't add extra boosters to them to increase absorbancy.

I also find the snaps located on the side difficult to do up. However I do like the feature that you can adjust the waist fitting and the leg fitting by snapping the different off set snaps to make for a snug fit.

Overall I was really dissapointed in them. 


while i am a big fan of BBH, the petites did not work for us i ahve a quite chunky baby and the fit of them just seemed to always ride up his tooshy and he always had major pulmber crack LOL i think they are a great concept for babies that are not so solid :)


These are a lovely nappy. They fit amazingly are NOT at all bulky, dry realtively quickly and are easy to put on.

The only issue is that you have to buy different sizes which can get expensive, so although trialled these were not our chosen nappy.


These are a great nappy! Ease of use, trim and look cute! These are especially good on chicken leg bubs, as are most Side Snap nappies.  They provide good absorbency although on a heavy wetter you only get two hours out of them. LOVE THEM!


These are so easy to use, fit like a dream and dry quickly by MCN standards! They look gorgeous too!



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