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My Little Ripple My Little Ripple Modern Cloth

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My Little Ripple Modern Cloth
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I received these MCNs earlier this week. When DS was born we started off with disposables, and from about 3 months went cloth nappies for a few weeks only for me to give up and go back to disposables.
Now DS is 16 months, and with bubs 2 due in a few months we just cant justify spending so much money on land fill.
So my google research brought me to My little ripple and how I wish i had know about these so much sooner. I bought 30 MCNs at less than $4 each. They come with one insert each but I have actually been using our old terry flats for the stuffing. These are not you get what you pay for it, oh no. They are excellent value for money. Work so well. For the nights I put a terry flat folded in 4 with a microfibre cloth I had from the car wash section at the shops. then i fold that over again about 1/3 of the length and insert this in the pocket. For the night this is a bit bulky but DS is a heavy wetter and he has had no leaks. The  microfleece inner keeps his bum dry and he did not mind the switch from disposable to cloth at all.
I bought some in denim and other colours and even DH thinks they are easy to put on.

these were definitely worth the investment and the best thing is you can buy 10 of these for the price of one designer nappy.

Love them and highly recommend and the business owner is super helpful!


These nappies are cheap but the quality isn't great. I've used the nappies with & without hip snaps & the cotton inserts & bamboo inserts. I've experimented with different fitting & combinations of nappies & inserts & think I've given them a pretty good road test:


- the nappies without hip snaps are a waste of time. They leak at the inner leg quite quickly.

- the nappies with hip snaps are better, but you need 2 inserts to get a couple of hours out of them. This makes the nappy quite bulky & (I think) a bit uncomfortable for baby to sleep in (daytime naps - don't even bother trying overnight!). They are also fiddly to assemble using the 2 inserts. The nappies are inconsistently sized - the white ones are smaller - so you have to sort the inserts into bigger & smaller ones (the inserts are also inconsistently sized & I bought the inserts in one bulk order) & assemble them accordingly.

- the bamboo inserts are awful! They're more expensive- don't waste your money! I bought these hoping that they would perform better than the cotton ones but they don't - you still need 2 inserts. And they take forever to dry! They are quite floppy so that when you hang them they kind of bunch up & I'd say this contributes to the slow drying time (I have some on my hanging peg round that are still damp & I washed them 2 days ago. The cotton ones, hung in the same way, are dry).

- you need to change them at least every 2 hours or they will leak at the inner leg & at the front if you've used the snaps to make the nappy shorter (to fit my now 7-month-old).

- one plus - the nappy casing that sits against bub's skin feels dry even when the nappy is very wet. I haven't had any problems with nappy rash using these nappies but I do change them frequently & don't use them at sleep time.


In summary, if you're not too serious about using mcn's & you've got a lot of time on your hands, then these are good simply because they are cheap. But just be aware, you will need to do extra washing (due to the frequency of leakages onto clothes), you'll need 2 inserts per nappy (buy cotton not bamboo), you won't be able to use them comfortably when baby is sleeping & you'll need to set aside time in the day to assemble the nappies.


Ps: customer service isn't great - I contacted the company when I saw that they were identifying the colours with hip-snaps & without, saying that had they made this clear when I was purchasing the nappies I would not have bought those without. Their response was that I was lucky to get the ones with hip snaps at the time...


I was a bit skeptical about whether these nappies would be any good as they were so cheap, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started using them, they're great! I paid around $4 each for mine and they perform just as well as others that I paid $12 each for. No leaks and they fit my daughter from about 3 weeks old.


MLR are a great basic mcn and so cheap. I've had no issues with leaks and find them to be wont as bulky as some other mcns I've tried. They are a great all rounder nappies and the delivery is super fast- 1 day from payment to receiving! 


I bought a stack of different MCN's prior to my sons birth but bought the most of MLR due to the price. I thought that even if they were ok they were worth the money that I had outlaid. 

I have been realy surprised! These are my workhorse nappy and I have come to actually appreciate there cutness! I rarely have leaks in these and double stuffed with a bamboo insert these have become my night nappy lasting 10+ hours. They are great for the drying time and the insert being microfibre is ok to go in the dryer and the shells dry very fast.

And once again, the price - you can get 10 for nearly the price of 1 designer nappy!


These mcn's are great.  Look very cute.  Good quality.  Great customer service from the company.  Fantastic value for money, it doesn't take long to start saving money.  Not many leaks, you just have to check the nappy a bit more often than a disposable, no dramas.  I'm very glad I started using these.


I always wanted to try cloth with my first, but was put off by the price.  I thought I would try 'internet cheapies' and I couldn't be more impressed with my little ripples.  They are SO CHEAP it is ridiculous, and I have had absolutely no issues with them at all.  (I do not use them at night, and did not use them on newborn).  Coupled with the My little ripple MCN flushable liners, they make using cloth so cheap and easy, and they have already paid for themselves with what I have saved in disposables.


I really wish I'd have known about these for my first bub!! Couldn't believe it when I found these on eBay.... Cheap and look good!!

We couldn't use these at first, as my babys legs were too skinny! But now we're in the full swing of things, I'm never going back!! 
No leaks (apart from the first few weeks as he was small), they fit well, they look oh-so-cute on my bubs bottom and they are great value for money!! We even use these at night time, we just team up the nappy with a bamboo booster and a pilcher over the top (just in case it does leak!) and it lasts a whole 12 hours!!

Very happy I took the risk with these.... People say "you get what you pay for"...... I'm sure you get way more than what you pay for with these!!! :D


These are the first MCN we have tried. I wish we'd bought them for our first child as they are great. I have already started saving money within a few short weeks. They absorb really well, it just takes a few changes to get used to putting them on. I line dry ours and they keep coming up really white. There is a bit of extra washing but with two kids there is always lots of washing anyway. My boy is 6 months old so not sure how they fit on a newborn. The same size fits our 2 year old daughter who still wears a nappy in bed. I'm really pleased with these nappies. I couldn't afford to spend $36 each on some fancy ones that I saw at a baby shop!! so I was really pleased to buy 20 for about $70. And I feel good about the whole not dumping as much in landfill. Happy all round. :D


We're very impressed with these. While we haven't tried any of the others yet, these are really great! They were recommended to me by a fellow mum who adores them. She's been using this brand for over 6 months with her little man who has a sevre allergic reaction to disposables.

I love their usablity. They are easy to put on and take off. Easy to wash. They contain the mess quite well. We've only had one accident and I actually think it might be because my DH didn't get it quite on right! LOL.


I bought these for my third bub after making the decision to go cloth. All in all I can't complain. I bought mine for less than $4 a nappy deliverd which I figured even if the nappies were horrible I wouldn't be loosing out on much.

After a few washes I have found the absorbancy of the microfiber much better than the initial few wears. I have a long and lean bub and I am getting a few leaks around the legs which I am putting down to skinny legs for now., but not enough of a leak that I am wetting through clothes if that makes sense.

I am boosting the nappies with two inserts as my bub seems to be a very heavy wetter and I am getting between 2-3 hours out of my nappies.

The inserts included dry super fast. I wash in the evening and they are dry by morning, My cotton and bamboo inserts (different brands) take far longer to dry.

The covers wick away moisture from the skin and I can rotate between a couple of covers as once the inserts are removed the cover is dry to touch and then totally dry by next nappy change. I have 20 covers and 30 boosters but could get away with almost halving that amount of covers.

All in all a good budget nappy. May not cut it for those who are used to a more "premium" brand but brilliant for starting out or bulking up a stash!


Hi these maybe cheap but they aren't nasty.  They contain the leaks and have great absorbancy.  At less than $6 a nappy these are great value!!  Not like others at more than $20-$30 a nappy!!!  Thats highway robbery in my opinion.

My daughter has skinny legs and it was gapping at the legs but I fixed it by using two inserts.   

Many people complain about the trimness or that its bulky.  Well you have to sometimes forgo trimness for absorbancy.  

I have had her in these nappies for 4 hours and no leaks.  No stains either even with no.2s on the nappies after washing.  

Drying time excellent shells dry in no time and inserts half a day in good sunshine.  If its winter inside one and half days with heater on.  

They have snap rises which means you don't have to buy more as your child grows.  Which I love the idea of.   Plain colours only and no minkys but they do the job. 



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