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Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls Multi-Fits

5 reviews
Magic-Alls Multi-Fits

Multi-Fit stages grow with baby! Magic-Alls Multi-Fits have been designed to fit from approximately 5-16kg, which for most babies is approximately from 6 weeks of age until toilet training.

With an outer layer of cuddly-soft slinkee Minkee (laminated with PUL, so NO COVER REQUIRED) and an inner of smooth suedecloth, baby can be kept dry as wetness is wicked away from the skin.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are a pocket nappy, which means you have the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly what your baby needs.

Parent Reviews and Comments

These were one of the first types of cloth nappy I purchased for bub, and they put me right off cloth nappying, it was just by chance I tried another brand before giving up...

I loved the velcro adjustment but that's as far as the love goes with these

We had nothing but issues. They leaked out of the legs from the very first pee. As the inner fabric also folds out at the legs the liquid inside wicked outside and if touching clothes we would end up havin to change bub again. It started a full clothes change regime at every nappy change which was quite often as they always leaked.

They also take alot longer than others to dry as most of the absorbency is seen in in 1 piece. 

I hated these nappies, and I would definitely not recommend them to anyone, especially when starting out unless you can get them very cheap and expect getting leaks.

I was so disappointed as I had only heard good things about baby Beehinds in the past. 


Theses are a fantastic nappy if your bub is a heavy wetter. I found they have great absorbancy. I only have one in my stash as it was a freebie because I ordered so many others. But I do find now that DD2 is 8 months old It fits her better than it did when she was a newborn.

They come with all the boosters your going to need. So no need to purchase any extra boosters.

You can use these from birth but I found them way to bulky on a newborn and my DD2 wasn't a light weight. I like the concept of a OSFM all the way through from birth to toddler. You would only need to buy 1 full set and it would last well into toddler years saving $$.

I do find that my adjustable size snaps come undone sometimes which is really annoying at times but it's nothing I can't deal with. I also find that where I have snapped the sizing It has the eccess nappy poke out the sides and doesn't fold neatly like all there advertising pictures show. That really does annoy me.

They are quick drying and come in some great colours and designs.

Overall these are a great nappy and I would recommend them.


These aren't the trimmest nappy in my stash but they are the ones I reach for most often. I love that they are one-sized-fits-most and the pocket style means they dry quickly (especially in QLD!)

They do look bulky - especially on a small bub - but a gorgeous fit on The Toddler at the moment. 

They have a tri-fold booster as well as a single booster so you can alter the absorbancy as needed. These are the nappies I reach for if I think The Toddler might be having a long nap and need the extra absorbancy.

I've got several of these (some new, some bought second-hand) and I've never had a problem with leaks or broken snaps etc. 

An excellent OSFM nappy! Highly recommended.


The first thing I noticed about this nappy.  My gosh its wide in the crotch.  If you don't want your baby looking like they are riding a horse cowboy style don't purchase this one.  I only have one and wouldnt purchase again due to how wide it is in the crotch.  Poor daughter looked like a cowboy, in respect how her legs were wearing this nappy.  

Also found that this nappy's snaps didn't stay done up when trying to pull the nappy between the legs, most annoying.  

Still has the same wide pocket for adding absorbancy.  It doesn't come with the soaker sewn in like the magic alls.  

Over all I wouldn't purchase this nappy again.  Not impressed at all. Too bulky will use it for night time when my daughter is not moving about. 


This nappy is the same as the normal Magicall sized nappies. It's terribly bulky. Yet the abosrbency is great.

I used them only at night when DS was younger, as during the day I couldn't get his clothes over them. It was a good nappy for at night because you can stuff them with more boosters to increase absorbency. Yet when DS was 7 months, they no longer worked at night.

Overall, it wasn't worth the $$$ they ask. You can get much trimmer nappies that have the same absorbency for cheaper.

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