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Baby BeeHinds Original

4 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used these nappies with DS. They are so cute but function wise they are great.

They wash well, totally robust and well made to last. 

My DS didnt get any nappy rash using them and will easily last a second child.

Great investment, no complaints wth them.


I absolutely love these nappies!  They are our everyday nappy and one of the first that I will reach for at change time. 

We have been using these nappies since DS was about 2 months old and, although bulky, they fit well.  Once you figure out how to adjust for a small baby (which doesn't take long!) they're so easy to put on. 

I love that the entire nappy is absorbant - with the correct insert snapped in we've had no leaks at all. 

These nappies are bulky - especially as they need covers as well - but a chubby bum is so very cute on a little bub.


These are my favourite MCNs, the bamboo or hemp ones. They hold well for longer periods of time, fit really nicely, really adjustable sizing, wash out very clean and dry reasonably quickly for a MCN.

When waddling around at home in hot weather its good to use without a cover for a bit of 'airing'. Only downside is the BBH covers aren't as 'pretty' as some other MCN's, but as a functional nappy it definately does the job!


I loved the baby beehind nappies, my little one didn't suffer from nappy rash the whole time we were using them and of all of their nappies I had only one of these came apart (near the snap) in the whole time I used them.

They are a great Modern Cloth Nappy and I wish I could have kept using them but had a lot of difficulty with my 2nd pregnancies so changed to disposables.

They are very easy to use, I was able to launder them very easily and almost all of them still look brand new.  

The main drawback for my whilst I was ill and unable to stand up for any amount of time was that it increased my laundry loads as my bub was a frequent wetter.

With the extra boosters  she was able to wear these to bed and we only had a couple of accidents in that time

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