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Baby BeeHinds Hemp

4 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I got these nappies secondhand, so they obvoisuly last really well, as they'd been through a few bubs by the time I got them. They had no stains, and continue to wash really well, but the woollen inserts were a bit stiff.

They fit very well, but are a bit bulky ~ certainly not a slim fit on a small bub! The woollen inserts are extremely absorbent, but take ages to dry ~ 5 times longer than a microfibre insert. We use the inserts in our other cloth nappy systems with success.

My main issue with these is that they have no layer of waterproof material, thus require a pilcher. The Baby-Beehinds pilchers are brilliant, though ~ we use them heaps with all kinds of cloth nappy.

All up, they are great if you want old-style fabrics and sustainable materials, but I prefer the newer microfibre for it's fast drying abilities, and a system that allows me to re-use the outers. These require washing after every change. I also think these are a little expensive, but they are a one-size-fits-most nappy, so savings can be made there.

i have both hemp and bamboo nappies for my two boys (2 yrs -12kg and 6 months - 10kg) both very different body shapes. these nappies work very well for both kids. i have found that the hemp nappies are quite stiff after washing/drying but they work very well. 

I have both bamboo and hemp fitted nappies from Baby Beehinds (along with other types and brands) and really love these as a good everyday fitted nappy.  My bub is a fairly heavy wetter, so I haven't tried them for overnight, but easily get over three hours, up to four hours wear through the day.  I find the bamboo fitteds just take WAY too long to dry (even in sunny Queensland) and the "crunch" feeling of the hemp after washing is very easily solved by screwing up the nappy/inserts in your hands after they are dry.  The fabric becomes lovely and soft again if you do this.  Also, I find that mine have become softer with use.


We started buying 6 hemp and 6 bamboo baby beehinds and liked the bamboo much better. The hemp ones went very stiff whilst the bamboo are still soft. 

Love Baby Beehinds in general. We have worn them every day since we got home from the hospital, day, night, out and about, everywhere. Great value for money, easy to use, no leaks!



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