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Baby BeeHinds Magic-all

14 reviews

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My bub had a big belly and skinny legs and we had plenty of leaks, especially when she was laying on her side breast feeding.  She is now 19 months and leaks seem to be better.  Velcro good when smaller however bubs learn to undo them very quickly.  Snaps are great though you can't really get as good a fit as with velcro.  I also found them to be a bit stiff and bulky.  


I bought these second hand from a buy /sell site and have been very pleasantly surprised.

I have had zero leaks and they seem to wash very well.

They fit my DD perfectly, as the ittibittis in medium didn't fit her, and they still have a while to go before they don't. DD has chucky legs but a smaller waist so I struggled finding cloth nappies that fit.

I will now be stocking up on these, and have these as my main stash maker :)


I use a range of MCNs as I wasn't prepared to commit to the cost of buying a single type only to find they weren't right.  Magic-alls have become one of my favourites.

I like them because of:

  • the plain minkee outers - which are easy to wear with clothing or alone 
  • The pocket means I can boost them as much as I like
  • the slightly wider crotch than some of my other favourites like Itty Bitties means these are great for naps, when you're expecting poos, or when you're out and about and not sure how often you'll be able to change the nappy.
  • They come with snaps - my daughter learnt to undo velcro very early
  • They are my most reliable leak free nappies once fitted properly.
The downsides are:
  • they are on the large side - I bought mediums, and they didn't really fit my daughter until she was over a year, which was when she was actually heavier than the size guide.  She is on the slim side though.   I would go down a size next time around if I were buying more.  She's now nearly 2 and still in the mediums with plenty of room.  
  • They take a long time to dry - a good tip is to turn them inside out either immediately when drying them, or after you've given the inner a sunning first to remove any stains.  They dry faster that way.
  • They are a little bulkier than others like itty bitty, but in a way that's why I like them for certain circumstances.


I found these nappies very cute when they first arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait to start using them. All the funky colours and I love the Minky. So luxurious. Theses are a fantastic nappy if your bub is a heavy wetter. I highly recommend these nappies. I can add extra boosters to these. I have a tri fold booster I pop in as well as the extra booster that comes with the nappy as well as the built in booster. That gives me a total of 5 layers of absorbancy. I have never had these leak  and DD2 is a heavy wetter. She wears these overnight and I've never had them leak. I wash them, dry them, fold the boosters and 'stuff' the boosters ready to go. No more fiddly than a all in 2 or snap in one.The only con in my opinion is that they do take a while to dry especially if it's been raining. I find they take 2 days to dry if it's been raining. You can put them in the drier but I never have for fear of destroying the fibres in the boosters. These nappies are bulkier under clothes but I'm happy to have that for the extra absorbancy. These are also sized nappies and once bubs grows you need to purchase the next size. But I knew that before buying them so don't see that as a con. These are my MCN of choice and I abolutely LOVE these nappies.


Wasn't a fan of these. they just didnt fit my little minnie mouse really well. Which was a shame coz they were very cute.


These make up the bulk of my MCN stash, because the price was right! They were on sale and I bought about 12 of them for about $200 including postage, so they were awesome value. They fit my chunky monkey quite well, but are a very bulky nappy, which was fine in summer, I dressed him in just a t-shirt and a magicall and it was a very cute combo. I used them overnight often successfully, though needed to be changed ASAP in the morning. Though after a year of use they developed a musty/wet/wee smell no amount of rinsing, washing, air/sun drying, soaking, etc can get rid of. So a bit of a thumbs-down from me. Maybe I'm not washing them right, but I felt like I tried everything. They also take a long time to dry, I'd line dry them and finish in the dryer.


These were huge and didn't seem to fit bubs legs very well although they are specifically sized. As a result had some serious blow-outs


Nice minkie outer, a bit chunky in the crotch but not too bad I suppose. When comparing it to their OSFM nappy.   Drying is easier when turning the nappy inside out but not the quickest drying nappy.  I put it out this morning and its still there now and my ebay cheapies are already dry and ready to use.  It has exactly the same insert as BBH but they aren't sewn in making drying time half the time.

I love the bamboo insert to boost the absorbancy of this nappy.  It is easy to put in the extra bambo insert as the pocket is wide and easy to get into.

I haven't had a leak and my Daughter gets up to four hours wear so far.  Haven't been game to try it over night.  

Was worried about the amount of elastic at the back.  Worried it would leave marks on my daughter but they don't. It fits well around the legs.  Im not sure how much more my daughter will be wearing Medium though.   She is 6.5kgs.  I don't like that there are no snaps but having got one of the BBH OSFM I would stick with these as they have a trimmer crotch area. 

Compared to other nappies in my stash the size is generous in the rise but not in the width with the snaps.   


Absorbent for sure, but my big boofhead boy has never been able to move well with these on. They are very bulky and don't fit under clothes.

Definitely not worth the money I paid for them.


I bought a few of these to try on my DS after his usual OSFM nappies became a little bit small on him (he's at the chubby pre-walking stage), and I absolutely love them! They have never once leaked, and I seem to be able to get a really good fit on him without the elastic at the back being too tight and digging in like some others. I haven't tried the multi-fit Magic-Alls as DS is in large now anyway, but they also look really good.

They come mostly in block colours, but they are really cute especially the minky ones. I love the fact that they are an AIO but with the option of using extra boosters in the pocket part. It makes it very easy to dry them, as about halfway through the day I go out and turn the nappies inside-out so that the inner sewn-in part dries quicker. I find if I put them in the dryer for a short time it fluffs up the minky outer nice again, but they really are fine without it.

They aren't a particularly trim-fitting nappy, but I have found them to be very reliable so I guess you have to weigh up your pros and cons. They are also really easy for DH to use which is a definite plus. I really love the Magic-Alls!


My baby is a very heavy wetter and i found these very bulky as i had to boost them with additional bamboo inserts. The nappys were so bulky that she had to waer a size up in bottoms as clothes are not made for cloth nappys these days!  a lot of leaks

I started using MCN's on my 3rd child when she was 8months old due to terriable nappy rash. I purchased 6 baby beehinds magic all's in the large size and i am so happy with them. They are so easy to use and so much more fun than disposable nappies. Most importantly no more nappy rash! I highly recommend these nappies for first time uses.

These nappies are excellent and are great value for money. Most of our nappy stash comprises of Baby Beehind Magic-alls, and we are in love with them.

They are very absorbent, particularly with another booster placed in the back pocket of the nappy. If we are going out for a few hours and I know I won't be able to change DS (or if  he's going down for a nap), I place a trifold booster in the back, and this can be done quickly and with ease. We have never had any 'accidents' with these nappies, all poop has always stayed inside where it belongs!

They are not the trimmest of nappies, infact they are quite bulky, but it's not really an issue for us. The fit is superb - our son has been in Mediums for a while now, and it doesn't look like he will be changing sizes anytime soon.

Furthermore, they are incredibly easy to use - basically like a disposable, but made of cloth.

My only criticism is that they colours are not as exciting as other brands, and they don't have many prints (they have only just recently brought out two limited edition prints, but they are not really to my taste). However, I would prefer a nappy that works incredibly well as opposed to one that looks pretty.

These nappies do take a bit longer to dry than SIO's, but that is to be expected for an AOI so I don't see it as a drawback. Regardless of this though, they take only about a day to dry in the sun where we live.

I love BBH Magic-alls!


I love my magicals with snaps.. they are EASY to use, the staff were just fantastic. I didnt start using modern cloth until my son was 18 months and the staff were full of helpful advice and delivery was very quick indeed. Value for money, they are easy to wash, i just put on the rinse cycle then go back and put them on a wash cycle with cold water and a little bit of washing powder and your all done! They do take all day in full sun to dry but thats not a problem now my son is older and wee's less.

Fit was not the best, gaped quite a bit at the back.. but to rectify this I would just buy the velcro version next time around rather than snaps, that way i can adjust nappy just right! :)

Just fantastic! A+

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