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Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy

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Night Nappy
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I love these night nappies, they just perform so well and fit so nicely on my son. They appear super bulky, but my son never seems uncomfortable wearing them due to the side-snapping nature of the nappy in which I can adjust it to fit both his waist and thighs perfectly. Teamed with a wool cover, these are just perfect for nights for him. 

Being bamboo they do take a fair while to dry, particularly if you don't own a dryer. However they are made up of 2 parts that snap together, so drying them is not too bad as they can be separated. They are made much like a BBH Petite AI2 nappy, with the long tongues on the insert that need to be folded up to suit your child. This could be a problem if a Dad or relative are using the nappy, but I think it's pretty straight forward with a bit of demonstration. 

These nappies are usually around $30 each, however I managed to pick some up on sale for $20 each brand new. So it's well worth keeping your eyes peeled for a bargain!

Very good quality, and well worth it in my opinion! I have 2 for full-time use, however 3 would be ideal as I sometimes have to use a bamboo flat (which also work great) due to the 2 of them both drying at the same time.  


This night nappy is the best one I have tried.  I have 2 children in nappies (9 months and 2.5 years) and a little boy in night nappies only (4 years).

These nappies are fantastic for all kids, heavy wetters especially.  They need a cover, either a PUL cover or a wool cover, but using either, I have NEVER had a leak.

They wash and dry fantasticly, because the inner can be snapped out, so it dries in no time at all.

I used to use MCN during the day and disposables during the night, until I found these night nappies, now we are a full time MCN family :) I find them value for money over the long term too.

I thouroughly recommend the BBH night nappies.



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