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Itti Bitti bitti tutto

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bitti tutto

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LeRoy Jenkins


So we bought our itti bitti tutto diapers used. There was 23 complete sets and then 3 extra covers. The family we bought the diapers from had used them for one child (I am assuming that she didn't take us for a ride because her children were there and there was only 1 young enough to have just finished diapers). These diapers are GREAT, except...our daughter is almost 5 months know and all the liners are falling apart. When we take the diaper off and attempt to unsnap the liners, the buttons rip off and leave a gaping hole in the liners that quickly get larger. Almost all of our liners are doing this. The material around the buttons has deteriorated from the cyclical stress of pulling the buttons apart. The covers are small compared to the other reusable diapers we have, which is great. We shouldn't have a problem sewing new liners together (without any buttons) so we will still get use out of them.

Bottom line: if you are planning on using these diapers for more than one child then look elsewhere or be prepared to repair/purchase new liners for the second child (you probably still end up ahead even if you buy the new liners though!) The snaps are easy to figure out once you have put on a few diapers.


These nappies were one of my favourites. I found them to be highly absorbent and were a great fit for my daughter. I liked the lower fit and they also looked super cute- I loved the soft minky feel.


I am a cheapskate so I love the concept of the Itti Bitti tuttos as they will in theory take us all the way through the nappy phase.

We have only had a few minor leaks in the early days, I believe that was a case of the product gaining its absorbency and user error.

We had some tummy gapping in the start when missy was a skinny mini, however we never had any issues with leakage from this area as the inserts filled the gap.

My husband finds the inserts overwhelming and uses a different brand.

They are easy to wash and dry, although snapping the inserts back into the shells can be tiresome.

I do find they are bulky so can leave my daughter with a big bum

We started using cloth to save money however I soon became addicted and have collected pretty much every limited edition print (at great expense).

The latest lot of prints have been of poor quality, and I am disappointed. This poor quality was mainly with the changemats and blankets


Most of my MCNs are tuttos.  I've used them from about 3 mo and she's same almost 11 mo.  We had a few leaks at the start but I'm told that it needs a few washes before it reaches maximum absorbency.  We haven't had any wee leaks and the nappies can last a good 4-5 hours if need be.  We also haven't had poo leaks thanks to the poo fence, unlike our last poo leak which was with a disposable.  Since starting solids I have mostly been able to lift the liner, flush down the toilet with little staining left behind.

The range of colours and prints are fantastic.  With summer coming up, it means that I don't need to buy underpants, and I just simply need to put on a shirt to match the tutto on those warm days.

It is slightly more bulky that sized nappies and disposables, so may be a bit tight with pants that haven't allowed room for a nappy.

The colour is still as good as new after over 6 months of washing them every 2-3 days and the inserts are also stain free.

I haven't had any issue with snapping the inserts back after washing, as the colour coding makes it easy.  

A great nappy, with a collection I'm still growing :)

The Crunchy Mum

Have a couple of these in my stash. I bought them for the funky prints and designs and was attracted by the concept of the nappy - an OSFM nappy which can be customised from infant to toddler stage, and fully removable and customisable inserts.

The overall concept is good in theory and works ok in general, but this is not my favourite nappy for several reasons:

1. Absorbency is not the best. Even using 2 the inserts + the mini booster, everything was soaked after a couple of hours over one nap (I've have other nappies that do much better than this). The inserts themselves are not that thick (probably to adhere to the trim fit feature of itti bitti) they would probably be alright for infant/baby but not enough for longer stretches with toddlers

2. The inserts are a little fiddly to put together. There are colour codes to guide where everything snaps in, but I'm the only one in the household who knows how to put them together. I don't mind doing it, but it does require 1-2 additional steps to assemble

3. With the multiple inserts, poo can get caught in between the multiple layers of inserts. I use a liner which helps, though sometimes liners shift out of place and leaves a mess.

But some good points about the nappy which make them still popular:

1. OFSM - customisable snap settings to use the nappy from infant to toddler stage

2. Trim fit around crotch area

3. Great colour and design options

4. Fast drying time - everything comes fully apart to dry separately


I have recently brought some Tuttos second hand and we really like them here. I like that they are OSFM but really trim compared to most OSFM. They are small sizing, If you have a large bub I probably wouldn't go with the Tutto as they have a short rise. I have also found with all Itti's you really need to get the nappy sitting above the top thigh roll. There is a trick to 'rolling' them into the nappy and it definitely helps to keep leaks at bay. 

The extra snap these have on the inside to stop 'wing droop' is brilliant. And the 3 piece booster set does a fantastic job of absorbing but being trim at the same time. 

They are expensive but they are easy to resell for a good price on second hand MCN pages as long as you keep them in good condition.

Because they snap in, they dry really easily and if you have extra booster sets, you can reuse the shell which is fantastic

I love the fun colours Itti has and I also love the minky. My son grabs the clean nappy off me before I change him just to have a snuggle with it :-)


Excellent, excellent, excellent nappy!

These are the only cloth nappy I have been able to trust with my kids. I tried many others which all leaked (not wee!) but not the Tutto! 

I cannot recommend this nappy enough. I love them!


Omg I live these nappies!  I have never had a leak yet! The Poo fence is genius! The colours and designs are gorgeous! 

To avoid the fiddliness of all the snaps I store them ready to go after washing. Caring fort the product it easy and my mum can even use them! Given that I have them all set up for her lol.

These nappies are very absorbent and great value for money! The sizing is they even fit my preemie when she finally reached 4kg! 

They are also the most slimlined mcn I have found so it cuts. The bulk in clothing down. 


I love the Itti Bitti Tutto. My stash is 99% tuttos. I bought them for value for money, to save having to buy more nappies as my daughter grew. They are very quickly drying as the inserts and shell come apart. I have spare booster sets so as soon as the shell is dry I can use the nappy again, simply by snapping in a spare booster set. 

 I do find them a little fiddly because of having to snap and unsnap the boosters in all the time but you do get used to it and quicker at it. 
They aren't absorbent enough for my 2 yr old over night as she sleeps for about 12 hours. I would say they would be fine for a baby who wakes several times and would have a few nappy changes over night. 
I love that the tutto is suitable from newborn until bub is out of nappies. Absolutely the one thing that sold them to me (and hubby!!) on cost effectiveness.
I do occasionally have leaks but not often enough to turn me off them. 

I'm looking forward to using them on my newborn due in a few weeks. 


this tutto is one of my favourite, first i love to softness and design on the outside. second, love the snaps , easy to use, adjustable waist.

I got leak on my first try  but overall is good and a bit bulky too.

on the price is quite expensive, but sometimes they got specials , it saves lots.


These are very lovely nappies, the patterns are cute and the material is very soft.

The soaker systems takes a little while to get used to (I'm used to just stuffing a nappy with a soaker).

Despite the prettiness we couldn't really get a good fit with these and would get leaks. I've put them away to try when bub has filled out a bit more and hopefully they'll be a better fit then.

Pricewise they are on the expensive side, I have better results with cheaper nappies. 


They are beautiful, trim nappies. They take a bit to understand but are fairly simple once you've figured them out. 

But they seem to leak out the sides, even after several pre-washes.

I'm glad  I only bought 2, but will continue to keep trying with them. 


Such gorgeous and trim nappies but unfortunately they leak about half the time we use them.  I've played around with sizing and the inserts and have had no luck improving our experience with them. 

DS is not a big baby but neither is he skinny - the nappies appear to fit really well but somehow that wee just makes its way out!

I wouldn't recommend the bitti tutto - at most I would suggest that a new mum buy just one to see if it suits her bub.


I love the bitti tutto from Itti Bitti. I had been using another brand which I found really bulky when I came across the bitti tutto. They are very trim and I have no troubles getting them to fit under my baby boy's clothes. It took about 6 washes before we got to a good absorbency, eg I found that they leaked a bit out the sides of his legs until then. Now they seem to last at least 2 to 3 hours between changes.

It took a few goes to get the combination of snaps to suit us but once we sorted that out we haven't had any problems.

I haven't tried using it as a night nappy, we stick with disposables as my 5 month old sleeps almost 11 hours and I feel a cloth nappy wouldn't be able to handle it as his disposable is normally pretty full.

They come in a range of nice and bright colours as well as some limited edition prints which are very cute!

The customer service of Itti Bitti is fantastic as well. I had one where a snap broke so I emailed them and they asked for me to send it back reply paid (which I have not come across before, normally you have to pay postage!?) and they replaced it no problems at all.

One other thing about Itti Bitti (not so much about the tuttos) they are an extremely generous company, if you like them on Facebook they have been having something different on each day of March. One day it might be a sale, the next it might be giveaways throughout that day.


I've been very impressed with the itti bitti tutto.  We've been using them full time since DS was 6 weeks old (he's now almost 5 months) and they fit him really well.  It took a few days at first to figure out the best combination of inserts and where to snap the rise and waist but once that was sorted out we haven't looked back.  We found the newborn setting too small in the rise (even though DS was a little premmie) and it made it difficult to have the inserts fully contained in the nappy which led to wicking onto his clothes at the back until we increased the rise.

The absorbency is pretty good.  DS is a big wetter and with all 3 inserts in his nappy lasts about 4-5 hours.  The nappy won't last overnight so I include a night booster from a different brand at night time just in case DS decides to have an extra long sleep.

The nappies are so easy to clean!  I dry-pail them and wash every 3 days with a rinse before the wash.  There are no stains or discolouration at all and the minky outer is still lovely and fluffy.  Because the inserts are washed individually they dry really quickly but you can always use the dryer if you need to.

Best of all, the colour coded snaps mean the nappy is DH-proof! 


I bought 4 of these as they are just so cute. I love how trim they are in the crotch and the flexibility of absorbency is fantastic. They are great for during the day but I wouldn't use these at night. Fit for us is great at the moment, though we are on the last rise setting and only have a snap left on each side of the waist. They may last us to toilet training, but I'm a bit doubtful, certainly not for an above average weight child. The bum is a bit puffy due to the way the fabric has been cut.


tottos are a reaosnable fit on my little guy but the absorbancy factor for us is not great :(  we are lucky to get 2 hours out of a tutto sometimes only 1 hour at a time. The actual design of the nappy i find great and also the shape and trimness of it


The bitti tutto is so trim for an OSFM nappy even on the small size. I love the bright minky colours that dont fade!! The minky has stayed soft wash after was for 6 months now. I love the poo gusset wich keeps everything inside the nappy. We are at the medium setting now and will be using them till toilet training.

On the expensive side but so worth the price, they have great sales too.

 Would reccomend this MCN to anyone looking for a great quality trim fitting OSFM nappy.


I bough the tuttos based on recommendations - since my son was been born I have found these nappies to be of excellent design and quality.

He is a fairly slim (long/skinny) boy - but these have fitted him well since birth. They are lovely an trim (even on newborn setting), great absorbency (that you can adjust depending on wetness), have managed to catch all poo-splosions thus far.

I've had to go back and by more as I didn't want to outlay initially.

Lovely nappy - I recommend them to anyone who will listen. 


After trialling ALOT of brands. These are my favourite nappy.

They are trim and look great on (almost as trim as a disposable even though it is one sizre fits all).

They have a great design which prevents most leakage (a 'poo' fence like huggies nappies).

They are absorbant and dry quickly.

AND best of all DH and my mum find them easy to put on - so I am not the only one on nappy duty. 

We love our itti tuttos in our house! They are super trim for an All in One one size nappy, and the minky covers are just too cute!! They are super easy to use once you understand the insert system, and they give fantastic absorbency. We had one on for 7 hours and had no leaks whatsoever. They are our go to nappy as we know that they fit well and have great performance. Bit expensive, but when you consider it goes from birth to toddler, then it is well worth the money and the peace of mind that you are buying a fantastic nappy.
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