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Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls Multi-Fits Version 2

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Magic-Alls Multi-Fits Version 2

Multi-Fit stages grow with baby! Magic-Alls Multi-Fits have been designed to fit the average sized baby from birth to toilet training, which for most babies is approximately from 3.5kg through until 15kg.

Using specially milled fabrics made for Baby BeeHinds products, these nappies offer fantastic quality and comfort for baby. With an outer layer of cuddly-soft slinkee Minkee or smooth PUL (no cover required for either type) and an inner of smooth suedecloth, baby can be kept dry as wetness is wicked away from the skin.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are a pocket nappy, which means you have the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly what your baby needs. This is achieved by inserting absorbent inserts/boosters in to the pocket opening at the back of the nappy.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Although a more expensive nappy than some of the other cloth ones, these are very good quality.  I use mine as night nappies (using both the insert and the booster) on my 12 month old little boy, as I find they are very absorbent and also keep the moisture away from his skin (he's a very good sleeper, so is in his night nappy for 12 hours).  They come in cute designs.  They are a bit bulkier than some of the others, but I don't find that a problem.

The Crunchy Mum

A terrific nappy which is hard to find fault with. Inserts feel very lightweight and are very quick drying, but provide amazing absorbency. Tested it on the go for 3 hours and the inserts still had plenty of room to absorb more.

I found the trim to be fairly trim for a OSFA nappy and looks absolutely yummy on baby's butt.

Pockets require inserts to be stuffed and removed, but generally not an issue for most pocket users.

Pricing above the average point but overall worth the value you get out of it.

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