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Pop-In Dream Dri

4 reviews
Dream Dri

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I LOVEEEEEEEEE this nappy.

It is the only nappy which can last my boy 12hrs (yes he started sleeping through the night since he was 4mo). I was desperate for something which will fit him at that age and outlast him until potty training.

He is now 15mo and I still rely on this nappy. 

It never leaks, quick dry (within 1hr!! or 3hrs during winter), soft to touch, and very adjustable for different sizes.

Its new design (in 2012) is the best of all of them. The bamboo can last bub up to 14hrs, the quick dry minky can last him up to 10hrs straight.

Even though its trimness arent the best but it is a huge improvement from the old design. Please try the new design and you'll see how much trimmer it is now.


I have used these on both my 7 month old son from birth & as a night nappy for my (daytime) toilet trained almost-3yo.

These nappies really do dry like a dream - maybe an hour at most on a hot day on the line for the inserts (the boosters take half a day). The popper/snap system has provided a perfect fit from newborn right through to 15kgs for my boys.

I have never had a leak due to the absorbency and the unique double gusset design. With a night booster this nappy sees my heavy wetting 3yo through a 12 hour night. The inserts allow you to put the absorbency where it is most needed - I use both inserts with the smaller insert doubled to the front of the nappy for my boys, with a night booster overnight. The snap-in system keeps the inserts in place nicely too.

The fit is very trim (without the booster) & the velcro fastening makes this nappy easy for even Dads to use. I love the fact that if the inserts are just wet, you can reuse the outer & just snap in new inserts.This makes them very good value for money.

With constant washing, I have found that the boosters loose shape & fade considerably over time. Also the leg elastic on the most used outers of my stash (which have been used & washed 2 times a week each for the past 18 months) has begun to stretch & lose its shape. So far this has not affected the leak-proofness of the nappy though.

Another con is that these nappies only come in solid colours & are a little plain looking.

I would definitely recommend these nappies as a cost effective leak proof nappying solution. They are a great workhorse nappy, for people who don't need the fancy prints!


I always use these nappies for out and about. They are so trim they almost fit like a disposable and they never leak. I find them really easy to use and my little one hasn't figured the velcro out on these yet, although she has on other brands. 

They dry extremely fast - say 20 minutes on a sunny day.

If I want to use them for a nap or for a long trip out I just boost them up with one of the nighttime bamboo boosters that you can buy for them. 


I have only a few of these as I thought I would test them out before jumping in the deep end. I got them when my baby was 4 months so i don't know how they fit a newborn, but they have been well fitted so far.

The Pop-in dream dri has, like everything else its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Slim fit - neat and tidy look better than disposables and bulky cloth nappies
  • folds down small so they don't take up your entire nappy bag
  • Microfibre drys quickly, unlike bamboo you don't have to wait around for them to dry
  • one size, fits from birth to 18kg
  • adjustable waist
  • softness doesn't seem to fade after washing like the bamboo


  • velcro waist strap, little fingers love pulling at them
  • need to be shown how to use them
  • a little more complicated than other nappies, can't leave them with mother-in-law
  • need to check almost all of the nappy to make sure none of the inner lining is hanging out
  • doesn't seem to hold as much of the heavy times and No.2's as the bamboo.

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