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Pea Pods Fitted Nappy

10 reviews
Fitted Nappy

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Parent Reviews and Comments

These nappies form the bulk of our mcn stash. The adjustable leg elastic provides an excellent fit for my skinny legged Dd. I love how easy they are to assemble and put on. I do occasionally have issues with wing droop but find that as long as I'm attentive to the positioning after I do up the snaps it's fine. A big plus for us is how quickly the inserts dry compared to some other brands! I'd definitely recommend pea pods as a good work horse nappy.

The Crunchy Mum

Best workhorse nappy I reach for at home:

  • Easy to assemble (just stuff inserts in pocket)
  • Two rows of snaps to customise different settings for waist and legs
  • Dries pretty quickly - inserts dry really fast, so you can circulate more inserts (or even a prefold) between a few inserts
  • Wide crotch for easy stuffing, and safe poo catchment size

Potential 'cons' to take note:

  • Nappies are sized, so need to get different sizes for infant and older baby/toddler (but I heard they just released a OSFM version recently)
  • Elastic 'feels' like they won't last the distance in long-term, but I've only had one baby so far so can't say for sure. Been using them for almost a year now and they're still ok in general but elastic 'feels' like it has stretched a little with baby's growth

My daughter is nearly 3 months old, and I've been using peapods nappies since she was 3 weeks old.

When she was so little (she was 4 weeks prem), the nappies were too large on her, and didn't really fit properly, so we had to use disposables for the first few weeks till she plumped up a bit. Now, they fit pretty well.

I've had a few issues with leakages, usually because I haven't put the nappy on as tight as I probably should, as for a while there, they were leaving red marks around her tummy from being too tight. Luckily we haven't had any spillages in public, just ones at home.

I love the bamboo absorbers. The more I washed them, the more absorbent they became which was great for her wearing them, but not as great when you needed them to dry! If I put them on the line it would take almost a full day to dry, where the outers dried almost imediately. Now I put them through the dryer and it takes at least 90mins on high to dry.

I did make the mistake of washing the outers on a high temperature wash on my mums new washing maching (It was a 'baby care' cycle), and one of the outers separated (as in the cloth outer separated from the waterproof lining on the back). It hasn't fully come apart but still feels strange when she's wearing them.

I bought mine for a bargain, and intend to onsell when I upsize (just replacing my used inners for new inners so I can keep the extra absorbent ones for the next size up). 

Great dollar value when you think of the money you save compared to disposables, and I love the comments I hear from everyone when I tell them she wears MCN's as opposed to disposables. Makes me feel better about my choice.

I DO recommend them, and they've worked well for me :)


I love these nappies. You do have to buy a few more because they are sized, but well worth it.

On my newborn, they are really trim, so we can actually wear them under clothes (not as trim as disposables, but the best cloth ones i have).

We can get through an entire night with the regular insert that comes with the nappy and one night booster. (whole night=6-7 hours).

I have had no leakage problems, and they dry very quickly, as all parts separate. The nappy cover comes out pretty much dry straight out of the machine.


I really like the pea pods nappies. I think they are a great price and i like the fit of them on my 6 month old son.

They are easy to use and unlike others brands i have the insert is really easy to put inside the nappy. It isn't fiddly to put on and washes well. They look good on and unlike some nappies don't cut in to babies legs or waist 


I have only used these and Cushie tushie Nappies and i think in regards to cost and effectivness Pea Pods are the best. I have used them now for almost 18 months and the only issue i have really had is two of the nappies have lost a press stud.

The inserts seam to have lost there fluffyness but i feel they are still just as absorbant as they always have been

Over all i think these are the best budget MCN i have seen on the market


What I find most frustrating with these nappy's is all the fiddling around with having to put the absorber in and a booster if required, I also find that these nappys are so bulky. I have used a more expensive brand of MCN and find there are better ones for trimness. However one thing I do commend them on is there absorbency. Can go overnight on my son (14months) and he remains dry then next morning and he sleeps for a good 12hours.

Overall they are inexpensive and do the job but not the best out there. 


I must start by saying I haven't had a lot of experience with any other brand of cloth nappy. I did use bambino mio once, and a home made one from a friend a few times, but we brought a set of 10 pea pods so we predominantly used these. 

Pea pods (when compared to other brands members of my mothers group were using) are one of the few re-usable nappies that FIT a newborn. At least 20 months ago this was the case, most likely more are available now.

I loved the comfy fit, and the press studs. Also it is ESSENTIAL to buy the 'nighttime booster' one for each nappy and use them ALL THE TIME. At least for my boy who was a heavy wetter, this was the case. Otherwise we had leaks. Also that contains the poo's a bit making them easier to clean. I tried the nappy liners but they don't do much for the cleaning up process, when, excuse my french, you have a runny one (almost all the time).

I HATED putting the pea pods together after washing however, they are annoying, to do the tri-fold for the insert, and then try to stuff it in without it unfolding. This was a thorn in my side, so much so i'm considering trying a different brand with bub #2. The night booster was much easier to use, I even considered stitching my tri-fold insert together to make it easier to put back in, but never found the time.  

They also leaked a bit, but not as much as friend's brands. I found pea pods were good fit on the legs but possibly needed more length, but my bubs was tall so maybe that didn't help. They were very bulky under clothes which was a real gripe also. And to be honest, my baby slept longer in disposables, so we ended up just using them during the day.  


They arent worth wasting the money on.

not absorbant, lose shape easily, elastic is shot within a few months...


These nappies are fantastic.   They are excellent in the absorbency department, my little man makes disposables leak, but we haven't had a pea pod leak yet.  Easy to use, no soaking, just chuck them in the wash and hang on the line.  Excellent company to deal with, I had a faulty one that they replaced no questions asked, and quickly too.  They are a great fit and go under clothes without looking like a bubble bottom like some cloth nappies do.

Highly recommended.

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