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BumGenius One Size Organic

6 reviews
One Size Organic

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Parent Reviews and Comments
These are great trim-fitting nappies, and extremely simple to use. They do stain easily and can be difficult to spray clean with a nappy sprayer, but with a bit of an extra soak and some sun they always come up alright. They take a while to dry as its not recommended to tumble dry, but if you are after a one-size organic cotton nappy these are wonderful. They aren't cheap, but the price of BumGenius nappies has reduced greatly recently. Definitely worth the money in my opinion. 

We have been using Bum Genius one size organic since our baby was 2 months old.

The only downside is they do take around 2 days to dry unless it is a hot dry day


I have been using bumgenius organics MCNs exclusivly on my 6 month old and couldnt be happier.

They are a one size fits all, however they didnt fit DD until she was 4 weeks old. She was 7lb14oz, so not tiny, so not recommended for newborns.

Other than that they are a great, very easy to use nappy. No stuffing of inserts required and go on as easliy as a disposable. Very absorbant, we have found they will go about 8hrs without leaking. Easy to wash, they do take slightly longer to dry as they are an all in one, but as long as you have enough thats not an issue. 

Just a great everyday nappy! I would highly recommend!  


I actually find these nappies brilliant. For one they tick my most important box and that is that the parts of the nappy that are in contact with my bubs skin are certified organic.

The quality of this MCN is superb and to me, taking into consideration the fact that they are organic, they are well worth the price. Even if the price causes you to baulk wait til they are on special as I did- you won't have to wait long as there are so many companies selling MCN that they have sales regularly.

I find these nappies excellent for my partner who was initially reluctant to use my new MCNs due to the extra fiddliness as these ones can be whipped on with ease just like a disposable and on that note, they are great for travel for a fast nappy change on the go or at a stinky public toilet for when you want to get out of there as soon as possible ;)

I often use these ones for night time, as well as any time of day and have had no issues with leaking- in fact I find them far better than my other brands with the separate liner because as the liner is sewn into the BumGenius there is no slipping of the liner caused by the tossing of a sleeping toddler. I've used an additional booster with them as an uneccessary precaution and found that the nappy could take it because of the extra flexibilty of the one size fits all adjustablenes.

The press studs are wonderful and super clean and hygenic, easy to fasten and adjust.

The nappy washes really well and can handle quite a bit of mistreatment from whacking it the washing machine on ultra fast spin and the hottest setting on my dryer. They do take additional time to dry so you do have to take that into consideration. I usually put them out on the line with the rest of my loads and peg apart the layers so that it can air adequately and if once I take in the washing and find that they still require further drying I pop them into the dryer with my towel load.

nice nappy and very easy to use but long time to dry even on a hot day. very absorbent. Good night nappy
This nappy comes in lovely pastel colours and the organic cotton is very soft and absorbent. It's very easy to use as the insert is sewn in so no snapping or stuffing pockets. I haven't tried it overnight and probably wouldn't as it would be difficult to boost it. The main problem with it is the very long drying time and for this reason I would not buy any more. They are quite expensive too. 



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