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BumGenius One Size 4.0 Pocket

4 reviews
One Size 4.0 Pocket
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I've been a mum for all of about 12 weeks now and have been using the Bum Genius since I started to find my feet again around 6 weeks ago. I initially thought I'd be daunted by the extra washing work involved, but it's actually not a trouble at all. And the little extra time it does take to do a couple of extra loads is well balanced by the gorgeous looking nappies my little boy wears! So, if you are planning to go down the modern cloth nappy route, I suggest you look into Bum Genius:

I have the Bum Genius 4.0 All in One Pocket Nappy and I have nothing but good things to say about this product. I've only used Bum Genius, so I've nothing to compare it to, but it came well recommended by family and friends. I've not been disappointed so far. The inserts are highly absorbent, and I've rarely had a leaky incident. The outers dry super fast, and are also super adjustable. As my boy is growing so fast, we've already had to increase the rise of the nappy, but there is plenty more growing room for him.

I recommend getting the snap fasteners, rather than the velco (hook&loop) as I've heard it can get caught on other things, especially if you wash it with other clothes.

Quantity-wise, I have 24 of them and this seems to be enough to ensure I am not washing every single day. After all, us mums are busy people! 

And lastly, Bum Genius look great. They have a great selection of colours for both genders so you can match them to any outfit.

Overall I think the expense of Bum Genius nappies is well worth it when you consider the long term savings to yourself and to the environment! 


i really like the bumgenius nappies.  i love that they are a One-Size Fits Most and because of that i used them mainly when out and about so i didn't have to pack seperate nappies for my newborn and toddler.  its quick to snap them down for a newborn and unsnap them for an older child.  the shells dry really quickly and the inserts much quicker than my other nappies.  they are a trim nappy (not as trim as an itti bitti but not as bulky as most osfm nappies) 

the bumgenius nappies are on the upper end of the pricing but they do last.  i have had mine in a small rotation for over 4 years now and they are still in fantastic condition compared to others i have had as long and used just as much.   each version gets better and better.  i just wish i knew about these when i had my daughter.

i would recommend these to anyone who uses modern cloth or who wants to give it a go


This nappy is one of the very few modern cloth nappies that i've tried that still fit very comfortably on my huge 19 month old son. He is on the highest rise setting (and it fits perfectly) and the 2nd last row of snaps on the waist. So still a little room to grow on the width if need be, where almost all other nappies he is on the biggest waist setting. 

It is so easy to wash, comes up perfectly every time. I prefer the snap closure to velcro, only because the few velcro ones I have are starting to become a little less "sticky". Snaps also make a little bit trimmer fit under clothes and of course it is harder for a toddler to take off which is great!

The microfibre inserts dry very quickly, and if I find my son needs a little more absorbency i can just add a bamboo booster (any brand that fits) into the pocket aswell.

These nappies are expensive, but if I could have my time over I would have made my stash up with basically all BumGenius as they are just so fantastic and so reliable. Well worth it in my opinion, particularly if u can get them on sale or directly from the US.  


This nappy is pretty much the only OSFM nappy that fits my son from birth to toilet training. My son is very very tall and always has troubles with nappies that have a low rise. This nappy just fits like a glove.
It comes in snaps as well as Velcro and I love using the Velcro for at daycare (easier for the carer) and the snaps at home.
The ones I have here I bought new about a year ago and they are still in new condition. Elastics great, microfleece still white, tabs still stretchy, PUL still good and no crunching.
These are also a slim fitting nappy, so I use it under his clothes.

The only con is that they are a bit boring. They have a few "artist prints" but even those are boring. Other than that, this is the most absorbent nappy I have used and I have tried pretty much every brand out there. I guess you can call me an addict.
I use this at home and when we are away on a long trip when I know I cant change him every 2 hours. Its also a great nightnappy for the first year. You can add extra boosting as its a pocket.

For me it is the best value out there.



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